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If Anyone Asks... We're The Millers

Updated on January 23, 2016

Waterfall ~ Family sign-along!


Walking Away & Loving it!

Have you ever gone to a movie not knowing what to expect and then walked away loving it or hating it? I experienced that a lot when I worked at the theater. I'd view trailers, but at times I'd only catch bits and pieces because I'd be doing a quick food delivery before a main feature would start. Many ocassions the trailer never really did the movie any kind of justice. Or the trailer gave up the best parts before even seeing the entire movie. For me I really liked going to a movie and not knowing exactly what I'm in for. I've also gone to movies with no expectations whatsoever toward a movie and I've come away thoroughly entertained. This is especially true when I went to see "We're the Millers."

When I saw the movie trailer for this movie it didn't prepare me for what lied ahead during the duration of this movie. The movie had me rolling in my seat and I found myself laughing out loud hysterically pretty much from beginning to end. If you haven't had a chance to view this movie I highly recommend it simply because it is hilarious and fun. You'll go away with a lasting smile on your face and tear stains on your cheeks from laughing uncontrollably. But once again, I will caution and stress "We're the Millers" has a high volume of adult content and a brief full exposure of nudity.


If anyone asks... "We're the Millers."


Rose's Strip Tease


Rating Should Be - NC17

If anyone were to ask me about the movie "We're the Millers" I'd first tell them it's an absolutely hysterical outburst kind of movie. Then I'd let them know the movie leans heavily toward being an NC17 (No CHILDREN under 18) than an "R" rated movie and does have a high adult content... Yet, this movie is wholeheartedly entertaining and fun to watch!!!

"You know what I'm saying?"


Movies Make Memories!

I grew up going to the movies often and as a family we would go to the drive-in theater on Friday nights. I loved it! As a child I would playing (with siblings) under the big white screen and I would often think I'll be up on the big screen myself. Even though I've never made it onto the big screen, I did make it in the movies... well kind of. One of my career path lead me to working in a large movie theater and there I was called "A Cast Member". In the time I was employed there I received movie perks! I was privy to two free movies a day. Now if you calculate the 2 movies a day at 365 days a year I had the potential of seeing 730 movies a year. I didn't use my perks daily, but now thinking back on it, I really did see a lot of movies. I saw all sorts of movies! Ranging from foreign, independent, drama and don't forget the norms such as suspense, fantasy, Sci-Fi and of course comedies. There are so many more. It was an awesome experience!

We're the Millers Funniest Scenes/Lines HD




We're The Millers - "Behind The Scenes"

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