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"Isn't She Lovely" Stevie Wonder's Inspiration Behind the Song

Updated on July 26, 2017

The Inspiration Behind The Song

The year was 1975. Ecstatic over the birth of his daughter, a twenty-something year old man was inspired to write a song: "Isn't She Lovely."

The "wonder" of this expression of thanksgiving was that he "saw" this miracle of life not with his eyes, but on a much deeper level . . . with his senses and his heart.

Stevie Wonder, is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and activist who happens to be blind.

Born on May 13, 1950 as Stevland Hardaway Judkins, his name was later changed by his mother to Stevland Hardaway Morris when she left his father. Becoming blind shortly after birth, Stevland developed into a musical talent at an very early age. Upon signing with Motown Records' Tamla label at the age of eleven, he was dubbed "Little Stevie Wonder" by record producer, Berry Gordy. Of course as Wonder became a young adult, he dropped the "Little" from his stage name and is forever known as Stevie Wonder.

Needless to say, "Isn't She Lovely" written and performed by Stevie Wonder continues to inspire millions even today . . .


Image: courtesy Ebony Magazine

"Life is Aisha ... The meaning of her name"

Aisha is a female name

with its roots in arabic

meaning life; new life; living

Listen To The Song: "Isn't She Lovely" - Scroll Down A Bit for the Lyrics

Don't Know All The Lyrics?

Here's some help . . .

"Isn't She Lovely"

Written & Performed by Stevie Wonder

  • Isn't she lovely
  • Isn't she wonderful
  • Isn't she precious
  • Less than one minute old
  • I never thought through love we'd be
  • Making one as lovely as she
  • But isn't she lovely made from love
  • Isn't she pretty
  • Truly the angel's best
  • Boy, I'm so happy
  • We have been heaven blessed
  • I can't believe what God has done
  • Through us he's given life to one
  • But isn't she lovely made from love
  • Isn't she lovely
  • Life and love are the same
  • Life is Aisha
  • The meaning of her name
  • Londie, it could have not been done
  • Without you who conceived the one
  • That's so very lovely made from love

"Londie, it could have not been done ... Without you who conceived the one "

Londi is Aisha's mother,

Yolanda Simmons

Fast Forward 30 years ... Isn't She Still Lovely? - Singing In Concert with her Dad

More Than 30 years after her birth, Aisha Morris is performing back-up for her dad.

Aisha Morris ... A Classy Songstress In Her Own Right - A Solo Song

While much is not broadly known about Aisha's growing up years, what we do know is that she developed into a musical talent in her own right.

Here's a short sample of the Aisha's musical talent as seen (and heard) in this video . . .

Songs In The Key of Life - The album that includes "Isn't She Lovely"

Wonder initally refused to allow "Isn't She Lovely" to be released as a "single" record, instead opting to include the song in the classic album "Songs In The Key of Life" which was released in 1976 by Motown Records. It is said that this strategy actually sold more copies of the album.

Go here for more background on this album.

Songs in the Key of Life
Songs in the Key of Life

Audio CD . . . original recording re-mastered


To Learn More About the Man Behind The Music

Check out these resources ...

Want to Know More About Stevie Wonder? - Facts, Trivia & Other Tidbits

Did you know? As an activist, Wonder is noted for his work for political causes, including his 1980 campaign to make Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a holiday in the United States.

The following sites offer versions of Stevie Wonder's bio, including trivia and other little known facts . . .

Signed Sealed Delivered . . . - A Stevie Wonder Biography

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: The Soulful Journey of Stevie Wonder
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: The Soulful Journey of Stevie Wonder

"Stevie Wonder's brilliant music has managed to capture the hearts of his listeners while at the same time probing the limits of musical styles and moving soul and rhythm and blues to new musical levels." ~ Publishers Weekly


Grammy Awards?

As of 2010, Stevie Wonder has won

a total of 25 Grammy Awards.

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    • kabbalah lm profile image

      kabbalah lm 4 years ago

      Stevie W is a great performer

    • MikeRobbers LM profile image

      MikeRobbers LM 4 years ago

      Stevie is a hero of mine. Circle of fifths jazz influenced progressions, pop, motown, R and B... one of the biggest influences in modern music. Living legend.. Songs in the Key of Life is one of the greatest albums ever made, right there with Revolver and any other album you can think of..

    • FamilyBeachVaca profile image

      FamilyBeachVaca 4 years ago

      Okay, I'm having a 70's flashback but Stevie music covers the early 60's to the early 90's. As picky as I can be about music, I can't think of anything that I don't like. I especially like the two albums that he and his then wife Syreeta Wright wrote and produced - that was my flashback from the 70's

    • profile image

      MiaMusement 5 years ago

      I was just thinking about Stevie Wonder the other day... wondering what he's up to lately. (I was listening to an India Arie song that mentions him.) This lens is such a lovely tribute. Thank you!

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      I had the LP for this great collection of songs. At the time I did know that "Isn't She Lovely" was about his newborn daughter, but when I watched the video with her singing backup for her father, well I got all choked up. You have a great tribute lens here. Thank you for bringing back so many memories related to this great song.


    • ThatsYourPeople profile image

      ThatsYourPeople 6 years ago

      I listened to "Songs in the Key of Life" a few months ago after not hearing it for years. It's still one of the most brilliant albums ever recorded.

    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      I can recall hearing "lLittle Stevie Wonder" singing his Motown hit "Finger Tips" as a 13 year old in 1963 and I have been a huge fan of his Genius every since.

      As an artist and activist, Stevland Morris has a legacy that will remain viable for decades. A very gifted songwriter, entertainer, father , brother, and visionary.

      Aisha Morris is the reason for "Isn't She Lovely" and a very attractive talented artist in her own right that goes to show that sometimes musical talent can be genectically transferred.

      Excellent lens with wonderful links! ...Thanks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      "Isn't She Lovely", what a wonderful story and it makes this special song even more special! What a wonderful gift he has and how sweet it was inherited by Aisha.

    • profile image

      Oliversbabycarecouk 6 years ago

      Great lens - what a heart touching story thanks for sharing i love 'Isn't She Lovely' hopefully going to dance to this at my wedding this year! Thanks for telling me the meaning makes it even more special!

    • missbat profile image

      missbat 7 years ago

      I never knew the story behind this song. What a tribute to his daughter!

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      I love this song and it's a wonderful tribute to his daughter. I enjoy Stevie's music. I saw him recently on TV singing at the White House when Paul McCartney was being honored for the Gershwin Prize. :)

    • Lou165 profile image

      Lou165 7 years ago from Australia

      A beautiful song, but then aren't all of Stevie Wonder's songs? Great lens and interesting to know that he's passed his talent on to his daughter.

    • profile image

      WellnessWiseGuy 7 years ago

      I remember back in the 70's and 80's, many expectant parents decided to name their newborn girls "Aisha" because of this song. Thanks for this. I always wondered what happened to "Aisha"."