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Animal Odd Couples

Updated on July 24, 2019

Sometimes Animals Make Unlikely Friends

Although you wouldn't think it possible, some of the more enduring and loyal friendships are that of two animals of different species.

As an animal lover, it is so heartwarming for me to see how some animals have such complete compassion for each other and form bonds that are loving and unbreakable.

There is a show about it on PBS called "Animal Odd Couples" and I found the stories about some of these animals so touching and uplifting that I thought I'd share them with you here.


The Story of Blossom the Turkey and Minnow the Cockapoo

Throughout the animal kingdom, friendships are made...

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Annette Tucker & Wild Heart Ranch

Almost seventeen years ago, Annette Tucker began taking in dogs and cats to her farm in Claremont, Oklahoma because they needed to be rescued for various reasons.

It wasn't until someone brought her a pair of raccoon babies that were orphaned that she began  looking for a rehabilitation center to bring them to because she did not feel she would be able to take care of them properly.

In her search, she found out three things.  One, there was no such place to bring the animals to.  Two, in the state of Oklahoma the wildlife belongs to the state and...  Three, if she was going to keep the raccoon kits, she would have to apply for a license to rehabilitate wildlife.

Realizing the huge need for a facility like this, she applied and got her license and began taking in all kinds of wildlife in addition to dogs and cats that needed rescue.  What a huge heart this woman has!

In the first year at Wild Heart Ranch, she rehabilitated with her team, 860 animals!  Over the course of almost 17 years, they have saved and helped well over 16,000 animals, averaging about 1,000 a year.

Annette Tucker is an amazing lady.  If you would like to make a donation to Wild Heart Ranch, please click here.

Annette Tucker
Annette Tucker

Jack The Goat & Charlie The Horse

A beautiful story about two unlikely friends who met at Wild Heart Ranch

At the time this story took place, Jack is a 16 year old goat. Charlie is a 40 year old horse.

They met at Wild Heart Ranch and became fast friends, spending their days together just hanging out, they just seemed to enjoy each others company.

Every day Jack and Charlie would walk up to the meadow down a trail beyond the farm yard to graze on the fresh green grass.

When Charlie lost his sight in one eye, Annette Tucker, the owner of Wild Heart Ranch thought she was going to have to have her blind horse put down out of compassion. But...

But Jack and Charlie continued to go up to the meadow every day and he seemed content and happy so she put it off.

Jack somehow seemed to know that Charlie lost his sight in the one eye and he would instinctively lead him patiently down the trail to the meadow on his sighted side.

They continued walking to the meadow every day in this way until Charlie lost sight in his other eye, becoming completely blind.

Again, somehow knowing that Charlie was without sight in both eyes now, Jack now would lead Charlie to the meadow walking straight in front of him and Charlie would follow Jack, never confusing Jack's footsteps with another animal if they walked by.

One day, Jack and Charlie were out in the field together during a microburst (sudden severe storm) and Charlie had somehow became entrapped in a group of trees that got twisted and couldn't get out, alarming Jack.

Jack ran back to the ranch, basically screaming in goat language, to have Annette follow him and he brought her straight to where Charlie was so that he could be rescued.

Annette was amazed at how this old goat knew his friend needed him and used his eyes.and she knew she would never have to worry about her blind old horse while Jack was around.

Jack and Charlie remained friends until Charlie died and was buried under the tree in the meadow where he and Jack would graze together.

When Jack saw Charlie's lifeless body, he just put his head down to say goodbye to his friend and turned and walked away and bedded down for the night.

Jack the Goat and Charlie the Horse (read the story of their friendship above)
Jack the Goat and Charlie the Horse (read the story of their friendship above)

Amy The Deer & Ransom The Dog

live at Wild Heart Ranch in Claremont, OK

Annette Tucker tells the story of Amy, a 16 year old Lone Sitka deer who lives at Wild Heart Ranch, and her relationship with a Golden Retriever, named Ransom.

It was noticed by Annette and her staff that Amy, the deer had very strong mothering instincts.  Whenever there was a new fawn (baby deer) brought to the ranch,  Amy's maternal instincts would take over.

Amy would adopt each and every orphaned baby fawn and basically teach them how to become a deer.  Her strong maternal instincts were never more apparent than when Ransom was brought to Wild Heart Ranch when he was a puppy of just six weeks old.

You see (no pun intended), Ransom was born blind and if not for Annette's ability to take him in, he would have been euthanized because  his owner could not care for him.  This is when Amy started to mother Ransom and the two became inseperable.

Happily, Ransom recently regained his eyesight because it was discovered that his blindness was caused from a nutritional deficiency.  The two remain life-long friends to this day.

Their joy in being together is evident when you see Ransom frolicking and jumping and playing with Amy and it's just a very sweet thing to see. 

The Love is Deep Between Some Animal Friends...

More cute pics!

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The Story of Kate & Pippin


Ask the animals and they will teach you about LOVE

"You're Mine!"

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Do you have a favorite animal friendship story you would like to share? - Jack and Charlie is my favorite story (above)

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    • MadeleineWrites profile image

      Madeleine Hagen 

      14 months ago from Oslo, Norway

      YES, this is just too cute to miss out on.

    • profile image

      Victoria Andreo 

      17 months ago

      The elephant and panda....bad photoshop job

    • profile image

      Victoria Andreo 

      17 months ago

      Your picture with the elephant and panda bear...are you serious ...FRIENDS???

      The elephant is miserable and the panda looks drugged. This was taken at some shabby tourist trap where people don’t don’t their

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Humans can learn so much from these animals.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I love animals .please send me your photos about animls specialy babies

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Oooooh! I saw the hippo and tortoise, aka Owen and Mzee, at Haller Park a few years ago while on vacation in Mombasa. Absolutely lovely friendship they share. If you happen to visit this part of the world, be sure to set aside a day to tour this park. It is absolutely beautiful. There are plenty of animals you will get a chance to interact with up close and personal.


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