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Intergalactic Broadcast EP Release

Updated on February 10, 2013
Cover art by Dan Chilla
Cover art by Dan Chilla

On Friday, November 5th 2010 Intergalactic Broadcast released their debut EP "First Contact". You can download this album for free from their Facebook page. This release was the first major step for the band.

The Band

Intergalactic Broadcast (IB) is Dan Chilla and Max Pupek, two college students with intense musical backgrounds that met in an explosion of electronic hip-hop/rock fusion. In January 2010 they began their journey into the music scene as IB with their first release "We Go Hard". They have come a long way from there, having successfully blended many music styles along the way. The variety of things these guys have to offer really show on the new EP.

The sound produced by IB doesn't properly fit into any genre but it's own. "Intergalactic" really is the best way to describe what these guys produce. They blend rap and unique vocal harmonies with catchy lyrics into tracks with heavy hip hop beats, spacey synths, and rock guitar to create a truly original sound. The best way to get an idea of what Intergalactic Broadcast is all about is to listen for yourself, they've come up with something original here. It truly sounds like the future.

In addition to their free EP, you can do so at the following places:

The Album

"First Contact" is a 6 song EP, the debut release by Intergalactic Broadcast. Max Pupek aka Preach did the writing and rapping on this album, while Dan Chilla took on the production side of things and provided vocals and instruments. They both have been making music for years, since being young teens they were putting out their own recordings. When they met at college things really took off. Intergalactic Broadcast is definitely a new sound for both of these artists, and it wasn't really something they went for, it's just what happened when they collaborated. Their willingness to experiment was a big factor in the success of this sound.

The EP was created and recorded mostly in their college dorm, as well as in the basement of a friend, Jerale Randolph, who is featured on the track "Forever In Flight". Jerale also contributed to the songs "My Design" and "We Go Hard".

Track Listing

  1. All The Rage
  2. Forever In Flight
  3. Heartbreak Theme Song
  4. My Design
  5. Spark one
  6. The High Life

The Future

Some things you can expect to see from these guys in the future -

  • a full length album
  • music videos
  • an animated series
  • any kind of entertainment you could possibly desire

You'll definitely want to keep an eye on this band, and you'll be hearing of them again in the future so start following them now. The first step is to get your hands on their EP! Give it a listen to see what Intergalactic Broadcast is all about. How could anyone turn down free music? (The download link to the free album can be found at the top of this article.)


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