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Inside of a mind

Updated on February 15, 2018

This probably is the best horror movie ever made, although no one would call it a horror movie. Yet if you look at how this movie makes you think everything is just normal until the moment you are taken outside of the mind of the main character, you can only come to the conclusion you were watching a horror movie.

And off course this movie can not do real justice to the mind of a psychotic, as only first hand experience can make you understand what a psychotic person is experiencing. But, this is one of the few movies that gets you thinking about what it means to be psychotic, how you can not trust any of your thoughts and how difficult it is to discern reality from real life fiction.

But what this movie also makes clear is how important it is to have a significant person who is willing to accept you as you are and to let you know that he is important. Furthermore this movie lets us see that even the best minds in our world are capable of loosing grip on reality, even while they produce important steps in an important field like mathematics. The movie also shows that psychotics are often more dangerous to themselves than to others. So we should take all those news messages about people with psychotic episodes as what they are, messages of deviations from what is normal, that most psychotics are harmless. So the possibility that we meet someone who is psychotic is as big as meeting someone of the mathematical stature of John Nash.

So one can safely say that this is one of Ron Howards better movies, as he really tries to take you inside this incredible mind capable of a big mathematical leep but also this fragile mind that seems to be broken when it comes to discerning between the physical world and the world of fantasy. The role of John Nash is also one of Russell Crowe's best performances, as he is able to play the role without ever giving you the idea that what he is experiencing is unreal. And off course Paul Bettany plays his role as fantasy friend with reality and never gives you the idea that it is fake or fantasized, which makes it easier for Russell Crowe to be believable. But is that not also the mark of great actors.

So if you want to get a slight idea of what it is like inside a mind that is capable of great mathematical feats and great feats of fantasy you should try this movie: A beautiful mind.

Get a glimpse of what it is like to be psychotic.


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    • Normyo Yonormyo profile imageAUTHOR

      Normyo Yonormyo 

      4 years ago

      @Elsie Hagley: Thank you for the praise, I must admit Russell Crowe is also one of my top actors.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      4 years ago from New Zealand

      Excellence review of a great film, as the other comments said, sad Russell Crowe didn't win best actor of the year, he is one of my top male actors.

    • Normyo Yonormyo profile imageAUTHOR

      Normyo Yonormyo 

      4 years ago

      @Ruthi: That is very true, Russell Crowe is a great actor, who is really able to become the role he is playing, making you forget you are looking at Russell Crowe.

      But this movie is different, as it is a difficult combination of what and who he is portraying. So you could say he is playing two roles, one of the brilliant mathematician and the other of the schizophrenic.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Good review of what was a great film. Russell Crowe was fantastic in A Beautiful Mind, as he generally is in his role play.

    • Normyo Yonormyo profile imageAUTHOR

      Normyo Yonormyo 

      4 years ago

      @esmonaco: I would not be surprised if he did not win because it was such a controversial subject for a movie. Even though it all ended well with a Nobel prize.

    • esmonaco profile image

      Eugene Samuel Monaco 

      4 years ago from Lakewood New York

      A wonderful review of the movie, I was very disappointed that Russel Crowe did not win Best Actor that year, he gave a remarkable performance in this movie. Thanks


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