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RebelPilot Issue 23

Updated on January 5, 2017


Welcome back to another edition of insanity. Put reality on hold and scroll down the page so you can catch up on the latest humour, news and ascii art.

Keep those quality submissions coming in and I like the feedback. Just don't get too frustrated if it takes me a while to respond.

The feedback has been Good, Bad and Indifferent.

The Good:
  "... Last, but certainly not least, congrats on an awesome e-zine."

The Bad:
  "Unsubscribe" then sending one to directly me and breaking my heart>

The Indifferent:
"Unfortunately, I would not be able to grant permission for you to use my Star Wars images on your site. Although I am the artist, Lucasfilms owns all the copyrights to the images and must approve all uses."

DOH! That means me and a whole lotta other people are in the poo-doo!

But if you want to see the pictures I tried to get permission to attach to the e-zine check out:

Another Animated Trailer?

Steve Oedekerk Presents Thumb Wars

The story of a restless young farm-thumb who goes on to destroy a gigantic space station, killing untold thousands.

Featuring the latest in dazzling thumb effects technology, and an all-thumb cast, THUMB WARS is most exciting adventure in television history to star only human body parts.

The THUMB WARS home video will be coming soon! Check back for more details!

Put up your hand if you know who Steve Oedekerk is?

He wrote 'Ace Ventura- When Nature Calls' (okay), he wrote and directed 'Nothing To Lose' (laugh out loud funny) and he wrote and starred in 'High Strung' (you have to be a severely twisted individual such as myself to appreciate this movie)

Frankly, the guy is a legend. I know this isn't a SW request but if anyone has the script for HIGH STRUNG then please send it to me via the usual address.

R2 Builders Unite!

Ever wanted to build your own full scale R2 Unit? Or have you made one?

There's about a 100 other guys who have either done or doing the same and they've got their own egroup where they can ask questions or give helpful advice and tips.

To subscribe to this group send a blank email to

After becoming a member you can ask questions or put in your 2 cents worth by sending emails to

I don't know how long they've been going for but if I wasn't putting together a weekly e-zine I think building an R2 Unit would be the next best thing.

Dave Everett is the yahoogroups owner and he's got his own website:

The Universe's Greatest Mysteries

On the Death Star, there are two officers standing a couple of metres away from a beam that can vaporise a planet.

Why no protective eye wear?




 / \

 /   \

[]   []


[]   []  

Top View of Anakin's Pod Racer.

©1999 RebelPilot

          _     _

         /_|   |_\

        //||   ||\\

       // ||   || \\

      //  ||___||  \\

     /     |   |     \    _

    /    __|   |__    \  /_\

   / .--~  |   |  ~--. \|   |

  /.~ __\  |   |  /   ~.|   |

 .~  `=='\ |   | /   _.-'.  |

 /  /      \|   |/ .-~    _.-'

|           +---+  \  _.-~  |

`=----.____/  #  \____.----='

 [::::::::|  (_)  |::::::::]

.=----~~~~~\     /~~~~~----=.

|          /`---'\          |

 \  \     /       \     /  /

 `.     /         \     .'

   `.  /._________.\  .'


Modified Corellian YT-1300 Transport

©1997 Lennart Stock

I thought I'd toss in a slightly bigger version of

Anakin's Pod Racer:



     / \

    /   \

   /     \

 [ ]     [ ]

 [ ]     [ ]

 [ ]~~~~~[ ]

 [ ]     [ ]

|[|]|   |[|]|

| | |   | | |

| | |   | | |

A Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It Moment

from: ROTJ

where: On Endor after the Ewoks have become friendly with the Rebels

when: On my Special Edition ROTJ it's 1:29:36 (1 hour, 29 minutes, 26 seconds) and 1:31:10 from the very start.

who: Threepio, Wicket and some other Ewok.

what: One of the Ewok's say: "Ketchup Naboo". Then at 1:31:10 the words "Naboo" is said again. C3P0 also says it somewhere in the movie.

why: I don't know. I just felt like saying 'why' after the where, when, who and what.

Do you have a Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It moment? Submit it here.


Top Ten Bad Things About Having Darth Vader As A Flat Mate

10. Claims those long-distance calls to the Death Star aren't his.

9. Uses Jedi powers to shake up your beer right before you open it.

8. He's always accusing you of hiding his asthma inhaler.

7. Claims he paid you the rent "a long, long time ago."

6. Dances around in nothing but cape and cowboy hat while doing "Darth Brooks" routine.

5. For once he could use the Force to lift his wet towel off the couch.

4. That scary music that plays when he enters a room gets old real fast.

3. You feel like an idiot saying, "No, Darth isn't here. He's on the ice planet Hoth."

2. Not easy cleaning burnt Ewok fur off the barbecue grill.

1. Constantly doing his lame James Earl Jones impression.

That's All Folks!

Where in the world are you? I'm curious as to which countries this e-zine is getting to.

Send a blank email and in the subject line type in your country of origin. (go onn, click on that link, it'll only take you 30 seconds to do it)

Please don't write anything in the body, I won't be opening the emails.

In case you're a fairly new RebelPilot recruit this e-zine is coming from Australia.



RebelPilot:>o<: = = = = = = = = = = = (-o-)

Be sure to forward this email to your Star Wars loving friends.

Sign up? Send a blank email to

Opt out? Send a blank email to

©1999 RebelPilot, unless otherwise stated.


Star Wars and associated characters, weapons and vehicles, are all the property of Lucasfilm Ltd.


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