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The Jack Sparrow Chronicles.

Updated on August 2, 2013

Jack Sparrow Secret File.

Earlier, we explore the backdrop possibilities of how Jack Sparrow may ended up as pirate in Pirates Of The Carribean.

In The Fountain Of Youth, we explore the possible information that would lead to the fountain of youth. Since Jack Sparrow continues his quest to search the fountain of youth, these information would be very usefull.

In the wake of Will Turner taken control of The Flying Dutchman thus live eternity.

This is an alternative path for Jack Sparrow, if he happen to discovered the Fountain of Youth and had used it to live for eternity.

This is his story, on who become, the people he touch, the important people on his eternity life and his possible future.

Have You Assume The Identity Of Jack Sparrow?

Don Juan De Marco (Circa Late 16th Century and Early 17th Century.)

In an attempt to elude the British government, Jack Sparrow fleed to Spain where he assume the identity of Don Juan De Marco, a legendary, fictional libertine whose story has been told many times by many writers.

It is not known why he had use this alias. One possible reason would be Jack Sparrow had read The first, recorded tale of Don Juan, El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra (The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest) by Tirso de Molina.

His gullable attitude, flamboyant dress-up and humor had made him famous among the aristocrat woman. It is during this time Jack Sparrow met Richard Byron, the great great grandfather of, George Gordon Byron, who wrote the famous play, Don Juan.

He love this alternate persona so much in the late 20th century, as Don Juan, Jack Sparrow helped Dr. Jack Mickler to rekindles the romance in his complacent marriage.

While it's not confirm, it has been said that Jack Sparrow wrote the unpublished biography of his alternate persona which may lead or used as basis for Don Juan playright by Lord Byron the 6th.

As Don Juan, he may had created the famous French Kiss which widely available and being taught worldwide through this video.

John Wilmot, 2nd Earl Of Rochester (Circa 1640 to 1680)

With so much heat happen in Spain and rumour speculating around that Jack Sparrow had an illicit affair with the grand daughter of the royal family, Jack Sparrow fled Spain to England.

In England, Jack Sparrow assume the identity of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl Of Rochester and be friend of King Charles II. He married an heiress, Elizabeth Malet, but had many mistresses, including the actress Elizabeth Barry.

From this marriage, Jack Sparrow get four children

  1. Charles Wilmot, 3rd Earl of Rochester (Christened 2 January, 1670/71 - 12 November 1681)

  2. Anne Wilmot
  3. Elizabeth Wilmot (Christened 13 July 1674 - 1 July 1757)
  4. Malet Wilmot(Christened 6 January 1676 - 13 January 1709)

His new passion for writing had landed Jack into a confrontation with King Charles II. In one of his playwright, he wrote a satyr which critised the king as obsses with sex. Charles reacted by briefly exiling Jack from the court.

This incident mark the downfall of Jack Sparrow. Following the late night club fight in which one of assistant killed by pike-thrust, Jack Sparrow briefly went underground, impersonating a quack physician, "Doctor Bendo."

He claimed skill in treating "barrenness," i.e. infertility but was "not without success", implying his intercession of himself as surreptitious sperm donor.

Back To Crime Life (Circa 1700 - 1740).

Following his failure, Jack Sparrow back into the crime business. Not much information gathered during this period.

On some encounter, merchant who sail at Atlantic Sea during the period of Pirate Golden Era whom had an encounter with Captain Blackbeard had described an individual that fit the description of Jack Sparrow work as one of his right arm man.

But based on the information found on Scotland Yard, one of the accomplices in the highwayman daylight robbery in 1737 fit the description of Jack Sparrow. It has said that during this time Jack meet Richard (Dick) Turpin and Tom King, the famous english highwayman couple.

One day, while visiting a pub, they were recognised and in the chaos that followed Turpin accidentally shot King with his pistol. King was arrested but Turpin and Jack manage to fled. But he died, he manage to gave the location of their hideout. However Turpin had fled to York and force Jack Sparrow to remain hidding until 1839 when his involvement with The Opium War.

Shortly after Turpin fled to York, he was arrested based on anonymous tip-off believe to be from Jack Sparrow.Notes and case files on Dick Turpin and Tom King were found many years after the death of Inspector Frederic Abberline,who handle Jack The Ripper case.

The sea live, swashbuckling and danger can't be separated from Jack Sparrow. It was not known how and when did Jack Sparrow first pre-involvement in both opium war. This mark Jack Sparrow involment in the arms of law.

Kapten Jack Sparrow (1861-1865) and Inspector Frederick Abberline (1875-1892).

As The Opium War ended, Jack Sparrow travel back to United States under the name Ichabod Crane and residing in Tarry Town, New York. He may had got the idea of using this alias from Washington Irving the author for "The Legend Of Sleppy Hollow". During this decades, Jack Sparrow had involved in one historical event and had meet with one most influential person that shape his future career as law enforcement.

American Civil War - 1861-1865

During the war, Jack Sparrow served under the Union flag as Kapten Jack Sparrow. He fought side by side General Ulysses S. Grant and live to see the the surrender of Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House, in 1865.

After the war, Jack Sparrow continue to residing in Tarry Town, New York and work as a teacher.

Acquaintance with Arthur Conan Doyle - circa 1876

In 1875, Jack Sparrow move to Edinburg, England and live in the town of Aston (now a district of Birmingham) and assume the alias, Frederick Aberline. As Frederick Aberline, Jack Sparrow enlist into the London Metropolitan Police on January 5, 1870 and gradually promoted to the rank of Inspector First-Class in Febuary 9, 1888 on which he incharge on the investigation of Jack The Ripper.

Conan Doyle was studying medicine at the University of Edinburg and working as Medical Apprentice in Aston. They had meet in one of the function organise by Aston Agnostic Community. Both share the same passion toward literature and writing.

Conan Doyle work on Sherlock Holmes, which firstly appeared in A Study In Scarlet had a great influence on Jack Sparrow. The character first appeared in in Beeton's Christmas Annual for 1887.

It is said that Jack Sparrow inspirational motivation to became a police officer and methos of solving crime came derived from Sherlock Holmes character from Conan Doyle writing.

Richard D'Oyly Carte - Theatrical impresario and real estate investor (1901 - 1934).

Jack Sparrow travel under the name Richard D'Oyle Carte, a thetrical impresario and real estate investor. He made a fortune during the depression era where he bought a lot of real estate at rock bottom price. There are two main event happen during this decades.

Acquaintances With J.M. Barrie

Jack Sparrow get to know J.M. Barrie through his friend, Co

Some Gift To Stay Young Forever - Our Lovable Peter Pan

Some Gift To Stay Young Forever - May Be Become A Pirate

Present - Dean Corso

Jack Sparrow currently work as a rare-book dealer in New York whose only motivation is financial gain (as usual) under the name of Dean Corso.

A wealthy book collector Boris Balkan hires Jack to authenticate The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows, a book by 17th century author Aristide Torchia, one of only three surviving copies, now in Balkan's possession.

Little that Balkan know, the character of Torchia is possibly based on the life of Giordano Bruno, burned as a heretic in 1600.

Jack Sparrow had met with Giordani Bruno during his pirate day and Giordano Bruno work had indirectly help Jack Sparrow in the search of Fountain Of Youth.
Bruno work on the cosmology and how the earth, moon and sun work had fascinated Jack. It is not known under what circumstances Bruno involved, but it is said that Bruno was the one who translate the coordinate of The Fountain Of Youth.

The book contains nine engravings which, when correctly deciphered and the interpretations properly spoken, are alleged to raise the Devil. Balkan suspects the book may be a forgery, and hires Jack to travel to Europe, assess the other two known copies, discover whether any are genuine, and if so, acquire them for Balkan at any cost.

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What others possibilities Jack will involved with?

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