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Into The West (1993) - An Irish Horse Movie

Updated on September 23, 2017
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I'm a book blogger, the Book Lady at YouTube, and a novelist and memoir writer.

TÃr na nÃg, Ossie and Tito, wandering through Ireland, going "into the west."
TÃr na nÃg, Ossie and Tito, wandering through Ireland, going "into the west."

Into The West - a beautiful Irish children's movie that delights adults as well as kids

Into the West is my favorite movie of all time. I love the precious children, the heartwrenching portrayal of Irish Travelers (Gypsies), their traditions threatened by modern culture. I especially love the white horse they named Tír na nÃg.

As the movie starts we see the grandfather as he travels near the Irish beach in his Gypsy caravan. A horse comes up out of the ocean and follows him. A beautiful white horse... and he heads toward Dublin to see his son and grandsons who live in a crowded, dirty tenement there.

He tries to get the horse to leave, but it won't, and once the little boys see Tír na nÃg in Dublin, they're totally in love. They've been sitting in their little tenement watching Westerns on TV and they see this gorgeous white horse as a way to live their dreams of being cowboys, and going into the west.

My favorite movie... - ...of all movies in the world, I love this one most.

Into the West
Into the West
Why do I love Into the West? Why you ask? Oh, my... it is the calling of my heart. Maybe it's because I'm part Irish. Maybe Tir na nog really was the most beautiful white horse in the world. Maybe those two little boys really were the cutest ever... and even when I'm not watching this movie, I can hear their precious voices and hear them singing, "Lets go riding on a horse." Okay, I'm saying nothing of the older actors and actresses. They were certainly awesome in their roles... and I loved seeing the Travelers (Irish Gypsies) . . . but it was the little boys and the horse that appealed most to me, and the beautiful story, the plot, the whole meaning of who Tir na nog was. Try to explain why the sun shines, or why the moon shows only one side to us, or why the Milky Way is vast and the stars never cease to shine. That tells enough about why this movie lives in my heart, and why I love it enough to recommend it to you.

Ossie and Tito - ...the two cutest little boys imaginable.

Ossie and Tito - These boys shone like stars in this movie, and truly captured my heart.
Ossie and Tito - These boys shone like stars in this movie, and truly captured my heart.

Tír na nÃg, the horse - ...what a delightful, precious white horse!

I was totally bowled over by this gorgeous horse, who they named TÃr na nÃg. (Sounds like Teer-na-NOOK.)
I was totally bowled over by this gorgeous horse, who they named TÃr na nÃg. (Sounds like Teer-na-NOOK.)

Tír na nÃg stole my heart - ...and made me cry.

Gorgeous TÃr na nÃg running on an Irish beach. I'm in love.
Gorgeous TÃr na nÃg running on an Irish beach. I'm in love.

Have you seen Into the West? - you remember? This movie was released in 1993.

Have you seen this movie?

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Into the West was rated PG - ...yes, probably a good idea for there to be some parental guidance.

Into the West - Rated PG
Into the West - Rated PG

I recommend you watch it first before showing it to your children. There are issues of Irish Traveler (Gypsy) culture, alcoholism, and the resolution of the plot, that you might hesitate to show to young children. (Or, maybe not. It is up to you.) There's a content advisory here.

Your comments are welcome - always...

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  • Linda BookLady profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Jo Martin 

    7 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

    @Odradek: I never saw Into the West until a few years ago. I am sixty! But I fell in love with the movie anyhow. The kids are toooo cute and the horse is a gem!

  • Odradek profile image


    7 years ago

    Loved this as a kid.

  • Linda BookLady profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda Jo Martin 

    8 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

    @earthybirthymum: The boys and the horse are the highlights of the movie. The plot is awesome too.

  • earthybirthymum profile image


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    I love the part in the trailer where the wee lad says "Why are you talkin' to the hosre?" and his brother says "Why Not!" Looks like a good movie

  • rwoman profile image


    9 years ago

    Looks beautiful. Have to check it out!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Hmmm - I'll have to try this movie. Thanks

  • emmaklarkins profile image


    9 years ago

    I remember this movie! Watched it a long, long time ago. Thanks for sharing!


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