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Rising violence in Youngsters

Updated on July 29, 2012

The gruesome massacre of 20th July in Colorado during the screening of Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' is a living evidence of the influence visual media plays in our daily life. It is well known that the first proper verbal communication is done by human being by imitating the ones surrounding us, as was stated by a famous philosopher Aristotle. There are always binary opposition pairs which direct all of us. For every piece of 'kindness' there is binary opposite 'cruelty'. Depending on the environment both get due attention by the so called good or bad beings.

In the era bygone when audio and audio-visual media was not invented as yet, imitation was basically by just observing the people who we interacted with in our day to day life. Yes violence existed at that time too; but it was at a different level. There were few eccentric people whose violence was unparalleled in history. Who can forget Hitler, Stalin or even Saddam Hussein. But these were made in different mould. Their main motive was ambition to conquer vast territory, or suppress the people of territory and rule the country. However if we come across today's violence it could be easily discerned that it is altogether at different level. The younger generation in their early 20's or 30's is becoming more and more violent. Their motive is not to rule the territory or plunder anyone's wealth. They seek violence just for the heck of it. They get thrill out of it. When they watch any action movies they try to ape the actors' stunts in spite of knowing that it's only the acting and not reality. The generation which resort to this kind of brutal vilonce is well educated and also is not psychic or eccentric. They look and behave like any other normal person. This is where we need to think of Freud's exposition on suppressed emotions. Years ago Freud wrote about individual's emotions which when suppressed give vent in person's dreams. If as a child an individual has undergone some incident, which remains in the recess of his mind, and has become like a dormant volcano, it is bound to come back at some later stage whenever the circumstances become favourable for the person undergoing these emotions.

In any of the cases of rape, murder or stealing, if we study the individual's psychology we can get to know different facets of that person. It is well said that a person is not born as bad or good, but circumstances make him either kind or cruel. When educated youngsters resort to committing suicide, this is not the sign of weakness, but some internal fear which they have not been able to remove, and due to which at some stage succumb to the pressure exerted by pent up emotions. The recent incident of Colorado mass killing by James Holmes can surely fall into this category. When an educated person who tries to imitate 'Joker' from Batman was definitely well aware of his actions, but still couldn't resist himself from committing this heinous act due to some inner desire, which was with him for all these years. Is there a way out of this? Should innocent people suffer and be victim of the callous act of these youngsters for no fault of theirs? Definitely not; there is a solution and it is with us. In our postmodern era, when the younger generation is way ahead of us in terms of knowledge, smartness and all other aspects, the old fashioned rules of controlling the children should be discarded. Today's generation does not like rules, control or any other obligation which comes in their way of freedom. If as parents we can adapt ourselves to this new situation, and converse in a friendly manner with our kids, rather than becoming autocratic and demanding obedience from him it would surely work. The same rules and regulations could be conveyed in a subtle manner, by way of educating them and not by way of imposing rules on them. The danger of their actions should be made known to them in an indirect way so that they won't feel that the discourse was directed to them. Otherwise they will take it as a lecture and will not pay any heed to it . A lot can happen over coffee or even a meal with your kids, if the change comes from within ourselves.


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