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It's a great camera. Is it for you?

Updated on February 2, 2014

There's been so much progress in the development of cameras that just about every year, we hear, "this is the best camera ever made."

But you already own a camera, don't you?

Your cell phone has a camera built in, and you carry it everywhere you go. This is one reason why Americans took more than a thousand times as many photos last year as they did twenty years ago. (I just made that up, but it sounds right).

If you're going to buy a camera, then, it makes sense to buy one that's spectacular, a camera that takes pictures for the ages, not merely for instagram.

This is that camera.

Expensive, but worth more than it costs.

With the preferred prime lens, it doesn't have a zoom

When I first heard that, I was taken aback. Of course, my cell phone camera doesn't have a zoom either, but that feels right because it's taking a snapshot, a quick record of what I see, right now. Cameras, for me, have always involved a level of mechanical distance, a device between me and the thing I'm seeing. So zoom and focus rings are part of the deal.

It has interchangeable lenses

Which means you might find yourself in a bottomless pit of lens shopping, but of course, you have the discipline to avoid this...

The bottom line

Twenty years ago, you might have bought a Leica, that's if you wanted to spend as much as the cost of a used car on a camera. Five years ago, you stopped buying cameras, because, hey, I already have one. Today, though, you might be ready for a device that is remarkably good at what it does, that is so well crafted that you will use it even when you don't need to.

This is that camera.

It might not be for you, because it's not for everybody. But if you choose it, you'll treasure it.


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