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ICarly guest stars

Updated on January 30, 2014

Hi guys. Here I am going to list the guest starts of ICarly, you will find the name of the guest star, the role he played ,a nd the season and the episode he appeared in. Guest starts are the famous people (actors, singers..) who appeared on ICarly in one or two episode playing a role or just being themselves. I am not sure that this is the complete list, if I missed someone , you are free to tell me that in comments and the update will appear shortly.

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James Maslow as shane (season 2 episode 1 ISaw him first)

James Maslow is a guy from Big Time Rush, he appears in ICarly as a cute guy who is later going to be the reason for a fight of 2 girls, Carly and Sam. The whole episode goes with Carly and Sam competing for Shane when in the end Shane falls down the elevator shaft and gets badly injured.

One Direction as themselves ( Season 6 Episode 2 IGo One Direction)

On the second episode of teh sixth season Freddie manages to communicate with One Direction and invite them to sing on ICarly and they agree. Before the performance Harry Styles (member of One Direction) gets ill and then when he is cured he is still pretending to be ill so that Carly would take care of him.

Jim Parsons as Kalib (season 5 episode 1 ILost My Mind

This episode starts with the event that Sam kisses Freddie then she runs and checks herself in the mental hospital. When Carly and the others go after her they find out that they can't get her out unless her own mom comes and checks her out. In that time they are getting to know another mentally ill guy named Kalib which is played by Jim Parsons.

Victoria Justice as Shelby Marx ( season 2 episode 24-25 IFight Shelby Marx)

Victoria Justice plays as a role of a famous fighter. With another episode of ICarly web show they manage to get Shelby's attention and Shelby asks Carly for an exhibition match , during this episode a few times Carly agrees and disagrees to fight her for a special reason :)

Victorious Cast ( season 4 episode 11-13 IParty with Victorious)

A cute boy dates Carly in this episodes. One day that boy left for some reason for a few months to other city. It appeared that he was dating another girl on that city as well , that girl was Tori Vega (form victorious) , then when Carly sees the pictures of his boyfriend and Tori they all are heading to that city and then they meet the victorious cast (all of them) and trap the busy boyfriend.

Jack Black as a cosplay fighter (season 4 episode 6-7 IStart a Fan War)

This is a secondary event on this episode.While Carly Sam and Freddie are trying to deal with their fan problems Spencer is taking part in an online game cosplay math where there he had the best costume until the other guy shower up , that guy was wearing a costume of an enemy of Spencer's character in the game.

Kenan Thompson as himself (season 4 episode 11-13 IParty with Victorious)

Kenan is a guest star from epsiode IParty with victorious as well. He plays as himslef , he owns the house where ICarly and Victorious met.

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