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The Invaders: The TV Series

Updated on October 22, 2017
The Invaders: Season 2
The Invaders: Season 2
Roy Thinnes
Roy Thinnes

The Invaders: The Nightmare Has Already Begun

The Invaders: Alien beings from a dying planet. Their destination : The Earth.

Their purpose : To make it their world.

David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) has seen them. For him it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a short-cut that he never found. It began with a closed, deserted diner...and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy.

Now, David Vincent knows that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun.

So began the cult 60s sci-fi show The Invaders, which ran in the US at the same time as Star Trek and for my money included better story lines, suspense, drama and cliffhangers - oh, and some really spooky music.

Intro image: The Invaders: Roy Thinnes Photo (Amazon)

The Opening Credits

An Introduction to The Invaders

The Invaders aired in the US for two seasons between January 1967 and March 1968 and reflected the major public concern of the time: the paranoia of 'Reds under the Bed' brought on at the height of the Cold War.

The series was also influenced by America's first missions into space which made ordinary people think about the possibility of contact with life from other planets.

The Invaders revolves around the character of David Vincent (played by Roy Thinnes), who has discovered that the Earth is being invaded by beings from another planet. These beings have taken human form, and are virtually undetectable from humans.

The Invaders: Tonight's Episode: Beachhead

Here is the full 50 minutes of the pilot episode of The Invaders originally broadcast on January 10, 1967.

The Invaders: Season One

Episode Guide 1

1 Beachhead - Jan 10 1967

2 The Experiment - Jan 17 1967

3 The Mutation - Jan 24 1967

4 The Leeches - Jan 31 1967

5 Genesis - Feb 07 1967

6 Vikor - Feb 14 1967

7 Nightmare - Feb 21 1967

8 Doomsday Minus One - Feb 28 1967

9 Quantity: Unknown - Mar 07 1967

10 The Innocent - Mar 14 1967

11 The Ivy Curtain - Mar 21 1967

12 The Betrayed - Mar 28 1967

13 Storm - Apr 04 1967

14 Panic - Apr 11 1967

15 Moonshot - Apr 18 1967

16 Wall of Crystal - May 02 1967

17 The Condemned - May 09 1967

Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD

The Invaders - Seasons 1 - 2
The Invaders - Seasons 1 - 2

Long overdue and finally making a very welcome debut on DVD is, in my opinion, the greatest science fiction series ever made. Pure paranoia, an adrenalin rush of epic proportions and the great Roy Thinnes endeavoring to stop the onslaught of a full out alien invasion - with the added edge of no one believing him!

I love every minute and episode of this fantastic show. Anyone who has never seen this classic series, take my word for it, buy it! You won't regret it. A classic in every sense of the word.


The Invaders: Season Two

Episode Guide 2

18 Condition: Red - Sep 05 1967

19 The Saucer - Sep 12 1967

20 The Watchers - Sep 19 1967

21 Valley of the Shadow - Sep 26 1967

22 The Enemy - Oct 03 1967

23 The Trial - Oct 10 1967

24 The Spores - Oct 17 1967

25 Dark Outpost - Oct 24 1967

26 Summit Meeting, Part 1 - Oct 31 1967

27 Summit Meeting, Part 2 - Nov 07 1967

28 The Prophet - Nov 14 1967

29 Labyrinth - Nov 21 1967

30 The Captive - Nov 28 1967

31 The Believers - Dec 05 1967

32 The Ransom - Dec 12 1967

33 Task Force - Dec 26 1967

34 The Possessed - Jan 02 1968

35 Counterattack - Jan 09 1968

36 The Pit - Jan 16 1968

37 The Organization - Jan 30 1968

38 The Peacemaker - Feb 06 1968

39 The Vise - Feb 20 1968

40 The Miracle - Feb 27 1968

41 The Life Seekers - Mar 05 1968

42 The Pursued - Mar 12 1968

43 Inquisition - Mar 26 1968

The Invaders 1967 Promo

Facts About The Invaders - The Invaders' Physiology

  • They have no pulse or heartbeat.
  • They need to regenerate themselves at regular intervals otherwise they die.
  • When they die, they incinerate, leaving virtually no trace.
  • Some of them have a mutated fourth finger.
  • When they are wounded, they don't bleed.
  • Pure oxygen is fatal to them.
  • They have no emotions.

Recently: Roy Thinnes Fan Interview

Roy Thinnes talks about The Invaders, its fans and his 67th birthday.

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    • Charlino99 profile image

      Tonie Cook 5 years ago from USA

      Love this lens - and "The Invaders."

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Haven't been, but think I will be now! Thanks for sharing. Blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Yes, I'm a fan too. Happy Extraterrestrials Abduction!

    • Sabre1000 profile image

      Sabre1000 6 years ago

      Way ahead of it's time.

    • FriendsTreasure1 profile image

      TwoFriendsTreasures 6 years ago from S.E. Sussex County, Delaware

      This was one of my favorite shows when I was younger...wondered what happened to it...great lens..

    • profile image

      boogieboykiller 7 years ago

      how does it end

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Great Tv show!! Absolutly love it..... although would have loved another season.... :(

    • profile image

      Levitah 8 years ago

      Wonderful lens 5* and a Fave!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      The best sci fi show ever, yes ever, i hope when they remake it and lord know's hollywood will someday, they at least make it half as atmospheric as it way ahead of its time.

      I was not even born when it was on TV, but i realise a classic when i see one.

      The music was very scary, simple & effective, with a chilling narrative, and as for the lead actor Mr Thinnes, outstanding acting, very watchable.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      We've won. You are living on our world now. That's why the show was canceled.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Anyone know why The Invaders was cancelled?

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Was it only two series? I clearly remember watching this as a child. Thanks for the memories!

    • profile image

      Andy-Po 9 years ago

      Excellent. They don't make them like that anymore.

    • GlennaJones profile image

      Glenna Jones 9 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      Being a Sci-Fi fan, I'll have to look for some episodes and check it out. Don't know how I missed them.

    • CrypticFragment1 profile image

      Tammy Winand 9 years ago from McleodGanj HP India

      I never heard of this show before...weird.

      great introduction to it! 5*

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Ok im a star trek fan. thats got that out of the way. what i want to know is, where are all the invaders films? why has this cult classic not been given the reverence it also diserves? I've just bought the first season of this exellent tv series and cant wait for the next season to come out so i can literally run to my local store and grab it.

      I had a few ideas as well that the people who own the rights to the invaders might want to considder...

      it is years after david vincent's last run in with the invaders. there have been no reports of anything strange to attract his attention and david believes they have given up. however he can never be totaly convinced and still keeps his ear to the ground, just in case.

      suddenly in the newspaper there is something strange, something that david knows can only mean one thing... the invaders are back!

      But david is too old now to investigate himself and sends his brother's son to check it out.


    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Una de las mas grandes series de tv de la historia..gran tema,gran guion,gran direccion,gran protagonista..entretenida,reflexiba,imaginativa,para los que no la han visto la rcomiendo absolutamente...encontraran "lugares comunes"puesto que fue una gran influencia para posteriores series y peliculas de ciencia ficción,especialmente para X files!feclicitacines por el espacio!...Luis Felipe...Exzequiel Bravo..!!

    • profile image

      Zackfaire 9 years ago

      this is a great lens. thanks for sharing.

      here are some of my tv favorites:

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Roy Thinnis is among my most favorite actors. An incredible actor and gentleman. His role in "The Invaders" was a work of masterpiece. I wish him peace of mind, good health, and a joyous life. Tim McCleese.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      PLEASE put this seris on US TV Now.... Thanks!