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Igra Staklenih Perli - Igra Staklenih Perli (1979)

Updated on August 14, 2016

Its origins take place in 1976, initially as a duo with a guitar and percussion, and later expanded by a bassist. The band was named after Hermann Hesse's book The Glass Bead Game.

The early music group put them on a more psychedelic character, although late for the time, as they were in the mid 70's near the end of the decade. In his first live appearance in Belgrade (early 1977) the psychedelic influences were evident, with the use of theatrical costumes and elaborate light shows, and this obviously was also reflected by his music, were rather under and experimental. At that stage they recorded an album, but it seems that, for some strange reason, was not released until many years later.

After experimenting and get more experience on stage, able to publish their first album, so it no longer psychedelic, but reflects other influences. 'Igra Staklenih Perli' would be the first work that would launch, and would be a job with a dark space rock sound, progressive but without falling into the need for sophistication, but rather a sound advanced evolution from the spatiality, from space and some lysergic environments. Pink Floyd influence is undeniable, and that mixed with the space rock that make it seems at times that it were a merger between Floyd and Hawkwind influence.

This reissue of the album, on CD, contains additional material, 8 songs that would be the songs on the album 'Inner Flow', themes which were published on LP in 1992 and consisting of elementary recordings left by the band at the beginning and for some unknown reason they were not published as a first material. There you can appreciate the beginnings of the band, experimental sounds, I don't know if progressive, rather lysergic, heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, always dark and mystical; as an extension of the sounds of Floyd 'A Saucerful of Secrets', showing that the band went more psychedelic land at first but it did not take a journey of musical progression of some kind, but flowed and advanced merging indeterminately the different influences acquired, psychedelia, progressive rock and space, these three factors no longer present both their primary materials, and their first album and the next as well.

Officially published only two albums, the already named "Igra Staklenih Perli" from 1978 and '' Vrt Svetlosti "(Garden of Light), 1979. The plans of the musicians to keep the band were present but could not capture it by the advent of civil war in their country. The last public concert of the group was in 1985 in Sava Centar, Belgrade, Serbia. In the early 1990's three albums of their old material was released by the German label Kalemegdan.

The only Yugoslavian psychedelic band but the best space psych rock I ever listen to! Its a mix between Tangerine Dream and earlier Pink Floyd (its an 1979 record, so a bit late for western standards, cause it could be made in late 60's in England or Germany). Its a true psychedelic albums with very mellodic and catchy riffs and rythms,you dont need mush, LSD or else with this, it will blow you away for sure!

— Ezhevika Fields

Igra Staklenih Perli reunited in 2011, featuring old members Draško Nikodijević (bass guitar, vocals), Zoran Lakić (keyboards, vocals) and Predrag Vuković (percussion, vocals), and young musicians Ivan Stanković (guitar, vocals) and Sinister Borg (drums).
After two concerts in Belgrade club Žica, Draško Nikodijević, Predrag Vuković and Ivan Stanković continued to work under the name Igra Staklenih Perli Next Generation. In November 2012, Igra Staklenih Perli The Next Generation released the studio album ''Apokaliptus''. The album, produced by Dušan Kojić "Koja" (of Disciplina Kičme) and recorded by Boris Mladenović (of Jarboli, Veliki Prezir and Sila), featured guest appearances by Dejan Utvar (on drums), Ljubomir Đukić (of Električni Orgazam, on keyboards and vocals) and Spomenka Milić (on vocals).


Studio albums

  • Igra Staklenih Perli (1979)
  • Vrt svetlosti (1980)

Live albums

  • Soft Explosion Live (1991)
  • Drives (1993)

Compilation albums

  • Inner Flow (1991)
  • Igra svetlosti (2007)

An engaged young band with Oriental influences, extra talented and inspired, the album is lasting only 29 minutes, but there is no dull moments at all. You need to check this album, its surely a masterpiece of psychedelic rock, one of the best you can get!

You wouldn't find a better price! Buy it NOW!

© 2016 Diego Saldana


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