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Inu x Boku SS : Inuboku Secret Service

Updated on July 15, 2013

Short Introduction.

This anime takes place at an elite hostel where only those that pass certain examinations are allowed in. At least that is what they want you to think...

They call this place "Ayakashi Kan", but its real name is actually "Maison De Ayakashi."

This anime series tells the story of, Shirakin Ririchiyo. On a journey to change herself so that she may interact properly with others.

On her first day as a resident of Ayakashi Kan, she is mysteriously greeted by a man. He is part of the Secret Service. She thought that her family had arranged for this, but he told her that he has known her for a long time and that she had saved him before. He has waited for her for so long. The day will come when he finally gets to meet her face to face.

This encounter made her really puzzled.

Who was he?

When did she ever save a person like him?

This is where it all began...

Have you ever

encounter a person who claims to know you but you do not know them?

Don't Be Fooled,

This place is not only meant to keep them safe, but also meant to tighten their bonds, so that they can help each other when in need.

In Depth Of This Anime,

The first thing about this anime that you have to know is the reason why they build the Maison De Ayakashi .

This very hostel was made only for certain clans. The ancestors of these clans had mingled with Supernatural Beings.That was what made the generations after carry the burden of their blood. It was both an honor and a huge burden to carry this blood, This blood is not just as simple as having "Supernatural Powers".

In the old times people would respect them and would even refer to them as "Descendant of an Angel". Sadly, in this generation people would call them "Monsters". It was to show that they could not accept these people who were much different from them. When in reality they were just afraid of them.

It was odd, but those families that carry these bloodlines were mostly wealthy. Perhaps it was because these creatures blessed them with wealth, but was it really worth the burden their descendants had to carry...?

It would of been a good choice to make 100 years ago, but not now.

So tell me

do you like Love Stories?

Shirakin Ririchiyo

Our Leading Lady,

As a girl whom their blood ran the thickest in, was a throwback. Just like diamonds she was well taken care of, by strangers that is. Yet she was unhappy as she was ripped off of her childhood. Instead of being raised by her parents, she just sat at the sidelines and watched her parents raised up her younger sister. She had never felt the real love of her parents as she knew that her parents loved and cherished her sister more. Until one day when she had realized that she was not the only one who was suffering, but so was her sister. Constantly being compared to her, it must of been hard knowing that your best was never even good enough.

That is only the problem that she faces within the family. Outsiders, it is a completely different story. When you come from a wealthy family you will realize that people will gather around you, but you have to know that there is 2 different kinds of people in this world. Those 2 kinds of people is either the people who sticks with you because of where you are now or the people who sticks with you because of where you come from. This is the basic thing that you must know, which is how to different shape between these 2. If u do not learn this skill properly then it would be very hard on you because in this era, you will either be popular among us humans or get thrown out and become an outcast. Once you become an outcast, your life will be a sad one.

But for Ririchiyo, it was a little different. When she realized that people around her had made her an outcast, she slowly built a wall around herself. She would not let anyone get close to her. She would put on this fake mask and act a character which was much different from her own. She would hurt others and at the same time hurt herself. She spent too much time wearing this mask until she realized she could not take it off, but by then it was too late. It became a bad habit, one that was very hard to change.

I can not blame her for putting on that mask though. It is painful to grow up in that manner. She may look strong, but deep inside she is very fragile as she is being hurt by people around her and they do not even seem to notice. She dare not complain as she know where she stands in the family. So putting on a mask is the only solution so that she will not break down easily.

It was then that she decided to go to Ayakashi Kan to be alone, atleast until she can learn to be more sociable. But the more time she spent there with Miketsukami, the more her mask gets thinned. Even Sorinuza said she had changed.

My Point Of View,

She is adorable. I adore her as she never gives up to find the strength to change. She claims that her strength comes from the support of Miketsukami, but I believe that everything is possible if you try.

The Loyal Dog.

The Loyal Dog.
The Loyal Dog.

Miketsukami soushi

Our Leading Man,

This man was also one of the few to carry the bloodline. Just like Ririchiyo, he too was ripped off of his childhood. This man tells a different story. He was raised in a clan that believed the one who carried this blood was dangerous to the family. He was locked in this prison - like garage, home arrest you call it. He would be sent food 2 or 3 times a day.

Having so much time to think in that cell, he decided to slowly seduce women one by one until he reached the one who held the most power in that house. He won their hearts with ease. So he was the poser , imposter and flatterer.

When he found the opportunity to escape from his home at one of the parties he attended, he went to lived with the Shoukin family. The one who carried the blood in the family was Shoukin Kagerou. Miketsukami served as his playmate and caretaker. He was supposedly writing to Ririchiyo in replacement of Kagerou, his master who is also her "fiance". He tried putting on a facade to make sure that the image of his master was to her liking. Though things did not turn out as he thought it would. The longer he wrote the more he was taken over by that very facade. She was the one who saw through him, but he also saw the real her.

To him, she was gentle, pure and fragile. Much different then the filthy person he was. He knew she would not look at him and that he was not a person worthy of her. Knowing all this, all he wanted to do was stand by her. He just wanted to protect her, to look after her. Only that would make him happy. This was why he was so loyal to Ririchiyo.

A Love Bound By Fate.

A Love Bound By Fate.
A Love Bound By Fate.

Wouldn't You,

Give Just About Anything For A Love Like This?

Shoukin Kagerou

A self centered man who looks down on others and calls them “human toilets. He loves to categorize people between a sadist or a masochist. He is Miketsukami's old master and Ririchiyo's fiance. He only made a few appearances in this anime and most of the time or should I say all the time, he would leave an unforgettable memory.

This is Soushi Kagerou's Secret Service Bodyguard, Roromiya Karuta.

This is Soushi Kagerou's Secret Service Bodyguard, Roromiya Karuta.
This is Soushi Kagerou's Secret Service Bodyguard, Roromiya Karuta.

Sorinozuka Renshou,

He was the laid-back high school student who knew Ririchiyo's nature as he was neighbors with her at a young age. He may be the easy-going and carefree character, but he actually looks out for the young lady just like a sister. He is empty headed and spaces out.

This Is Sorinozuka Renshou's Secret Service Bodyguard, Yukinokouji Nobara.

This Is Sorinozuka Renshou's Secret Service Bodyguard, Yukinokouji Nobara.
This Is Sorinozuka Renshou's Secret Service Bodyguard, Yukinokouji Nobara.

Watanuki Banri,

He called himself delinquent . He wanted to fight Miketsukami and win. Why? It was because his childhood was mostly filled with being bullied by Soushi Kagerou, Natsume Zange and Miketsukami Soushi. He swore to become strong so that he would not be bullied anymore. However, after all the hard training, nothing actually changed.

This Is Watanuki Banri's Secret Service Bodyguard, Natsume Zange.

This Is Watanuki Banri's Secret Service Bodyguard, Natsume Zange.
This Is Watanuki Banri's Secret Service Bodyguard, Natsume Zange.

Their Yokai Form,

So tell me,

which of them would you like to be?

See results

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    • Mikarazgriz LM profile image

      Mikarazgriz LM 

      5 years ago

      Awesome lens!

      I've only read the manga for this series, but I loved it so much (even though it hasn't been completed yet)! It starts out super light-hearted and funny like your typical shoujou gag manga, but then as the story progressed, it got deeper and more captivating, and before I knew it, at the climax of the story, I was crying my eyes out. This is really such a heart touching and amazing series... One that really left a deep impression on me. Again, great lens~ ^-^


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