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Iron Man 3 ~ Movie Review ~ Expanding The Cast

Updated on January 27, 2016
Iron Man 3 - Past & Future
Iron Man 3 - Past & Future | Source

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My Take on this Freebie Movie Commentary Clip

Since I'm on the lookout for the best kind of freebies to share, here is my take on;

Iron Man 3: Expanding The Cast.

This is available as a free download from Amazon. However, for me, it took a few updates and a bit of maneuvering to get it to play on my PC. Hopefully, you won't have those issue while reviewing it with me. You have two choice; regular and an HD format. I opted for the HD format since it is better quality.

Now onto "Expanding The Cast". This is a very short commentary clip from the cast members making it to short for a valid view point on "how the cast was expanded." However, I did see Iron Man 3 and have to say, it was as good as the first two, maybe a bit more. It had intensity, humor, Tony's playboy charm, Pepper's beauty and of course plenty of action.

The new villains introduced in this feature played a key role into Pepper's high intense character, charm, reaction to danger and her love of Tony Stark. As two old colleges, one from Pepper's ( to also include Tony's) past and another; a mislead scientist ( & past lover of Tony's) all thrown into the mix, create a web of emotional confusion soon to be cleared by movies end... of course.

Meanwhile, in the mix of it all, there is a crazed terrorist leader who tries to take Tony and Broady on a wild goose chase... and no one is the wiser that they all inner twine back to one another in some way.

She's On Fire!


The Twist...

The twist in this installment also takes us down a separate path with Pepper. It may appear to be a small one, but quickly shows how Pepper becomes the center of the ever so changing and revolving story line. Clearly Pepper's character was given a key role to show her versatility, strength, humor and human side, which brings out the best in Tony. Her interactions play a key role in this installment. Her role was riveting, heartwarming, full of surprise, intriguing and to me; it brought me "to the edge of my seat cheering" as I was hoping to see this from her. I wasn't disappointed.

This movie does take you for a real fast and intense pace and has somethings you don't see coming. But that's the fun of it... it reels you in to take you to a place you may have already seen in your minds eye and whala... it happens. Makes you cheer, shout and applaud when it went in the direction you'd hoped it would... At least for me it did! :-)

Happy movie going!

Mark III ~ Battle Damage

Mark III - Battle Damage Version
Mark III - Battle Damage Version | Source

Tech featuring Iron Man Suits... pretty cool... Leads into short promo to movie... Enjoy!

You can take away my suits, you can take away my home, but there's one thing you can never take away from me: I am Iron Man.

Here are some free items for all ages.

Another great MARVEL movie... "Guardians of the Galaxy" ~ A fun and entertaining movie!

Do you have a movie you can watch over and over again? Share it here and tell us why.

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