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Iron Maiden Discography Review Part 2

Updated on July 28, 2013

The Killers (1981)

This is the second lens in the series of lenses that will present to you the whole discography of Iron Maiden, starting with their first self-titled album Iron Maiden, and ending with their latest release titled The Final Frontier.

This Iron Maiden tribute lens brings you their second album, The Killers! Enjoy!

The second album

With the first album under their belt, Iron Maiden was ready to conquer the world. The band had to part with Denis Stratton because of musical differences. In this case, as Stratton himself admits, it really was because of musical differences because he was leaning towards a more Queenish style. Adrian Smith, a longtime friend of Dave Murray, was brought on as a replacement and that is where the magic started. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith are so compatible musically that they can trade solos back and forth with their eyes closed.

Another change was that this album was going to be produced by a veteran producer Martin Birch. Birch having worked with likes of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Rainbow and Blue yster Cult was deemed by the band to be a superstar and because of that they did not try to hire him for the first album, even though Birch later admitted that he would have been willing to do so. The album was released on 2nd of February 1981 and went on to spot number 12 in the UK Album Charts. This album was marked by the bands' first video which was shot for the song "Women in Uniform", althought this song was not on the original UK or US release of the album. The band tried to get themselves visible in the US market and because of that they did their first US tour, with their first show being an opeining act for Judas Priest. Well, enough of the background, let's get on with the songs!

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Ides of March

This is the opening song for the album, a short instrumental which makes you feel like you are preparing for a battle. It starts of slowly with drum rolls and eight notes, and then kicks in with drums and sixteen notes, a solo, and then calms down again to give way to the next song.


And BAM! Bass and drums intro which electrifies your body and when guitars enter you are all over the place trashing! A memorable heavy metal masterpiece that can easily become your favourite. And yeah, don't forget that there is a breakdown between the solos. A badass breakdown if you ask me.

Murders in the Rue Morgue

This song is based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe which is titled, well, umm, Murders in the Rue Morgue. Ah, the intro to this song! It is so epic! It starts slowly with guitar dissolving chords and then bass and drums enter alongside a catchy melody. They are still keeping it slow, and then it ends, just as if it was a song for itself. Then you hear a drum roll and off you go into another blast of Iron Maiden attack!

Another Life

This song starts with one theme, switches to another theme, then switches to another rythm and another theme, and... Well I think it comes back... But no, seriously, it is a good song overall.

Genghis Khan

It is an epic instrumental about an epic conquerer made by Iron Maiden. Do you really need any more explanations?

Innocent Exile

This song starts off with a bass theme and slowly incorporates the whole band which transitions it to a broken-beat hard rock monument.


Oh the title track. Everytime I hear that intro with bass and drums I get the goosebumps. The guitars slowly come in with cymbals and Paul screaming. It electrifies you. You want more. And then you get it. The drum rolls and the song starts. I know that you are already banging your head. You cannot resist it!

Progidal Son

This song starts very slow. You almost start to think that it is some kind of a ballad. And it is. But a Maiden ballad, which immediately means that it has a different tone to it.


A full on hard rock/heavy metal song. And yeah, this was their only single from this album. It starts with a riff that is existant through the whole of the song, then climbs to the nice and melodic pre-chorus (or chorus, since you can never be sure with Maiden). Then a bit of guitarwork and a breakdown. Just listen to it, you will know what I mean.


The final song from the album. It is a heavy metal rock 'n' roll song. If such things exist. I think I just made up a new type of song. Oh yeah, it has an awesome breakdown in the middle.

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Killers may have not had the influence that Iron Maiden (the album) had, but it is never-the-less a solid heavy metal masterpiece. You can feel that the band has matured and the production is up a bit. Since all of the songs from the first and second album were written (by none other than Steve Harris) before the band got a record deal, the real challenge (one of many challenges) will present itself on the third album. And oh boy, will Maiden rise up to it.

So, if you liked this lense, please leave us your feedback and UP THE IRONS from wherever you are!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I like Iron Maiden but here on that lens it is too loud too many music play at the one time , They are the best

    • profile image

      ritaprost 5 years ago

      nice lens, i like iron maiden