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American Idol

Updated on July 28, 2010

The Search for a Superstar

American Idol, launched on US television in June 11, 2002 was a spinoff from the British reality program Pop Idol, created by Simon Fuller which first aired in the United Kingdom in 2001.

The object of the show is to to discover a new solo musical talent by a series of nationwide auditions.

The televised auditions take place in front of record producer Randy Jackson; pop singer Paula Abdul; music executive Simon Cowell; and an addition in the eighth season and most recent series: singer-songwriter Kara DioGuardi.

This part of the series is probably the most entertaining with the attention focused on the worst of the worst. Wannabe rockstars and pop divas with little or absolutely no singing skill, embarrassing themselves to a television audience of millions. Often disbelieving the judges, in particular Simon Cowell, when told that they have no vocal talent.

Sometimes there are temper tantrums thrown. Other times they throw themselves into the arms of their mothers who, for whatever reason, has spent a life time lying to their child about their non-existent abilities.

This part of the of process is to weed out the might-haves from the have-nots. Judges vote according to their own preferences as to who goes to "Hollywood", a majority vote will see them join the 100 or so hopefuls who spend about a week being culled down to 30. When they climb he next level and onto a stage in front of a live studio audience.

The 30 are then narrowed down to 12 (or 13 when the judges felt that Anoop didn't deserve to be cut so early in the Idol journey).

This is when the American public plays a part in deciding the outcome of each week through phone voting.

Over 3 nights 10 groups from the Top Thirty battle it out with 3 from each group making it into the Final 12. A wild card night is also added where the judges get to pick another 3 that they felt deserve a shot but missed out. As sometimes positions aren't won on vocal talent alone, but charisma, personality and looks.

The judges give critiques of the contestants' performances.

Simon Cowell Departing American Idol

My favorite judge by far, he says it like it is, is leaving after season 9 and Idol will need a new replacement for Season 10. But who should it be?

I've written two lists. One of who SHOULD replace him. Please vote for your favorite candidate. And another for who should NEVER replace him. Please vote for the one you like the least.

Alternatively you could always suggest your own in the guestbook below.

Yes Please

Who should fill Simon's shoes and sit in Simon's seat?

See results

Hell No

Cast a stone... I mean vote... for who should never EVER sit in Simon Cowell's seat

See results


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    • Myn Is Me profile image

      Myn Is Me 7 years ago

      How you managed to overlook that I don't know! LOL! But he's got the goods in person and on paper.

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Triple Holy Mother of Everything, I never thought of that! His name is perfect! Billy IDOL. "American Idol". Now, why didn't I spot that. Sheeez - I'll have to have a word with the Quality Assurance Dept here. Thanks, moi friend! Well spotted! : D

    • Myn Is Me profile image

      Myn Is Me 7 years ago

      Billy Idol is an excellent suggestion. The show definitely needs someone who tells them like it is, and without pretending to be tough. And honestly, he's got the name for it! LOL

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Great hub. I watched some of the shows, then the occasional one now I just catch the odd show if it is good. Or Google a highlight, some thoughtful person always puts up a Tube there to watch. Interesting vote there, I voted Henry Rollins and Billy Bob accordingly. Who the hell would want B.B. Thornton! It seems nearly 100% agree with me! Heh! If he was still married to Angelina Jolie. I might have thought a bit different but - no! How about Billy Idol? He at least proved himself. Or Ringo Starr? Though maybe he shouldn't...

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 7 years ago from USA or America

      Believe it or not, I have watched only one episode of the show and never watched it again. I know that sounds cheap, but I really didn't care for the show itself, but I did like your hub. :)