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Updated on August 1, 2012

Everything you need to know about Inuyasha!

Inuyasha is written by Rumiko Takahashi and it first premiered in November 13, 1996, and finished on June 18, 2008. This story revolves around the life of a half-demon Inuyasha who went on a journey to find the sacred Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon No Tama). Together with his companions, a high school student, a demon slayer, a monk and another half-demon, Inuyasha battles villains and demons who wants to get their hands on the Jewel, which can grant its wielder a single wish.

So far, there are a total of 167 anime episodes and 558 chapters for the manga series. (which already ended)

So, sit tight and continue to read about everything and anything about Inuyasha in this lens.

A Star was born.

Without Rumiko Takahashi, there won't be Inuyasha, Maison Ikkoku, Urusei Yatsura and Ranma for our enjoyment.

Story Plot

15 year old high school student Kagome's life changed drastically after she accidentally stumbled back in time to the Sengoku period (15 to 17th century). During that time, she found Inuyasha and released him from the sealing spell put on him by a miko (priestess) Kikyo 50 years ago. After an accident whereby the Shikon No Tama Jewel is shattered into small shards, Inuyasha teams up with Kagome to find all the lost pieces and to stop evildoers (both demons and humans) from getting their hands on them. Along their journey, they made several new friends who became their companions on this journey- Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara.


Inuyasha is a half demon and the child of a inu-yokai (dog demon) and a human. His sword is Tetsusaiga which had been made with one of his father's fangs. Tetsusaiga has the power and ability to kill a more than a hundred demons with one strike if wielded properly. The reason why Inuyasha wants to obtain the Shikon No Tama Jewel is because he wants to become a full-blooded demon. Inuyasha had been sealed by Kikyo's arrow for fifty years until Kagome appeared and released him from the spell. Inuyasha also has a step-brother Sesshomaru who is a full-blooded demon. Although he can heal very fast from serious injuries, being a half-demon has its drawbacks too as Inuyasha loses his demonic powers every first night of a new moon and changes back into a normal human with back hair and eyes.

Due to a spell Kaede (Kikyo's younger sister) put on him, Kagome can easily subdue him just by saying "Osuwari" (which means "sit" in Japanese), whereby Inuyasha would be thrown onto the ground.

He had a relationship with the miko (priestess) Kikyo 50 years ago, which had soured due to Naraku's interference. After sealing him, Kikyo had also died. Although he did not like Kagome before as she resembles Kikyo a lot, Inuyasha found himself liking her as time goes by. This could be seen as Inuyasha often risks his life to save her from danger. Due to Kagome always bringing food from the future to the past, Inuyasha also develops a strong liking for ramen.

Love triangle <3

If only Inuyasha was more decisive, there would not be so many people hating Kikyo for "trying to break up Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship"..

Ironic since Kikyo was with Inuyasha first.

Kagome Higurashi

Kagome is a 9th grade high school student in modern day Japan, as well as the reincarnation of the powerful priestess Kikyo. Hence, she also possess some of Kikyo's powers, such as spiritual powers and the ability to purify evil. She could also see the Shikon No Tama Jewel and could aid Inuyasha in battling enemies with her arrow and bow.

Kagome lives together with her grandfather, mother, younger brother and a cat. She often skips school, whereby she travels back to the past. Thus, her grandfather always makes up stories to why she is ill and did not go to school. One of excuse he made was that Kagome's nerves were hurting -.-"

As she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, she resembles Kikyo a lot, leading Inuyasha to think that she was Kikyo during the first manga and anime episode. Even so, Kagome's character is different from Kikyo.

Kagome is able to travel to the past through the Bone Eater's Well. She is kind hearted and gets along well with anyone. Even when Kikyo became alive again and Inuyasha goes off to see her many times, Kagome does not mind as she wants Inuyasha to be happy.

She gets together with Inuyasha in the end, after the last fight with Naraku and she decided to stay in the past together with him.


Kikyo was Inuyasha's first love but their relationship did not last long, due to Naraku, who disguises himself as Inuyasha and injures Kikyo seriously, while causing the real Inuyasha to steal the Shikon No Tama Jewel and attack the village. Kikyo, using the last of her remaining life and power, went to seal Inuyasha with her arrow, and died shortly after.

She had originally planned to give Inuyasha the Shikon No Tama jewel which she was purifying then, so that he could be turned into a full human and when the jewel vanishes, she would become an ordinary human and stay by Inuyasha's side.

Later, she was resurrected by a witch Urusuei who made a new body for her out of Kikyo's ashes and bones. Urusuei then caused a small part of Kagome's soul to go back into that body, and voila!~ Kikyo is alive again.

Kikyo is a very powerful miko (spiritual priestess) whom even Naraku said to Inuyasha that without Kikyo around, it is impossible for him to defeat Naraku. Kikyo's powers include incredible archery skills, ability to create purifying arrows, as well as strong spiritual powers enough to purify any evil things. She could also see the Shikon No Tama Jewel, a trait which was passed down to Kagome.

Although she is 'alive' again, she is still technically 'dead', and needs the Shinidama Chuu (soul collecting demons) which she can control, to collect dead women's souls. That is the only way she could be mobile, and those Shinidama Chuu are constantly around her everywhere. She was later injured by Naraku and was saved by Kagome. Even though at the start just when she was resurrected and tried to attack Inuyasha as well as Kagome, she regained her original compassionate nature later. Kikyo is kind hearted and will help anyone in need. Everyone, especially children, likes her.

By the way, Kikyo means "Chinese Bellflower" in Japanese which symbolizes "Unchanging Love" ^.^

Who is more compatible with Inuyasha - Kagome or Kikyo?

Who do you think is more compatible with Inuyasha?

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Sango is a professional demon slayer who lives in a village that are full of other demon slayers too. Do not belittle her, as she is highly skilled and is good at fighting. Many demons had perished at her hands and her weapon, Hiraikotsu, which is an enormous boomerang that is crafted out from purified demon bones. Unfortunately, Sango's family and the villagers she lived with were all killed by Naraku, who then blames Inuyasha for causing it. Hence, Sango went to seek vengeance for her family and friends by trying to kill Inuyasha. When her plan was foiled, Naraku then makes use of her little brother, Kohaku to force her to attack Inuyasha and company.

That is why Sango is bent on taking revenge on Naraku as well as saving her brother, who is her only kin alive. She also plans to take back the Shikon No Tama Jewel as she believes that the Jewel originates from the village she came from and wants to bring it back where it truly belongs.

Sango's best friend and companion is of course, Kirara, a demon cat which can transform into a large feline that could carry her up in the air. She is often Miroku's victim who is always touching her inappropriately (and later suffers the consequences)

However, in the end, those two gets married and have children together. She then lets Kohaku (who is alright then) to travel with Kirara to be a professional demon slayer, just like his sister.


Kirara is Sango's companion and 'pet' in the Inuyasha series. It normally appears in a small kitten with two tails form, but can transform into a large feline that could carry many passengers on her back. In that form, Kirara looks ferocious with its huge fangs and flames around its feet and tail, unlike the cute little kitten before. Kirara could also fly in the air with speed enough to match Inuyasha's. It is loyal to Sango and always accompanies her during battles and aids Sango in defeating demons. Kirara is a nekomata, which means a cat-monster in Japanese.

At the end of the series, Kirara joins Kohaku (Sango's little brother) on his journey to become a demon-slayer, just like his sister, while Sango stays home with her kids.

By the way, Kirara is pronounced "ki-la-la", as the Japanese 'r' is similar to 'l'.


Demons, beware of Miroku, as he is able to suck you into the Wind Tunnel embedded in his right palm. This is caused by a hereditary "curse" inflicted by Naraku on Miroku's grandfather, Miyatsu, decades ago.

Back to the topic, Miroku is a Buddhist monk who travels around villagers and helping the needy. However, sometimes he also "cheats" the rich by pretending to "exorcise" evil and thus, gets a hefty reward after that. Thus, he is not really a honest person. Another of his bad habit is groping women (Especially Sango and even Kagome) and asking women to bear kids for him. This often earns him a tight slap on the face (he never learns). Don't judge him so quickly yet, as he does these all for a reason.

Though the Wind Tunnel on his palm is a valuable weapon to defeat any kind of demon, it is also a curse as it will continue to grow with increasing usage. This was how Miroku's grandfather and father died- their Wind Tunnel eventually suck them in too. Not wanting to die without an heir, Miroku is always on the search of someone to bear him one. He also hopes to end the curse by killing Naraku, who had started it in the first place.

Miroku is also a loyal friend and valuable ally in Inuyasha's company. In the end, he marries Sango and they have a total of 3 children- 2 twin girls and a boy. Furthermore, his Wind Tunnel had vanished too.


Shippo, a young fox demon, was Inuyasha and Kagome's first travel companion. As he wanted to grow stronger quickly, he had attempted to steal the Shikon No Tama Jewel shards from the two but failed. However,after learning that Shippo needed the shards to seek vengeance for his father (a fox demon)'s death, Inuyasha and Kagome lets him accompany them on their journey and even helps to defeat the two culprits responsible for killing Shippo's father.

Shippo is especially close to Kagome as the latter had once risked her own life to protect Shippo's, by acting as a decoy and letting Shippo hide from attackers, leading to her capture. Hence, Shippo feels guilty about it and is grateful to her.

However, his cheeky comments often led to Inuyasha hitting him on the head. It is very obvious that Shippo detests Inuyasha being with Kikyo as he often makes snide comments about it, and complaining about how Inuyasha is neglecting Kagome by doing so.

However, Shippo is nevertheless a loyal friend and uses his fox magic to help. He could shape-shift into objects such as a bow for Kagome and could also create duplicates of himself, all of which are just illusion. Although his fox fire magic is not really useful in fights, he still contributes with his illusion tactics.

Due to his small size, he often rides on Kirara with Sango or let someone carry him on the shoulders. His true age is not revealed in the anime or manga, but his playful and sometimes immature actions makes him seem like a young kid.


Although they are stepbrothers, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru do not get along well with each other. In fact, Sesshomaru was once bent on killing Inuyasha, so that he could obtain the sword his father left behind then,Tetsusaiga. However, as a pureblood inu-yokai, he is unable to wield Tetsusaiga even if he manages to snatch it away from Inuyasha. As a full demon, Sesshomaru looks down and despises Inuyasha who is a half-demon and sticks around with mere humans. Almost no one except Naraku can match him in terms of prowess and skills. Unlike other demons, Sesshomaru is not one bit interested in the Shikon No Tama Jewel shards, as he is confident of his own strength and knows that he does not need to resort to it to enhance his powers.

Part of Sesshomaru's arm was chopped off by Inuyasha in the beginning, but that still did not affect his swordplay. That only made him more bent on getting Tetsusaiga.

Though he is the Lord of the Western Lands, he is always seen traveling around and there is really no place that he calls a "home". His companions include Jaken, who is a kappa, and Rin, who is a young human girl.

It is kind of ironic as Sesshomaru does not like humans but still lets Rin tag along with him everywhere. Sesshomaru does not talk a lot and he only strives to be the most powerful in this world. However, his sword, Tenseiga, one which was made with another of his father's fangs, began to change him bit by bit. In fact, Sesshomaru has became much more compassionate than he really was and Rin was revived from the dead by him.

Brotherly LOVE

Sesshomaru is soooo cool, he's hot.

Hmm.. wonder if there would be a time that the two brothers won't quarrel/fight when they meet?


Rin an orphan child, found Sesshomaru in the woods after he was badly injured by Inuyasha's attack, Wind Scar, after a fight. Not realizing that he doesn't eat human food, she keeps visiting him and brings him food, even stealing a fish from her village so that he could eat and recuperate. For that, she was thoroughly punished by the villagers. When Sesshomaru asked about her injured face, she was overjoyed by his concern. After that, Kouga and his gang came to the village to hunt down a thief and Rin was attacked by that pack of wolves, who ate all the villagers too.

Rin was hurt badly and was killed then, but Sesshomaru, who was almost recovered, tested his sword Tenseiga on her, and it really did revived Rin, who then started to follow Sesshomaru and Jaken.

She is a bubbly girl and is very loyal to Sesshomaru, always being around him and asking him about his life, etc..Sadly, she was killed once more and taken to Hell by the "Dog from Hell". It was apparent then that Sesshomaru cares alot more about her than he seems as he risks being stuck in Hell for eternity just to save Rin. Furthermore, it was evident on his facial expression that he was shocked when his mother revealed to him that Tenseiga can only be used once on a person. This time, however, Rin was saved by Sesshomaru's mother who used her Meidou stone to revive her.

In the end of the story, Rin ends up living together with Kaede, and Sesshomaru is seen giving her presents now and then.


Jaken is a green colour imp/kappa who is utterly loyal to Sesshomaru. He is always praising whatever Sesshomaru does, but gets ignored most of the time.

Little is said about his past, though there were claims that Jaken was once a lord among his kind, but was defeated by the enemy tribe. He was nearly killed when Sesshomaru appeared and killed the enemy for Jaken. Jaken bears a powerful weapon, the Staff of Two Heads, which could spew out fire. He was allowed to tag along with Sesshomaru because of this weapon, even though he seldom needs to get involved in fights with Sesshomaru around. Both he and Rin call Sesshomaru "Sesshomaru-sama" which means Lord Sesshomaru. It was also said that Jaken is more than 2000 years old.


Kaede is Kikyo's younger sister, whom back then (50 years ago), helps her sister to carry her arrows or to gather herbs. Fast-forward 50 years later, Kaede is a well-respected and experienced miko (priestess) held in high regard by the villagers whom she protects from danger.

She is the first to recognize that Kagome is Kikyo's reincarnation, and wishes that her sister would be having a good life in the afterworld. She is also the one to put the "Beads of Subjucation" on Inuyasha, causing him to fall to the ground every time Kagome says "sit!" (osuwari!)

She often dishes out useful advice for Inuyasha and gang. Although Inuyasha gets kinds of get irritated by her at times, he would not hesitate to protect her from danger and will listen to her advice.

When Kikyo was revived again, Kaede hoped that her sister would rather be resting in peace rather than being alive and living in misery and trying to attack Inuyasha.


At his first appearance in the manga, you may think this young chief of a wolf-yokai (demon) tribe is heartless, as he ordered his underlings to kill as many of the villagers in the village Rin came from. He is also on bad terms with Inuyasha at their first meeting, due to Kouga calling him names, such as "dog-turd" and his persistent courtship of Kagome, right before Inuyasha. Both likes to compare and prove that their skills is better than the other.

Kouga has collected a few Shikon No Tama shards, which he puts inside his legs and arms. Hence, Kouga can run as very quickly and as fast as a hurricane.. However, those shards were taken away by Naraku in the later part of the series.

At the end of the story, before he left, he told Kagome that she was welcomed to leave and find him.

Unreciprocated feelings

Kagome ends up with Inuyasha.. That explains Kouga's unhappy face. :(


Toutousai (or Totosai) is the one who had crafted Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's swords from their father's fangs, as Inu no Taisho was one of his old friends. Toutousai has the ability to craft swords as well as destroy them. He was always getting hit by Inuyasha when he threatens to smash Tetsusaiga to bits (no respect for the elderly). When Inuyasha and Sesshomaru began to master their swords better, Toutousai will help them to strengthen their swords.

Toutousai is mostly seen in his abode in a volcano, but whenever he goes out, his mode of transportation is a flying three-eyed ox named Mo-mo.

Although he may appear weak, old and cowardly, Toutousai has enough power to stop Sesshomaru's attack halfway to let Inuyasha and gang to escape. He could also breathe out fire and create huge holes in the ground with his hammer. (morale of story: do not underestimate the elderly)

He is also good friends with the flea Myoga.

Inuyasha's father-Inu no Taisho

Inu no Taisho or The Great Dog Demon, is Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father. Note: he appeared in the 3rd Inuyasha's movie, Swords of An Honorable Ruler.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's swords came from his fangs, which Toutousai went to craft them later.

In the third movie, Inu no Taisho died while protecting his human wife Izayoi and Inuyasha (a baby then) from a blazing house caused by a human,Setsuna no Takemaru who loved her. Normally, he would not die so easily, however, he was weakened after a major fight with his long-time foe, a dragon named Ryukotsusei. (it was very touching on how he did not care how injured he was and still ran to save Izayoi and his child.)

Myoga, the flea, said that the battle between Inu no Taisho and Ryukotsusei was hugely the cause of the Great Dog Demon's death. At that time, Inu no Taisho was not able to kill his opponent, but instead, sealed him into a cliff faced with his claw.

In that movie, he was seen asking Sesshomaru on why he wanted to be the strongest, and claiming that it must be Sesshomaru needing to protect something. (Sesshomaru wanted his father's sword at that time)

Inuyasha's mother-Izayoi

Izayoi is a kind hearted, gentle and beautiful woman. She is saddened that her child, Inuyasha is shunned by others just because he is a half-demon. She loves Inuyasha and his father alot. In the manga, there was not much revealed about her, just that Inuyasha saying sadly that she had passed away a long time ago and that it was not her fault that she died.

Upon her death, the orphan Inuyasha inherited the Robe of the Fire Rat that his mother handed to his mother on the day he was born, to protect her.

In one of the early chapters of the manga, Sesshomaru uses an illusion of Inuyasha's mother to make Inuyasha find his father's tomb for him, so that Sesshomaru can get his hands on his father's sword, Tetsusaiga. (as the location of the tomb is in a black pearl that is inside of Inuyasha's eye, which can connect the mortal world and spiritual world.) Kagome had tried to warn Inuyasha about the fake Izayoi but was too late.

In the 3rd Inuyasha movie, Swords Of An Honorable Ruler, it was shown how Inuyasha had been born and how his father died. Setsuna no Takemaru, a human who was in love with Izayoi, went with his army to burn down the house she was in, as they wanted to destroy the demon in her womb. Worried about him, Izayoi told him to escape the blazing house, but was stabbed in the chest by him, after he confessed his feelings about her.

Inu no Taisho, who had been greatly weakened, rushed over to the house, fighting and killing the soldiers outside to reach Izayoi. As she had died from her wound (although she had given birth to Inuyasha already), Inu no Taisho then used Tenseiga to revive her. Before he told her to escape while he dealt with Takemaru, he named his son Inuyasha and handed the Robe of the Fire Rat to her.


Myoga is a flea demon who was good friends with Inuyasha's father as well as Toutousai. He only appears a few times randomly, always updating Inuyasha on what events are going on currently, where the Shikon No Tama shards are or information about enemies and foes. He has been branded by others to be a coward, as he always disappears before or during danger, and reappearing only when it is safe again. Hence, wherever he is is a safe place to be.

However, Myoga is useful too, as he could suck poison out of people's blood. For example, when Inuyasha had ben poisoned by a Spider demons venom, Myoga went to suck the venom out of him, thus saving his life in the process. Myoga often gets hit when he tries to suck other people's blood though. He has a strange liking for Inuysha's blood.


Naraku is the ultimate bad guy in this story (antagonist). He was born from a human named Onigumo. At that time, Onigumo was a bandit that had been seriously injured and could not move at all. Kikyo, who was kind hearted and took pity on him, tended to him everyday and fed him porridge so he cold get better, even though the young Kaede told her that she suspected something was wrong with Onigumo. Onigumo made a deal with demons who ate him up so Onigumo could have a new body. Later, he posed as both Kikyo and Inuyasha and caused the two to have a misunderstanding, resulting in Kikyo's death eventually. (Onigumo was in love with Kikyo)

Since then, he carried on doing bad deeds- he caused the curse on Miroku's grandfather, wiped out Sango's village and controlled her brother Kohaku to kill their father, as well as continue to create problems just so he could collect all the shards of the Shikon No Tama Jewel.

In order to become stronger, Naraku creates many beings from his body to make use of them to kill anyone who opposes him. He also detaches Onigumo's love for Kikyo from his body, as he did not want his feelings for Kikyo to interfere with him killing her. However, when he was finally defeated, he said that the reason why the Jewel did not grant his wish is because his true wish was to have Kikyo's love, and that he could not be in the same place with her already, since he was probably going to Hell for his bad deeds.

Thanks to the Jewel shards that he had, Naraku was powerful enough until even Sesshomaru could not fend him off fully. His new body made by Morymaru made him even more invincible, as its hard cover is impenetrable, even by Tetsusaiga's attack.

By the way, Naraku is a half-demon, just like Inuyasha, and his objective of getting the Shikon No Tama Jewel is because he wants to become a full-fledged demon.


Kagura is Naraku's second detachment from his body, and is better known as a wind sorceress, as she is able to manipulate wind by making tornados and using it to control corpses. She uses a fan to enhance her powers, and transform her feather accessory into a mode of transportation by enlarging it. It is often useful for making quick getaways.

Kagura hates Naraku and wants to use Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to kill him. She longs for freedom, which she only gets in the end with her death.

She is mostly seen together with her sister, the first detachment of Naraku, Kanna. Although she is "bad", she is protective of Kohaku and even tells him Naraku's weaknesses and how to kill him.

In the manga, when she later helped Kohaku escape Naraku, Naraku returns her heart and injures her fatally, even Sesshomaru's sword cannot revive her. When Inuyasha and company arived, they could do nothing but watch as she disintegrate into the wind, and Sesshomaru saying that she died smiling, as she was finallly free from Naraku.


She is the first detachment of Naraku. Kanna has no emotions and is always expressionless. Her appearance is that of a young girl's and she always carry a mirror with her. Not that she is vain though, as the mirror has a glass demon which traps souls inside. When that happens, Kanna will then have full control of that person's body.

So far, only people with exceptionally strong souls such as Kagome is resistant to the glass demon and even caused it to shatter. That will then cause the trapped souls to escape and injure Kanna in that process.

Kanna is the only one of all his detachments whom he trusts the most, often telling her his plans. After doing so, Kanna will carry out his orders and also gives out orders in his place. However, Naraku ordered her to commit suicide in the end, and when she does so, both her and the glass demon shattered into tiny pieces. Upon Kanna's final thought, one of the glass shards hits Kagome and the latter learns about how to defeat Naraku.

Kanna is scary in that sense that Inuyasha could not detect her presence. As a "concealed detachment", Kanna has no distinct smell nor demonic aura. She is also not affected by any anti-demonic barriers at all. She is an enigma, and always seen together with Kagura, her "sister".

She and Kagura both appeared many times in Inuyasha's 2nd movie, The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass.

The infant, or Heart of Naraku

The infant is Naraku's 7th detachment, and is the heart of Naraku. Although he is only a baby, he could understand stuff and speak coherently. He manipulates people by seeking out the darkness in their heart.

He had tried to control Kagome by capturing the darkness in her heart, which was Inuyasha's past with Kikyo. However, his ploy failed as Inuyasha came in time to save Kagome. The infant's main aim is to have Kagome's ability to be able to sense and see the Shikon No Tama Jewel shards.

Just like Kagura, the infant is not loyal to Naraku and was later killed by Naraku together with Morymaru.


Byakuya (not the Bleach character) is Naraku's 9th and final detachment. He was meant to replace Kagura who had died, and he possesses a lot of different powers. One of them is to create illusions from origami paper creations. He could also create vines to rap and capture enemies, teleport people to different dimensions and manipulate people using paper soldiers that he made.

His main purpose on earth was to update Naraku on Inuyasha and Morymaru's powers. Byakuya was later absorbed by Inuyasha's Meidou Zangetsuha attack. His preferred mode of transportation is on a giant paper crane.


Hakudoushi is Naraku's 8th detachment, and created from The Infant. As such, he and the infant shares the same heart and powers, and Hakudoushi looks like a young child too. Hakudoushi's special power is to regenerate quickly, even after getting hit directly by Inuyasha's Wind Scar attack.

Hakudoushi was also the one to create Morymaru so that the latter could aid him during battles. Both him and the infant wants to get rid of Naraku too, but were later killed, soon after Naraku learns about their traitorous intentions.

Just like Kagura, he is not really loyal to Naraku.


Moryomaru is created by Hakudoushi, who is one of Naraku's detachments. He has no personality, expression nor soul, almost just like Kanna. At 100 foot long, he often intimidate people with his appearance.

Moryomaru had been a Buddhist monk looking after a shrine that was deep down in the mountains. When a nearby village was attacked, he helped to look after the children there. Moryomaru seldom goes out of his home in the mountain due to his deformed looking arm, which was a yokai arm. He was initially deemed to be suspicious by Inuyasha and company, but they changed their minds as they began to trust him.

However, their suspicions were proven right when they discovered later that Moryomaru was helping Naraku to hide the heart/the infant. Moryomaru managed to escaped from them, and continued to disobey Naraku's demands.

Moryomaru is really powerful, as he could even fend off an attack made by Inuyasha and gang together simultaneously. Furthermore, he could even break Sesshomaru's sword and nearly killed him too. His death came when he tried to swallow Naraku, who absorbs Moryomaru's power from beneath him. Through that, Naraku gotten a new body and armor.

Personally, I vote for Sesshomaru! He's so cool to the point that he's hot!

(forgive me for my fangirl-ish behaviour)

Who do you think is cooler - Inuyasha or Sesshomaru

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1st movie- Affections touching across time

In this movie, it all began during years ago, when Inuyasha's father had defeated a moth demon named Hyoga. Now, one of the Shikon No Tama shards had caused Hyoga's son, Menomaru to be freed. As a result, Menomaru wants to take revenge against Inu no Taisho, using the power that his father left sealed for him. However, Inu no Taisho had been dead for many years already, and Menomaru had to settle with dealing with the latter's kids.

To break the seal, Menomaru needs Inuyasha's sword, which was a "sword of destruction" and thus kidnaped Kagome to lure Inuyasha to his lair. He then provoked Inuyasha who went to wreck the place and also caused the seal to be broken. Inuyasha had fallen easily into Menomaru's ploy, even though Myoga the flea demon was there to warn Inuyasha not to, but his words ad fallen onto deaf ears. That was went all evil power was unleashed, causing Menomaru to gain almost unlimited power.

Menomaru then went on to steal people's souls to increase his already very strong powers.His two assistants, Hari and Yuri, went to caused trouble for Sango and Miroku. They even caused Kirara to turn evil and turn against its best friend/owner Sango. Kirara then became their pet and it does not even recognize Sango anymore and treats her like an enemy.

Menomaru also uses the Shikon Jewel to control Kagome and wants to use her to kill Inuyasha, in which she really did shot an arrow at him, sealing him to a tree, just like fifty years ago like what Kikyo did.

After Inuyasha was injured, Kikyo forced Kagome to go back to the future to where she belongs. Kikyo knows that if Menomaru continues his evil plans, the Bone Eater's well would be closed up and Kagome can never return to her world. Menumaru's powers had also caused the present and future as well as the other dimensions to be changed. For example, Kagome's world was going to experience a never-ending winter.

Back in her own world, Kagome is lonely, guilty and depressed for injuring Inuyasha. When she touches the sacred tree back at her house, she somehow gets connected to Inuyasha again, and the couple reconcile. She then prepares to go back to the past again. Miroku and Sango was busy attacking Hari and Yuri at that time. Sango did not avoid Kirara's attack and was thrown hard onto the ground. Kirara then hits its head on the wall repeatedly, trying to crush the thing that Hari and Yuri used to possess it. With Kirara's help now, Miroku and Sango defeated the two minions of Menomaru. Meanwhile, cooperating with Inuyasha, the Kagome and Inuyasha then defeats Menomaru using Inuyasha's Backlash Wave and Kagome's sacred arrow, even though Menumaru's powers had increased then and he grew to a giant size.

This is the only time in the whole series whereby Kikyo got to talk to Sesshomaru, and both knows who the other was. Sesshomaru also told Kikyo that the only person who can kill Inuyasha is him. Kikyo, although a priestess, did not went to destroy Menumaru though she wanted to, as the dead souls her insects colleccted were absorbed by Menomaru. Without dead souls to fill her dead body, Kikyo was practically rendered immobilized.

2nd movie- The castle beyond the looking glass

This is the only movie with ultimate bad guy Naraku in it. At the beginning of the movie, Naraku was busy fighting Kagome, Sango and Miroku (as well as Shippo too). Inuyasha was absent then as he had been ordered to stay in the hut. It was the troublesome period of time whereby Inuyasha had changed back into a normal human and had no powers or abilities. Hence, it was dangerous for him and Naraku cannot know that Inuyasha loses his powers on the night of a full moon.

Luckily, the sun rose and Inuyasha turned back into a half-demon, itching to fight. With the combined effort of Kagome, Sango and Miroku, Naraku, who was in the form of a giant spider demon, was finally defeated and killed. To confirm the group's suspicions, Miroku's Wind Tunnel had also disappeared from his palm. Kagura even had her heart returned. Both Sesshomaru and Kikyo sensed that Naraku was probably dead, but Kikyo was unconvinced that Naraku would be defeated that easily. She was right.

Later, Kanna and Kagura found a mirror and awakened the maiden trapped in it, who claimed that she was Kaguya, Princess of the Heavens. Kaguya then made a deal with Kagura and Kanna that if they found the 5 items that can free her from the mirror, she will give them what they always wanted: freedom. Hence, Kagura and Kanna went to search for those items, which included Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire Rat.

Thus, Kagura and Kanna went to find Inuyasha and got parts of his robe forcefully. If Kagome who was not at the scene to help Inuyasha by calling him to "sit!", Inuyasha would have been injured by Kagura's wind attacks.

Chaos erupted after Kaguya was freed, as she wanted to end the world soon. She had also kidnapped Kagome and planned to eat her and her powers up. Kagome then found out that this Kaguya was a fake. Kagura suddenly appeared with Kanna and confronted this fake Kaguya, who turns out to despise half-demons such as Naraku alot. Kagura and Kanna then wanted to trap "Kaguya"'s soul into Kanna's magic mirror, but Kaguya used her magic and caused both to be transported to nothingness.

Inuyasha, of course went to rescue Kagome, but was met with many obstacles on the way, such as dragon-like creatures. With Kikyo's help, he defeated those monsters and hurried to save Kagome. However, he was almost turned into a full demon by Kaguya, but was stopped by Kagome who kissed him and "woke" him up. This is one of the only time that Inuyasha had ever kissed Kagome.

Just when they were going to kill the fake Kaguya, Naraku, who had faked his death arrived and wanted to kill Kaguya and absorb her into his body. Hence, Inuyasha and gang had to deal with these two strong opponents. Kagome, with the help of Miroku's staff and Shippo, then went to kill Kaguya, but only her body. Thus, Kaguya's soul then tried to possess Kagome, but Inuyasha spoilt her plan. Naraku then escaped with Kohaku, Kagura and Kanna.

3rd movie- Swords of an honorable ruler

The movie starts off showing Inuyasha's parents. Inuyasha's father, injured after a battle with his enemy Ryokotsusei, went to revive his wife Izayoi with Tenseiga. Izayoi had been stabbed to death by her suitor Takemaru. Before the blazing building that they were in collapsed, Inu no Taisho hands Izayoi the Robe of the Fire Rat and names his newborn child Inuyasha. After she escaped from the building, he then went on to have the last duel with Takemaru. Both men perished in the fire, and Izayoi went to take care of Inuyasha by herself. She is saddened by the fact that Inuyasha was shunned by others just because he is a half-demon (she saw him playing with a ball alone).

Back to the present, Inuyasha got more than he had bargained for when he travelled to Kagome's world in the future to find her. Kagome's grandfather had a sword kept in the temple's storehouse, which was awakening from its 700 years long slumber. This could be a good thing except that this is an evil sword that had been sealed so that it would not wreck havoc on earth, but now, the seal was going to be broken.

The sword's name is So'unga, and it is the sword of hell, literally. It had a deep connection with Inuyasha's father then, and now, it goes off looking for the sons of Inu no Taisho. Inuyasha, knowing that if he left the sword on its own, the consequences would be dire. Hence, he went to take hold of it, thinking that he could control the sword of hell. He got possessed by it instead, turning him evil and giving him the urge to kill. As a result, he separated himself from his friends as he did not want to hurt them. He also nearly destroyed a village and killed someone, though it was not done intentionally since Inuyasha was controlled by the sword. Sesshomaru, who then learnt about the sword, went to track down Inuyasha as he wanted the sword to himself.

The two brothers had a huge fight, but Kagome arrived just in time to release Inuyasha from the sword's grasp. Thus, the sword went on to find itself a new demon host, meanwhile getting hold of Sesshomaru's left arm and finding Takemaru, reviving him from the dead. The sword then takes over Takemaru's body and fills him with thoughts of hatred of Izayoi, Inuyasha's mother, making Takemaru more bent on killing Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Rin and Kagome were then kidnapped and held captive in his castle. Thus, both brothers set off to save the two girls.

Both only realized later that with their own sword alone, they cannot defeat So'unga. Hence, they cooperated and fought So'unga together, although quite reluctantly. However, there was one part whereby Sesshomaru was seen protecting his little brother, as he shoved Inuyasha out of the way of a blast and withstanding it alone. He saved Inuyasha that way, although he did not admit it. Takemaru was then killed by the two brothers, after he realized that he really loved Izayoi, who had wanted him to continue living well in the past. The evil sword So'unga, after being defeated, fell into the pit into hell.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father then appeared suddenly, thanking both of his sons for destroying the evil sword. Inuyasha's beaded rosary necklace which had been broken by the power of the evil sword, was repaired by Kagome.

4th movie- Fire on the mystic island

Fifty years ago, Kikyo and Inuyasha (a couple back then) went to Horai island, and island that only half-demons live there and only appears every 50 years. However, both of them were only greeted by a few half-demon children when they reached there. Both found out from those children that Horai island used to be a very joyous place where all half-demons lived together, until four demons claiming to be the "Four War Gods" arrived and killed all the half-demons there. Those four war gods used the half-demons' lives as their energy and power source, and there will always be a half-demon sacrificed for that purpose every now and then.

Before Inuyasha and Kikyo can do anything to help the children, the four war gods arrived to attack them. Inuyasha was slashed on his back, which left four slash marks. Meanwhile, Kikyo's blood was sucked by another of them, a giant, turtle-like monster with tentacles, Gora. The culprit who slashed Inuyasha, Ryura, (who was supposedly the leader of the four of them) told Inuyasha that as long as he still has the marks on him, they would meet again.

Meanwhile, Sesshomaru, was at the island too, met another of the four war gods, Kyura. Before that, Sesshomaru was informed by two people who knew his father that they were going to Horai Island to kill the four war gods as that was a wish of the late Inu No Taisho. Hence, Sesshomaru arrived just in time to see the two of them killed by Kyura. They had a fight, and Kyura slashed Sesshomaru on his back and disappeared.

Back to the present, one of the remaining half-demon children, Ai, was chased after by the four war gods. Ai, unlike her other siblings, do not have the marks on her back and had the chance to escape from the island. Her eldest sister, Asagi, forced Ai to escape alone while she can. Ai was then saved from the four war gods by Inuyasha and gang. Inuyasha and Kagome then worked together to kill Gora. This made the other 3 war gods hate them even more.

Ai then led them back to the place she and her siblings go to in Horai island. It was then when Inuyasha and the others learnt about the Cauldron of Resonance. The Cauldron of Resonance had been corrupted by the four war gods and it has the ability to suck the life power out of a half-demon. Now, Asagi is planning to sacrifice herself first, since she is the oldest among her sibings now. Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku stopped her but Inuyasha and Asagi were sucked into the Cauldron.

Unfortunately, Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga cannot work in there and he was slowly losing his half-demon powers, as it was being sucked out of him. Just when it seem that they were doomed, a voice belonging to the dead priestess of Horai Island called to them. The priestess, Lady Kanade, had fought the four war gods and sealed their powers away, then decided to give Inuyasha the rest of her powers and strength only if he went to defeat the four war gods and save the remaining children. She also handed him a small box containing the powers of the war gods.

After getting out of the Cauldron, Inuyasha tried unsuccessfully to destroy the box, and was interrupted by a Kikyo-look alike who stole the box. he chased after that Kikyo who was going to hand the box to the war gods. It was then that he was told that this Kikyo was created by the blood Gora had sucked out from the real Kikyo, as they needed her powers to open the sealed box. Chaos started when the fake Kikyo opened the box and the four war gods got their powers back.

Inuyasha was then chased after by the fake Kikyo who was ordered to kill him. Nonetheless, Inuyasha could not bring himself to attack Kikyo. Sango and Miroku then went on to deal with Jura and Gora, who had been resurrected. Kagome and Shippo went to help the children to build a raft for them to escape. Sesshomaru then went to fight with Kyura.

After a long fight, Kyura, Jura and Ryura(who went to fight with Inuyasha later) were defeated and killed. Gora, who was mad that his brothers were killed, went to destroy the island with his blasts. Miroku, Sango and Inuyasha then went on to kill it. But just when everyone thought that it was finally over, the four souls merged together to become one four-faced monster with many arms, weapons and legs. The half-demon children went to help Kagome find an arrow, which the real Kikyo had left behind. All the dead half-demons who had became fireflies then went to surround Inuyasha and Kagome, making them feel energized and powerful. With a final Inuyasha's Adament Backlash Wave and Kagome's sacred arrow, the four demons were truly defeated and killed this time. Inuyasha and company including all the half-demon children then escape from the island just as it collapses and disappears.

Movie Junkie

Feel like watching the Inuyasha movies after all these? :D

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    • profile image

      Compzone08 LM 

      7 years ago

      Wonderful, This is one of my favorit anime

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      What a cool lens. Thanks for introducing me to these characters.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      What a cool lens. Thanks for introducing me to these characters.

    • chloemurray lm profile image

      chloemurray lm 

      10 years ago

      Cool... thanks for introducing me to Inuyasha.

    • Milkcananime profile imageAUTHOR

      Max Wong 

      10 years ago from Singapore

      [in reply to Lironah] Thank you for your comments, and yes, I had updated it as you had wished. Is it a little better now? :D

    • Milkcananime profile imageAUTHOR

      Max Wong 

      10 years ago from Singapore

      [in reply to Light-in-me] Hi dear, thank you very much for your compliments! I will continue to create better lenses! (:

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This is a great lens, you give so much infromation. You really did a nice job !

      Take care,


    • Lironah LM profile image


      10 years ago

      Awesome Inuyasha lens! Just what I was looking for to link from my intro to anime lens. I wonder though, would you spread the videos out a little among your character modules? I almost missed them way down here at the bottom. (You should spread out the nifty pins too! They're so bunched up and unloved. *sniffle* I'm sure they'd feel much better closer to their character modules.)


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