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All About Igloos, Including Igloo Videos

Updated on March 5, 2013

What Is An Igloo

An Igloo is shaped like a dome, and is often referred to as an Ice-house. An Igloo is basically a structure that is made from blocks of snow or ice. Igloos may be built with other materials, such as wood. This is because usually the wood and other materials will be used to support an Igloo's roof.

Igloos are built with snow that has been compressed. As mentioned above sometimes wood is used to support the roof, but if the Igloo is built where it is very cold, then usually no support is needed in order to holdup the Igloo.

Types of Igloos

There are a few different types of Igloos. One of the most common types of Igloos is a temporary Igloo structure. This type of Igloo is designed for temporary use, and usually people who build these structures only intend to stay in them for a night or two.

Another type is what is known as a semi-permanent structure. This particular type of Igloo is usually equipped with just one large single room, and a person can live there on a rather long term basis.

Communal Igloos are also types of Igloos that were built with permanency in mind. Some of these were built with 20 rooms and are often referred to as communal igloos.

How To Build An Igloo

There are different methods and techniques that people can use to make an Igloo. Below is just one method to use if you want to build an Igloo. I I have included a video in the next section. If you want to learn how to build an Igloo, then take the time to check out the video in the next section, and follow the instructions.

How To Build An Igloo

Easy Way To Build An Igloo

The above video may make making an Igloo look difficult, but it really is not that difficult to build an Igloo. If you want to build an Igloo the easy way, then watch the video below. The video below will show you how to build an Igloo the easy way.

Easy Way To Build An Igloo

Quick Random Facts About Igloos

Now that you know how to build an Igloo, or should have a good idea how to build an Igloo, lets mentioned a few facts about them. Below are a few facts about Igloos.

Igloo actually has a meaning, and it means snowhouse.

There are a few reasons why an Igloo is domed shape, one of them being that there is no need to have walls to hold the roof up.

It takes an average of 1-2 hours to build an Igloo. Sometimes it may take a little longer, depending on how many people are working on the Igloo and how big it is going to be.

Some Igloos can even have windows.

If an Igloo is built properly, then there is a good chance it can hold up in very strong hurricane like winds.

Videos Of Cool Igloos

You have seen the two videos of how to build a basic Igloo, but now lets include some videos of some very cool Igloos. You will have to check out the videos in the following section because you will be impressed with some of these Igloos. With that said, go to the next section and enjoy the videos of cool looking Igloos.

Video One: Very Large Igloo

Video Two: Epic Igloo

Video Three: A Very Big Igloo

Have You Ever Built An Igloo

In the following section, feel free to answer the question: Have you ever built an Igloo?

Building an Igloo can take a lot of hard work, but once you have built one Igloo, then the second and the third and so forth should be easier to make. Once you build one Igloo, you will likely feel the urge to build an even bigger Igloo and get very creative.


Have You Ever Built An Igloo

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Why Build An Igloo

You may be wondering why you would want to build an Igloo. There are many reasons why you should or would want to build an Igloo. Lets talk about some of those reasons.

1. Building an Igloo is very fun.

2. An Igloo is a good temporary structure to stay in while fishing or hunting.

3. Building an Igloo is a good activity to do with the family.

4. An Igloo is a good place to hangout in.

Now that you have read this entire page, the next time there is snow around, go and try making an Igloo.


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