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Go See "How To Train Your Dragon" & Reunite With Your Inner Child!

Updated on July 27, 2015
Beth Buckley profile image

Beth has a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and currently helps others through the body mind connection at Whole Body Synchroflow.

Having Fun Is a Choice

I remember the freedom I felt as a young child while having fun. It was something that came naturally to me and I didn't have to think about. I found humor in most situations and viewed life as an adventure, full of wonderful, thrilling surprises from one day to the next. I felt I could do or be anything I wanted and that my life would be endlessly happy.

Well, to make a long story short, I grew older and as I did, I mindlessly accepted that life is not always fun and that I must 'do my duty' for my family, for my friends, for my job, for my pets, for my neighborhood, for my school, for whatever was outside of myself. I must have heard from somewhere that these sacrifices are necessary in life, but I didn't even consider the consequences before making my choices. I followed the path of doing what I thought was expected of me and as a result I was the one who became more and more unhappy.

Then at some point I was able to see the person I had created as a result of my life choices, and I'm telling you she was not pretty! I looked and felt exhausted, angry and resentful most of the time. So I decided to get help and to change because I did not like the old, haggard woman staring at me in the mirror. That's when I was reborn and my new life began, gradually, seven years ago. Now I see old pictures of myself and do not even recognize that person. The most difficult part of the journey was the initial moment when I stopped lying and denying and took an honest look at my life. But once I made the choice to improve and to make choices in my best interest then it became easier. I learned to trust my intuition and it has helped me become someone I am proud to be. Now I make fun and adventure a priority because it feels great!

How do you feel about your life choices? Are you ready to rediscover the enthusiasm you had for life as a young child? Have you had your daily belly laugh yet today? If these topics interest you then read on! I will be using ideas and quotes from DreamWorks Animation's latest successful movie to teach you ways to connect with your inner child and transform your life.

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~ Copright Protection ~

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How To Train Your Dragon - Official Movie Trailer

This trailer gives you a great taste of the fun and silliness in store for you when you see the movie!

Jay Baruchel has fun as Hiccup
Jay Baruchel has fun as Hiccup

Why Access Your Inner Child?

It's Your Doorway to Joy

At some point almost everyone feels like they want to break free from some aspect of their hum-drum routines. Remember when you were a kid and rebelled against the parent-induced routines of things like bedtime, doing homework or chores? It's not that these routines were wrong or bad; it simply felt good to rebel against anything that took away from play time because that was what mattered most.

As adults, we have routines, but the reality is that they are completely of our making. We can change our minds and our life paths at any point we want. The important thing to remember is that you should feel good about your activities, both work and recreation related. Enjoying our lives should be a number one priority. I'm talking about real, pure, non-induced by substances FUN. It's the simplest and easiest kind of joy out there, not to mention the health benefits from laughing!

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Now In Movie Theatres!

Movie Poster
Movie Poster

Have you seen the movie yet?

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Night Fury
Night Fury

The World of Make Believe

The Child's Fantasy World

Remember when you were very young and you didn't need any 'thing' to have a great time? No television, video games, or planned activities were necessary because you had your imagination and it was very active. A couple of chairs and a sheet became a castle or a fort. A pencil became a wand, dagger or sword. A small stuffed animal became your valiant shield during battles or your newest friend at the tea celebration. The scenarios are ongoing because the possibilities were endless. And the truth is that your possibilities are still endless when you let yourself go and become a carefree child again.

One of the best ways to have pure fun is to go to see a movie made specifically for kids, a G-Rated movie. And How To Train Your Dragon is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen lately. So go to see it, especially in 3D, and have a great time. Laugh out loud if you feel like it. Cheer. Go for it because each moment you spend in happiness will effect your overall life in a positive way.

The Eyes of a Child
The Eyes of a Child

The Child's Perspective

Take A Look At Life Through The Eyes Of A Young One

Hiccup is the main character in this movie. He is a son of the Viking Chief, Stoick the Vast, on the island of Berk. Hiccup is not like the other kids and works as an apprentice to the blacksmith, Gobber the Belch. However, he longs to be accepted into community by killing a Night Fury and becoming a Viking warrior. His is repeatedly told, "If you ever need to get out there to kill dragons, you need to stop being you." But this doesn't distract him from his goal and he develops a bolas cannon which injures a Night Fury. Once he does this, his life changes dramatically because he is able to understand the nature of dragons and his people on a deeper level.

For Hiccup, his goal was attainable even in the face of well-meaning assistance to the contrary by his dad and friends. This reminds us to peel away the layers of guilt, anger, and fear to take a look at our expectations and goals from the eyes of an innocent child. Anything is possible and when you are open to receiving it, your life will be full of awe, excitement, joy and wonder.

Hiccup and Toothless
Hiccup and Toothless

Bond with an Animal

The Child's Most Loyal Friend

"I can't kill dragons," Hiccup says when he discovers the Night Fury he downs. After Hiccup realizes this, he opens his life to greater joy because he befriends the fearsome Night Fury and names him Toothless. This bond he has with his dragon is unheard of in Viking books and teachings, but he doesn't care. Hiccup is drawn to the friendship and loyalty he develops with his animal companion. He experiences much more joy when he is with Toothless than he does at other times in his life.

If you are a pet owner you understand this deep attachment. The wealth of love and loyalty we receive from our pets far outweighs the amount of care we must provide them. If you do not own a pet then consider it because it is a way to not only reduce stress, but it also opens you to playing and receiving happiness in your life. Before owning an animal, please research money and time requirements necessary to make sure you are committed first.

Hiccup, The Dragon Whisperer
Hiccup, The Dragon Whisperer


Competition-Free Sports, Games, Music And Dance

Before going on an expedition in search of the Dragon's Nest, Stoick enrolls Hiccup in dragon training after Gobber the Belch tells him, "You can't stop him. You can only repair him." After several near-misses, Hiccup becomes somewhat of a Dragon Whisperer as a result of his growing relationship with Toothless. He is able to overcome the dragons in his training using new and non-aggressive techniques. He transforms the dragon ring from a life-threatening competition to a fun adventure.

When we were children, we played games just for the fun of it and we danced when we felt like it, either with or without music. We weren't interested in smashing the competition, winning or impressing someone else. Some games included sports like bike riding, swimming, skiing, or skating and other games we created inside our heads. If you have small children, I encourage you to play games with them. Dress up in the fairy outfit or the Agent costume and go to the world of imagination. Allow your kids to lead the play and see what they come up with, they will love it and if you let yourself become immersed, you will have a wonderful fun time. Also, turn on your favorite music and spend at least ten minutes dancing with your family. This is especially helpful if you are feeling dull or low energy and you'll be amazed at how quickly your body feels better.

If you do not have small children then try non-competitive sports or pull out a deck of cards or the board game that's collecting dust in your closet. Turn up your favorite music at home or in your car and dance to your heart's content! You can also plan a date to go out to a dance club and while you're there, focus on having fun and losing yourself in the music. Admit it, game playing and dancing are fun. Now make time for them on your schedule and just do it!

Astrid's First Flight
Astrid's First Flight


The Child's Playground

When Hiccup easily overcomes the dragons in training, Astrid becomes suspicious. She is the typical Viking Warrior Child and is determined, unrelenting and brave. She does not like Hiccup getting all the attention so she follows him to the canyon hideout where Toothless lives. She is aghast at what she finds and unwillingly goes on a dragon ride with Hiccup. Once she apologizes for her anger, however, Toothless flies gracefully and she enjoys herself immensely. Astrid also befriends Toothless and opens her eyes to greater possibilities within life.

All children, until they are taught otherwise, have a strong connection to the outdoors. They love playing in nature and do not need any coaching on make believe scenarios. Trees, flowers, animals and plants become their imaginary friends and silently listen and engage. Let the wild become a part of your life. Whether you go to the local nature center or take a walk in the park, allow your life to be enhanced by Mother Earth and all that she Is. Feel the peace within your Self and let it Be.

Viking Surprise
Viking Surprise

Fearless Adventure

Children Are Naturally Courageous

Hiccup wins the honor of killing a dragon and graduate from dragon training, he decides to show everyone that dragons are not fearsome creatures. He drops his weapons and the dragon does not kill him. The audience is very surprised and Stoick yells to stop the battle, upsetting the dragon who then tries to kill Hiccup. Toothless hears the screams and comes to the rescue, but Stoick tricks him into leading the Vikings to the dragon's nest. Before leaving, Stoick tells Hiccup, "You are not a Viking. You are not my son."

Even though Hiccup realized that by not slaying the dragon, he could become an outcast from his family and community, he followed his true self and dropped his weapons. Young children are like this. Remember when you wanted to protect someone on the playground and it didn't matter how big or ugly the mean kid was? Children display such character without thinking about it. So next time you have to do something that seems scary, just don't think about it. Tell yourself, "Just Do It!" and it becomes much easier. Think of it as if you were a child and it transforms into adventure.

Hiccup and Toothless Are Heroes
Hiccup and Toothless Are Heroes

Love Yourself

Your Inner Child Will Love You Back

When his dad doesn't listen to Hiccup's warnings about the parasitic, humongous dragon, he sets out to find the nest and destroy all the dragons. His life and the lives of all the Viking warriors become in real danger when the main dragon breaks free from his mountainous lair and attacks. Fortunately, Hiccup arrives with the other children warriors, flying on the dragons from the training ring. They have a plan of attack which works and the evil dragon is destroyed. During the fight, Stoick has a dramatic change of heart when he realizes the error of his ways and welcomes friendship with the dragons, changing the lives of everyone in the community. Hiccup is injured in the fight, but lives with an amputated leg as Toothless lives with half of a tail. The community of Berk is reborn as a home for the dragons. Hiccup is very happy. He has followed his heart and shared the love he has inside with each and every person in town.

Children love themselves unconditionally because they do not know any different. They accept themselves without question and only begin to judge when taught to do so. The child's love is pure and unsoiled by the opinions of well meaning family members and friends. What would you feel like if you could have that same amount of love for yourself now as you did when you were born? Are you curious? To find out, simply start telling yourself on a daily basis that you love yourself, that you are lovable, that you are fabulous, that you are beautiful, or any other positive affirmation. It also helps if you look in the mirror while you say it. Silly as it may seem at first, you will be surprised at how your feelings change and grow about yourself. It's amazing, try it and experience the love of your inner child!

The Book, How To Train Your Dragon
The Book, How To Train Your Dragon

Reading Children's Books

The Gateway To Imagination

This movie was loosely based on the 2003 book, How To Train Your Dragon, by British author Cressida Cowell. The book is very different from the movie, however, both have the same main characters, Hiccup, Toothless and Stoick.

Another wonderful way to connect with your inner child is to read books written for children, ages 9 and up. These books are typically simple yet full of adventure and excitement. They are usually quick reads that end up making you feel giggly and good inside.

CHILDREN'S BOOK - Suggested Reading

Here are some books for children that make you feel spectacular when you read them. Each one is spiritual in a different way. Buy one for a child and read it first, you'll love it!

WHAT DO YOU SAY? - Readers Response

Movie Poster
Movie Poster

After reading this lens, how do you feel about connecting with your inner child? Do you want to try any of these suggestions?

See results

How do you like this lens? Please give your comments and share links to other great lenses. Thanks!


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    • belleart profile image


      4 years ago from Ireland

      I Loved this movie, the first one I must have seen about 12 times, and I saw the second in the cinema recently, which was wonderful, full of loads of surprises and just as good as the first. Toothless was so lifelike, he reminded me of a dog my housemate owned, and I absolutely adored. I was also so happy the films and the Tv series were all connected, unlike the huge let down Kung Fu Panda.

      Great review! :)

    • wahponywoo2 profile image


      5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Very nice.... interesting lens my best friend is my inner child :)

    • norelyngatawa profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved this movie too. Especially Hiccup's Dad which was played by Gerard Butler!he's a natural!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      It is funny running into your article on How To Train Your Dragon because I just watched the movie for the first time last week on TV. I stumbled onto it and I was hooked right through to the end. What a truly great movie it is.

    • Wakerra LM profile image

      Wakerra LM 

      6 years ago

      honesty I don't think my inner child has ever left me. I remember playing with little plastic animals on playsets with my sister when I was in high School. we didn't care what others thought, we enjoyed it. Imagination is a beautiful thing, its how its executed that can be deemed childish, or brilliant. I will say I can draw a line at brainwashing childish, like "Dora" and "Little Einsteins" (no offense to those who like these shows) But for someone who grew up on the pure imagination and adventure of shows like "Fraggle Rock", "Arthur", "Eureeka's Castle" and "Gargoyles", along with countless others (Little Bear anyone?) These new shows just can't hold a candle. If anything, I've become obsessed with creative and fresh ideas after re-watching some of the old stuff, I don't hardly watch anything on TV or in movies anymore, but rather I'll role-play stories with other creative and imagination-driven individuals.

      However, there are the occasional few films that will come out that spark new interests and ideas. Wall-E was breathtaking, and Miyazaki's, words can't describe them

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 

      6 years ago from New York

      I love the idea of the lens and enjoyed reading your point of view on the film. The whole lens is thoughtful and well written.

      Since you are new to Squidoo, just a wee bit of advice. 1st, turn on your contact button so that people can contact you privately through Squidmail.

      Secondly, the intro should be exactly what it says; an introduction to the lens. This is the most important real estate of your lens. It should include one or two brief, and to the point, paragraphs telling the searcher what your lens is about. Your introduction just wants to draw the reader in to see the rest of your lens page.

      Use just a couple of sentences in your paragraphs that include your keywords or keyword phrases to help the search engines find your lens.

      BTW - When there is a lot of text, an online paragraph only consist of an average of 4 sentences to make it easier to read online. What happens when someone encounters a big wall of text is their eyes glaze over like a deer caught in the headlights and they don't read anything at all. They just barely glance over it as their eyes scan the page. It is too hard on the eyes & mind for most people in a hurry. LOL.

      *Squid Angel Blessed* and added to "My Squid Angel Blessings for 2012" in the "Entertainment » Movies" neighborhood. Well done.

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      7 years ago from Canada

      There's so much more than a movie here, LOL. Great job.

    • betta addict profile image

      betta addict 

      7 years ago

      I love this movie so much! The "pet" dragon reminds me of my bettas, full of personality. Great lens =D

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for all the nice comments, guys. My boys and I continue to watch this movie because it's so much fun.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I really enjoyed this movie and have recommended it to a lot of people, not just kids either lol

    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      7 years ago

      I just saw this movie this week. It was fun.

    • OrganicMom247 profile image


      7 years ago

      I love my inner child and I loved this movie. Great lens.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      The more that I hear about this movie the more anxious I am to see it. It sounds so good.

    • reflectionhaiku profile image


      8 years ago

      Me and my inner child (my real children too) love HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and this terrific lens! Thumbs up for sharing -

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have got to see this movie...amazing.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens! I watched this cartoon, first I was sceptical, but then I liked it :)

      You can check my Dexter's Laboratory lens. Thanks for great info.

    • Christene-S profile image


      8 years ago

      Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      8 years ago

      This is a wonderful lens and I intend to watch the movie :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this sort of thing and am going to have to see it now. Thanks so much for the introduction. Its better than a commercial! ~ Wow, I just got logged-out trying to leave a comment...yikes!

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 

      8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Very well-written and great review lens! I think we all have that inner child within us, but most of us don't let it out because we think of ourselves as adults. I totally agree that we need to let that inner child loose and let be. Christ in my life has definitely helped me do just that. Thanks for sharing a little about your life and where you've come...all the best as you move forward and be a blessing to many! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      @CastleRoyLisa: Thanks for the sweet comment, CastleRoy!

    • CastleRoyLisa profile image


      8 years ago from Rhode Island

      This was a wonderful movie and I am always in touch with my inner child letting it play time to time maybe to often aww never to often thanks for a wonderful lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I too lost my inner child and became unhappy and resentful. At first I didn't even know what was wrong. Then I figured out that I had been giving pieces of myself away little by little. I let my child out to play often now, and insist on be ME! Great lens and review of the movie,


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