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Jackpot no Joy?

Updated on May 27, 2015

Can You actually make money from Jackpot Joy?

The straight answer for most people with your average luck like me would be no. One of the only things I like about Jackpot Joy is the daily free games, if you can resist temptation of depositing your money into the site and gambling. By going on the daily free games every day there is a possibility you could make a small amount of money from time to time. The amount of money you can possibly earn from these daily free games would be totally luck based. At present I think you have to at least make a first time deposit of £10 to play the free games.

Joining Jackpot Joy

Joining Jackpot Joy was probably one of the most silly things I did just because I could, when I turned 18. I only did it for a little bit of fun but I quickly realised how a thing like this could be addictive. The endless amount of promotions and offers that they had they always sounded so simple. When of course really there are always the catches which you don't notice and completely decieve you.

My Jackpot Joy experience and advice

I had only one experience with a promotion and it was the refer a friend scheme and that's the only one I chose to have because after this I quit. The offer states refer a friend and earn a free £20 after your friend deposits £10. I had just left college without a job so I thought £20 free oh that sounds nice, free money!! And whilst the newbie (my friend) receives another promotion for himself getting £20 free for his first deposit of £10 on the site. I thought this sounds great £50 for the price of £10. £30 for him £20 for me. I already knew he had to gamble some of his money to reach a gambling limit to withdraw his winnings. What they don't explain well is if he doesn't reach his gambling limit you don't receive your £20 so I thought to myself this is very annoying but alright his gambling limit won't take too long to fill.

How wrong I was... He gambled all his £10 and his extra £20 bonus all of it. Not without winning little bits of money along the way and gambling them too he must of gambled a total of around 40-50 pound and his gambling limit gauge before he could withdraw only went to around 40% a complete rip off. I didn't receive a bonus for referring him either as he didn't complete his gauge 100%. My advice and what I would say to anybody considering Jackpot Joy or any gambling types for that matter is the obvious do it all in moderation or don't do it at all, don't get sucked in because that's when the real trouble and debt begins.

Online Gambling

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