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Updated on April 28, 2011

As of now for most kids their biggest dream is to be a part of Disney Channel or Nickelodeon shows and movies such as, High School Musical, iCarly etc.. although it might not be easy it is very possible, (if anyone tells you, "it’s too hard to get their you’ll probably never make it", slap them in the face and tell them to turn on their TV so they can see your big pretty face) and to be apart of these company you don’t really need acting experience although it will help a lot, all u pretty much need is to nail an audition.

1. To start off, your going to need 3 basic things and that’s dedication , talent, and lots of personality, those 3 thing alone will get you on your way

2. Now in order to get a role in a movie or show you will need to audition ( if you click the video at the bottom it will show u all the steps to prepare for an audition)

3. Now Disney and Nick are mainstream media, so pretty much all of their auditions will be private so in order to get an audition you will need an agent, or you can use a popular online agency site called all you have to do is pay them about $30.00 a month and they will book you auditions. Now I would say getting a personal agent is better cause it would be a whole lot easier for you cause you won’t have to pay up front, they just get a small cut of your earnings.

4. Last you will need an 8/10 head shot, I would recommend you go to a professional and get it done cause if you’re willing to pay $175.00 to $300.00 (depending on the photographer) it shows that you take your career seriously and that shows professionalism and that will impress the casting director .

I just want to tell you if this is your true dream than no matter what it will happen for you if you are willing to do what it takes. So for you big dreamers out their If you follow these steps I promise you, you won’t fail, so good luck and see you in Hollywood.

like i always say on my blogs, comment please X)!!! oh for more advice on this subject or anything else please e-mail me at If this article applies to you just know i really wanna do all i can to help you live the dream.


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    • profile image

      Mace William Jackson 9 months ago

      hi iam thirteen years old my dream Is to be a Nickelodeon actor it he's been my dream when I was three years old I told my father that one day I will act at Nickelodeon in 2012 I won best young actor at the school play in Lusaka Zambia please please help me out l all so made a movie to present to the Nickelodeon's company the movie show is (Living in a house of Superheros) it features( President kick bat as a MUM with four kids to look after and a husband.

    • profile image

      ZATHAN 23 months ago

      Dis is cool a real want to be a nickeloden star a will go for it

    • profile image

      emmanuel haankwenda 23 months ago

      Hi my is emmanuel if these any role please let me know I live in zambia I would be thankful

    • profile image

      emmanuel nowel haankwenda 23 months ago

      Hi I'm emmanuel I'm 11 I'm a male I have black hair brown eyes 5 feet tall I live lusaka zambia, I can handle the role in upcoming show please I acting liked from 7 I have a that one day will be actor please let me know.

    • profile image

      Damola 24 months ago

      Irelly want to be a Nickelodeon star I have a show I want to do it's called hide away spies can you help me out

    • profile image

      Madhav Shaji 2 years ago

      Thank you SO MUCH for his GREAT blog!! It was my dream to be on Nivjelodon. Thanks for telling me HOW. You ROCK!!

    • profile image

      nano ayagle 2 years ago

      I want to become a disney star and l know u will love my mates say am good and l can sing to .lf u are interested call the number0244853430 it is a Ghana number.

    • profile image

      Bella Trejo 2 years ago

      I want to be on tv just like my awesomest cousin dany Trejo

    • profile image

      Dylan 2 years ago

      i wish I can be a Nickelodeon star

    • profile image

      Desire 2 years ago

      Thanks for the advice I hope I make it

    • profile image

      amahri 2 years ago

      Love it with all heart

    • profile image

      Alexandra 3 years ago

      I'm a star

    • profile image

      lineke 3 years ago

      i would love to be on Disney hi my name is lineke call me victoria thx acting and singing is my life i can't ever live without acting and singing its how i am it my worl when i act and sing its like the world stoped it me i i can't be mw without my sisnging please pick me im 10 i have brown haire and browan eyes brown skin i gues tan and its how i am i live in panama and thx i can't explain how much it means to make im friendly i wanna make people smile and happy like people make and well want people to be proude of me and kow i could make id do anything wouldent let you dowan try my hardest i like singing and disneys my dream and climbing wall dancing acting everything just breang me joy ill do anything to make my dreams come true i don't wanna be famouse for money or anything its me wanna me people proude smile happy my best singer are rowan blanchared and sabrina carpenter and idele are so priity when i get older ill get a better voice thaks its my chance to prove i could do it i could be in any roll and work all i got it would be my aportonity to go in the world ill move i jut waanna make people happy an d proud my parents have friends all over world and were christns and not going to change don't pick me beaccue im despret because this is ill try anything to do my dream i would wanna be in the DISNEY FAMILLY IT WOULD BE AN HOUNOR it my life i wanna be part of this family how is amzing and makes people prode and smiley and happy and well this is all i can say this is my heart thx

    • profile image

      Eli  3 years ago

      I will do it

    • profile image

      Kevon Dawson 3 years ago

      I love acting i 've been acting since I was 3 year's old my mom told me that I might a chance.To be a star one day I've play in every performers in my school I was all way.was the lead star everyone tell me i should be on a t.v. show. That why i'm come to yah so yah can help me my mom and dad proud of me PLEASE HELP ME DISNEY OR NICK.

    • profile image

      Kevon 3 years ago

      I love acting i 've been acting since I was 3 year's old my mom told me that I might a chance.To be a star one day I've play in every performers in my school I was all way.was the lead star everyone tell me i should be on a t.v. show. That why i'm come to yah so yah can help me my mom and dad proud of me PLEASE HELP ME DISNEY OR NICK

    • profile image

      Jenay Lewis 3 years ago

      I love acting it's always been the main thing I keep going forward with I have no experience but I always practice lines from movies I like I really like disney there shows are great and I love singing and playing the violin I am not that good what I really want is go get a chance on stage or movie set

    • profile image

      geraldine 3 years ago

      I just wana bacome a disny star.

    • profile image

      Tracy Willemse 3 years ago

      hallo my name is tracy can you plaece help me it is my big Dream to become a Disney star or nicolod star place help meeeeeeeee

    • profile image

      kara 4 years ago

      My mom said I can go do

    • profile image

      angela 4 years ago

      i got a part in a show yay

    • profile image

      zhanaya 4 years ago

      wow i should was i was working with yo....that Awesome keep the good work

    • profile image

      Kacie 5 years ago

      Ever sense iCarly started I wanted to be Sam's little sister or have there be an episode where her cousin visits or something. Now the the series is over I have to think about other ways I could put myself on TV. And Nickalodion and Disny are such great ways to start off as an actor or actress as a miner. I can't wait to envest in my dream!:)

    • profile image

      Symah 5 years ago

      I hello I 'm the older brother name Daudi and I was just writing this comment that I wanted her to become a Nickelodeon Star and she is just 8 years old ?? and she was dream to become a popstar and she singing everyday when she come home from school? Please GOD help me?? How to start your own show that would also help to thank you

    • profile image

      Keanu 5 years ago

      Thank You So Much I Really Needed This I Have an Interview next week and this really helped thank you so much god bless p.s. can you do one saying how to start your own show that would also help to thank you.

    • profile image

      Yolanda 5 years ago

      My dream I know it's going to be really hard to become what my dream is asking me but if I have to do it and give it all I will do it but my parents don't have money to make my dream come true I just dream to be on tv and all my friends see me and see that I LOVE WHAT GOD GIVE me no matter what I do i will give it on so please help me !

    • profile image

      Yo 5 years ago

      I wish I can be one of them but I just can't do it I have a dream and I care about I try to give it all but I can't do it .

    • profile image

      Sammy 5 years ago

      I would love and hope for god and and many others to see and know how important it means to me and many others to become huge of a star.

    • profile image

      Sarina 5 years ago

      my life long dream may come true! :)

    • profile image

      kyra 5 years ago

      i will be so so happy once i'm a disny chanle star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      angie vanessa tecu 5 years ago

      i will be so happy to become a disney star like selena gomez this has been my dream !my parents don't have much money to follow my dream i hope you could help me! :)

    • profile image

      Pausis 5 years ago

      Where are audition taken place?

    • profile image

      madi 5 years ago

      This really help thank you.

    • profile image

      kimberly 5 years ago

      Wow i knew some things about acting and now i know a whole lot more this helps me a lot now i have to ask my aunt and uncle if i can be come a nick star

    • profile image

      arianna 5 years ago

      please pray for me im gonna ask God to make me a star

    • profile image

      Katrina Vazquez 5 years ago

      I am going to do it GOD help me

    • profile image

      Aisha 6 years ago

      Thank your for the help I actually have an interview in two weeks and this really helped :)

    • profile image

      kaitlyn 6 years ago

      i have ALWAYS WANTED to be on nickelodeon and i need help because my family does to have a lot of money if anyone could help me i just would be so thankful thank you

    • profile image

      Jen 6 years ago

      thanks so much for helping me with my dream. i've always wanted to be a nickelodeon star because it's a program i've watched since i was so little. i fluppin love this!

    • profile image

      ally 7 years ago

      this is gonna be so fun

    • profile image

      Lourean lafonto 7 years ago

      Wow that is so cool

    • profile image

      erica 7 years ago

      hey this has been my dream for so long, i know a lot of theses steps i just get nervous at auditions

    • profile image

      nick 7 years ago

      dude this has been my dream for a lonb time glad someone put up how to, thank.

    • profile image

      cameran 7 years ago

      this is so cool

    • profile image

      tracy 7 years ago

      man this has me so pumped up, im going for it

    • profile image

      amy loureano 7 years ago

      this is so cool i always wanted to be a disney star but i didn't know wat to do the get their


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