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Updated on June 25, 2014

Why is the Family Feud Game Show Casting According to Race?

The popular American game show, Family Feud has decided to segregate the show by race having black families play against white families routinely. We're all Americans and a game show shouldn't resort to racial organization.

Family Feud is a popular American family game show that has been around for years, but the game show has a new show blueprint in which black families now regularly compete against white families. This is a shameful, poor decision with varying negative effects. This sort of race centered casting is outrageous for the decade we live in and is extremely unnecessary.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I’m in law school and I like to watch the daytime court shows. Consequently I ended up watching Family Feud unintentionally because it came on right after one of the court shows. I immediately noticed after a few days of catching the show, that there were a lot of black families playing against white families and it seemed a little odd to just be coincidence. This is America and I’d expect to see some black on black match ups, white on white, black, white, Asian, Hispanic and all types of random match ups. Not so.

My curiosity began to peak. After probing and watching clips of over 8 recent episodes, I instantly realized it was no coincidence, the show is deliberately casting black families to play against white families as part of the new format. There usually aren’t Asians or Hispanics, mainly black families on one side, and whites on the other.I have 3 questions for the game show: who’s idea was that, is he or she ok, and when is he or she getting removed from any further decision making?

In the year 2012, Family Feud is now a segregated game show for fun and entertainment. What is wrong with people mentally, and why are some industry executives so absorbed with race to the point of making game show format decisions based on it? For an American family game show, what person of sound reasoning would authorize race based casting as a good idea? This is perhaps the most awkward, inurbane and stupid game show decision to slip through virtually without a bleep in the radar I've come across in recent years.

Sometimes I understand how things I don’t agree with may have been done for ratings, but I honestly don’t get the point of this tacky initiative whatsoever.This isn’t boxing circa 1930. When it’s random, fine, but the thought that show producers are deliberately organizing a black versus white format is very disturbing.


I grew up in a church that had people of all races and color never mattered much to us. It's a beautiful thing. That's why it's particularly disturbing to see racial polarization organized as a norm on a national scale for a game show. As if this is something they'd like to sell off to the people as normal or acceptable for a show: splitting up families according to race to play a game.

The small mind of an idiot may not be capable of considering the times, or the fact that there is a steady growing number of interracial families and families with adopted members who may view this with justifiable disdain ass odd, as it simultaneously excludes them. Sensible people however can see the absurdity. Even in the news, when there's a story in an Asian community, they send an Asian reporter. In a black community, they feel they need to send a black reporter. For a multicultural nation, racial organizing is primitive, childish, ignorant and highly unnecessary.

Anytime a show implements the ethnic categorizing of its players, and has racial separation as part of the format, it's a huge cause for concern. And if a show is so unapologetically warped to implement such a thing, where does that racial thought process stop? To an American fool, this all might mean nothing. To the conscientious thinker however, the fact that this is inappropriate and sketchy is obvious. For example, if a game show exists with one side always Mexican, and the other side always Korean every show, it would be very suspicious on many fronts. Does it subtly promote polarization? Is it just a tacky decision for ratings? Do the producers systematically assist one side in appearing more competent than the other? By design or inadvertently, is one side appearing in a better light? Is someone somewhere keeping a tally score of which side is faring better on average? Is the game show deliberately trying to set things up to stage an eventual controversial moment? Was this decision influenced by some sort of agenda? What is the nationality and racial views of the people in charge of the show? Since the show is casting those 2 ethnicities primarily, what character traits do producers look for in the contestants for each side? These are all legitimate questions for the shrewd observer, and why the reasonable person would object.

This isn’t Sweden versus Kenya in a soccer match. This is supposed to be an All American, fun family game show featuring random people from the same multi-cultural nation. A planned and systematic black versus white format for a game show in this period in time is ridiculous and requires explanation.


When these socially irresponsible things are done in poor taste, here are the fruits: When you go on YouTube, you can see a few videos of angry white young people most likely, posting videos of “The Feud”, posting clips of what they thought were Steve Harvey’s favoritism toward black players.To some, the black players seem to have the winning edge with Steve Harvey as host. There are other videos posted intended to ridicule the worst stupid answer moments of black players, most likely backlash for the aforementioned sentiments from immature you tubers. Underneath each of those posted videos are nasty racial attacks from both blacks and whites toward each other for several pages. There aren’t even that many negative videos posted, so you can’t even credit the show for starting controversy that attracts attention. There are just a small number of videos with racial bickering, just enough to realize it was a bad idea. Good job producers, very good job. Be proud of yourselves and your contribution to the country’s discourse.

Whether it’s just a deplorable tactic for ratings, or a twisted subliminal agenda, it doesn’t matter. We’ve grown so much as a nation that there is no acceptable or reasonable justification for a blatantly racially organized show. Someone at the top is either extremely stupid, extremely tasteless, caught up in an agenda, or just without class, subservient to any idea that might improve ratings. However, I don’t see how race segregation improves a family game show. Regardless there is such a thing as social responsibility and lines that shouldn’t be crossed. An American show that routinely matches blacks against whites is just embarrassing.

Perhaps the most confusing thing is that people are starting to notice but few are saying anything. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing.I often find myself wondering if we’re evolving into a nation of sheep, slow to object to blatant idiocy. What I thought was an awkward coincidence was actually someone’s brainchild.

I’ve already left messages and have written a letter. If anyone else cares to do the same, the info is below.

Family Feud: (323) 762-8467

Or write to them at 224 East Olive Ave., #205, Burbank, CA. 91502.

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    • profile image


      16 months ago

      Ridiculous when you consider that blacks are only 13 % of the population of the USA

    • profile image

      Someone else who notcied.... 

      22 months ago

      This was written a few years ago but still applies to the show. I watch it every night before bed (just to whine down) and can't tell you how accurate your words are.


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