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Shepard Smith of Fox News Channel * FNC

Updated on January 5, 2017

Is Shepard Smith Married?

Straight men can't even make this face. WOW!
Straight men can't even make this face. WOW! | Source

If Shepard Smith Were Gay, Nobody Would Care (Except Maybe Fox News)

Shepard Smith of Fox News has been added to Out magazine’s annual “Power List” of “the gay men and women whose power and fame influences the way Americans think about the world.”

Out is a gay interest magazine and its readers are overwhelmingly gay. I don't mean super gay people, I meant 95% of the readers happen to be homosexual. Just wanted to clarify.

My guess is that if one of the biggest gay publications "outs" a person, and the name of the magazine is "Out," I should give that reference some credibility.

There have been rumors about Shepard Smith's sexuality for years. Many "gay" publications in the know report that it's an established fact within the gay community that Shep is gay. I don't personally care either way. His employer, Fox News, though, probably cares a great deal.

If he does date men that's Shep's choice, and his right as a proud Southern American man! If he were gay, I'd think it would be fantastic PR for both Smith and Fox News, if he came out of the closet. Anderson Cooper, who surprised me at least when he came out recently, hasn't experienced any public backlash.

Since Shep works for a conservative media outlet like Fox, and is one of the most popular on-air personalities, being gay may lose him a few of those bible-thumping, right-wing viewers. But he will also gain a few new viewers from the gay community though.

He Dropped an Unconscious Hint on "The Fox Report"

Anyway, I know the suits at Fox were sweating when Shep reported on Obama's endorsement of same sex marriage. It was pretty clear what side Shepard Smith favored, when he said this, "Mr. President, welcome to the 21st century." I saw this report 6 months ago, and the significance passed me by. Shep doesn't seem gay to me.

Rush Limbaugh didn't let it slide, however. He came down harshly on Shep the next day during his radio show. Rush Limbaugh is such an overrated hypocrite! For a should-be felon, former drug addict and DEA target, Rush Limbaugh sure does throw a lot of stones from glass houses.

Shep's sexual preferences wouldn't even be worth thinking about if Fox News were a liberal outfit. In fact, he might be encouraged to disclose that information. I'm guessing that, if he is gay, Fox knows about it and maintains a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. I'm sure Shep's agent instructed him that coming out might not be a good move if he wants to stay with Fox.

Shepard Smith Isn't Bill O'Reilly

Years ago, Bill O'Reilly got wasted, and called up a female intern and was laying down some nasty sex rap. The girl had some of it on the answering machine and it was sad and disgusting. The recording aired on Howard Stern, but the media ignored it for the most part. These days, I think it would be everywhere. Eight years ago, O'Reilly wasn't so disliked by the liberal media outlets.

Fox stood by Bill O' Reilly's side during the "drunk dial" scandal. It was quickly swept under the rug, and, strangely, there isn't much information about it in Google search? Hmm...

Shep is big, but not Bill O'Reilly big. Who knows if Fox would fire him? Why come out publicly, when the people that matter to him know he is gay?

What's Up With Shep Smith?

One day, I was watching "Studio B" on the Fox News channel. I focused on the program's anchorman, Shepard Smith.

I don't normally make it a point to watch Shepard's show, "The Fox Report," but for whatever reason, Fox News is the default channel for my mom, and I know all the shows and host's on Fox News. Or "Fox Snooze" as I playfully call the channel, referring to their predilection to hammer the same point over and over again until it's been dead for at least a week.

This particular day, Shep's face looked drastically different to me. Different meaning, "worse for wear." Clearly, Shepard Smith's face had gone through a horrible, drastic transformation

"Is Shepard Smith sick? What is wrong with his face?" My Mom and I asked each other simultaneously.

"He isn't looking so good. It looks like his face is falling apart!" I added. My heart sank a little at the awful thought of a dead Shepard Smith. I like him sometimes. I'd miss him a little to be honest. Although he's a Republican, I'm a softy at heart. Politics don't matter there.

I wondered what was wrong. Everyone likes gossip, of course. Especially when it involves television personalities. More specifically, Fox News anchors. So far, wholesome vibrant Jenna Lee has been spared any tabloid dirt.

So when something changes on this channel (for example the addition of the lovely and talented Jenna Lee) I stand at full attention. This day both my Mom and I noticed a distinct change in Shepard Smith's appearance. Years ago I took note of the fact he wore quite a bit of eyeliner compared to other newsmen. But this changed seemed more than a simple cosmetic adjustment. His face looked like it was wasting away. Similar to the way somebody with AIDS or cancer wastes away.

I didn't want to make any hasty judgements, so I decided to do some research to see if anyone else had noticed this grim transformation and if was there any explanation for it. So, I turned to the only place the truth exists without bias: the Internet.

Well, I certainly wasn't alone in my observation regarding Shep's grim visage. Other people had noticed this as far back as Oct 11th 2011. That's when I saw the post titled, "What the Hell is Going on With Shepard Smith's Face! Is He Dying?"

I couldn't find any quotes from Fox News or Shepard Smith himself regarding his health. I was able to uncover that Shep is 47 years old. He went to University of Mississippi and studied journalism, but was two credits short of graduating.

Smith married Virginia Donald, a University of Mississippi classmate, in 1987. They divorced in 1993 with no children. He began working for the TV program A Current Affair in 1994 and has worked for Fox News hosting "The Fox Report" and "Studio" since the network's inception in 1996.

He makes between $7-8 million a year, which makes him the 3rd highest-paid news anchor. He is signed with Fox through 2013.

As I was researching, I came across a few websites that stated Shep's sexual orientation was an "open secret." It is well known in the gay community that Shepard Smith is gay, but he remains publicly closeted because of his public persona and because he works for a very conservative parent company, Fox News Corp. There is nothing official from Mr. Smith regarding his sexuality, other than a statement he released saying he "Keeps that part of his life very private."

There was speculation on a few chat boards to the tune that his poor appearance must be AIDS-related. Nothing substantiated or confirmed however. The only thing I can say for certain is that people are increasingly taking note of his changing appearance, and the new look is not getting rave reviews.

I lived in L.A. for 17 years. So I know this: Rumors are rumors, and facts are facts, and if you want to get the milk for sure, you have to buy the cow. I'm saying the only way to know the truth is to ask the man himself.

But Shep isn't talking. If he is sick, I hope he gets well. All things considered, he is one of the better news hosts on television. I'd hate to see some Jane Velez Mitchell wannabe take his spot.

God speed Shepard!

Who is Shepard Smith's Partner?

Assuming Shep Smith is homosexual, and all indicators lean toward that conclusions, chances are he isn't alone.

I am making an educated guess, based on the common, "All of the good one's are taken" theory.

Shepard is quite the catch for almost any gay man I would assume. He is rich, handsome, successful, somewhat powerful (or at least influential), and intelligent, and has a strong personality to boot.

There are variables that you and I aren't privy to, which could inflate, or deflate his value on the gay meat market.

Yes, I am talking about Shep's sexual prowess. I have no idea, and I won't even guess.

So who is the lucky gay man that can boast, "I am Shepard Smith's gay partner damn it!" I know that it is not Ryan Seacrest, because he is straight.

It isn't Ellen for cosmetic reasons: While she has a penis, it is too small to function sexually.

It definitely isn't Bill O'Reilly, because he is dating Sean Hannity (allegedly).


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