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Insane in the membrane

Updated on October 16, 2011

Insane in the membrane-paper thin

Back in that summer of 1992, all I wanted was a job and with benefits, man you have to be careful what you ask for. The first couple days were pretty uneventful, and then I was assigned keys and a task. Written on the work order, it said leak in ceiling and the assignment was at convalescent cottage 14 or CC 14 for short.

No problem, I would just zip right in there and assess the damage, depart to gather necessary materials and tools and get down to business. Never take for granted all will go according to plan. Got in my truck, not just any truck, it was referred to as Bear's old truck, but Bear had moved on, so the 1980 or so, Dodge Power Wagon crew cab, full bed pick-up was mine to use. Not too shabby a truck, oh wait a second; it was a crew cab; now a two-seater, it was bench seats; now buckets and it was a long bed and now a short. Add some once bright yellow latex paint and shazam, now you have state truck number 30.

On my third day, the 8th of June, I was handed that work order, grabbed my key to truck 30 and then I was assigned a set of keys for the buildings and grounds, big and klunky thick keys, held securely on a janitor style key ring. Now off I went. As I arrived at the building, I noticed its age and disrepair right away

At the opening of the door to the truck and glancing toward the building, I knew it would be a challenge finding this leak, but I didn't realize the first part of that challenge awaited me outside of its doors and that challenge had a name, Rita is what the other patients called her.

I was told, that when Rita first came to Crownsville, she was a very beautiful young lady and that she wanted for nothing; because of her free spirit attitude and her happy go lucky actions, she was constantly sought by many of the male patients who were, how should I say, in want themselves…

This begins my small minded ascent, into state service, at Crownsville state hospital for the mentally insane. More to follow, consIder this part one.

Yup...flipped out


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