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James Cameron's Avatar | Talk and Look Na'vi

Updated on July 12, 2014

Wear a Tee and Talk Na'vi!

The beautiful images created in James Cameron's Avatar are breathtaking and delightful. You can wear them as a declaration to your own passion for Jake and Neytiri or the world of Pandora. This lens shows you some of the great T-shirts for toddlers, kids and adults, about the closest we'll get to being Na'vi (except in our dreams!)

And just for fun....answer the poll if the Na'vi have 3 or 4 fingers!

FREE BONUS! Get your free Na'vi Language handbook and start talking Na'vi! It's somewhere on this where did I put it??

Do the Na'vi have 3 or 4 Fingers?

See results

All Avatar T-shirts 45-65% Off

Officially Licensed Tee Shirts for Avatar

Officially licensed images are the best for quality and true images. All of the T-shirts featured here are from officially licensed merchandisers. I like that they are black because the images really pop out!

Stunning Images From Avatar

Stunning Images From Avatar
Stunning Images From Avatar

Avatar Hometree Hand Tee - Featuring the famous Na'vi Hand

The Na'vi were dreamed up by James Cameron, before he made Titanic. Na'vi are 10 feet tall, blue, have 4 fingers, tails, and cat like ears. They move in a graceful fluid, cat like way. Completely at one in their Pandora landscape, perhaps one of the most intriguing things about the Na'vi is the long bundle of nerves encased in a central braid. This nerve bundle is used to link up or hook up to other animals and experience animal to Na'vi mental communication.

All Tee's are bioluminescent just like in the movie! This Tee is 100% cotton and 45% off.

Jake Sully T-Shirt

Jake Sully T-Shirt
Jake Sully T-Shirt

Jake Sully Tee for Adults - Jake Sully as a Na'vi

Jake Sully is a quadriplegic exmarine who volunteers for the scientific experiment of taking on a Na'vi body and learning more about their tribe. The immediate rush for Jake is to be able to run, jump and move with his legs again. The process that he goes through as he learns about honoring life was one part of the movie I paricularly liked. The good news is we'll get to see him in 2 more sequels! Which is probably making Sam Worthington, the Australian actor who played Jake Sully pretty happy...he was on the verge of living in his car just before he got the job.

Beautiful Neytiri Women's T-Shirt

Beautiful Neytiri Women's T-Shirt
Beautiful Neytiri Women's T-Shirt

Neytiri T-shirt for Teenagers and Women - Neytiri, princess of the Na'vi

What a woman! Fighting and leading her tribe, Neytiri is a great role model for all of us. Zoe Saldana the actress for this part, spent two years learning the Na'vi language, how to move, ride a horse and shoot a bow and arrow. I've been following the conversations in different forums and the men are the biggest romantic Neytiri fans of all time. Put on one of these Tees with Neytiri and watch the guys fall in love with you!

This Tee comes in blue in junior and lady sizes.

The Avatar Neytiri Feather Frame Navy Juniors/Ladies T-shirt Tee
The Avatar Neytiri Feather Frame Navy Juniors/Ladies T-shirt Tee

100% soft cotton and slim fitting.

Sizes are small, medium large and x-large for Juniors/ladies


Home Tree in Pandora

Home Tree in Pandora
Home Tree in Pandora

The Pandoran Home Tree T-Shirt for Adults - Who doesn't have a dream of living in a tree house?

This clever design, also luminescent like all the other Avatar Tee's, features the Pandoran Home Tree with a Na'vi face. The Home Tree was the home of Neytiri's clan. It was a huge tree that they lived inside of. When one of the members of the clan became a warrior, he/she got to make a bow from one of the Home Tree's branches. Unfortunately the Home Tree sat on top of a mineral called Unobotanium that the humans wanted. The humans solution was pretty drastic...kill the Na'vi and cut down the Home Tree. The metaphor of course, is to our own rainforests that we are cutting down. Buy this Tee and show your support for preserving our own Earth.

Avatar Saving The Planet Youth T-Shirt

Avatar Saving The Planet Youth T-Shirt
Avatar Saving The Planet Youth T-Shirt

Avatar T-shirts for Youth - Save a planet, ride a Banshee!

Avatar truly has something for every age. The animals in this movie are reminiscent of dinosaurs, which kids love, but then there's also a Direhorse that many fans think is the ticket! The Na'vi could work with any of the animals by connecting their neural hair braids in with the neural hair braids of the animals. Here, Jake Sully is flying in the skies, on his Banshee. A stirring tale that your kids are going to be fans of for a long time.

If Your Kids Loved Avatar Inspire Them to Read! - Avatar books for toddlers, youth, and teens

These books were written especially for the younger market. Like Harry Potter, Avatar will inspire kids to read through these great stories. I wouldn't take a child up to the age of 7 to see the movie as there's a lot of violence, but they'll love the images and toys from the movie.

Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora (James Cameron's Avatar)
Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora (James Cameron's Avatar)

For teenagers (and ages 8-12 who are avid Avatar fans and who want to stretch their reading skills).


Toddler Avatar T-Shirts

Toddler Avatar T-Shirts
Toddler Avatar T-Shirts

Toddler Avatar T-Shirts - Flying on a Thanator!

Battle on! Kids seem to love a good fight, especially when the good guys win!

Get Your Young Avatar Fan Action Figures - You'll be the world's best mom and/or dad!

When James Cameron does something he wants to be cutting edge. Even these action figures are different from your normal ones. Each Avatar action figure comes with an i-Tag that can be scanned into the computer, providing a whole new level of play. These truly are different action figures then anything out there. Part dinosaur, part transformer, kids love them.

Here's Your Bonus! Learn to Speak Na'vi! - A Free Na'vi Language Booklet

James Cameron used Na'vi in his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. This language consists of about 400-500 words and an entirely different structure than any other language. The whole family can have fun learning to speak Na'vi to each other (while wearing your T-shirts!). It's good for the brain to learn new things!

I loved the bioluminescent scenes...they were really beautiful with all the blue overtones.

What did you love about James Cameron's Avatar?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This review is from: Zildjian Black Classic T-Shirt Xl (Electronics) The shirt is good quliaty and the price is right. There isn't a lot more to say. Great seller, good price.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I first saw this movie at the Cinesphere. The huge screen, the fact this is about a true story, it was very paalpble! To see it in 3D would have even more dramatic impact I think. Yes, I would go to see it in 3D.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The Na'vi are almost identical to the images of the "Cat People" depicted in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egyptian tombs and burial sites. The cat like faces, the ears, feline snout, tall lithe bodies, and the tail! Did James Cameron see these images and use that tangent for his Na'vi people??

      Whatever he did, I don't care, I love the Na'vi unconditionally and would be one of them in a heart beat!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The design for the Na´vi (one of the most beautiful fictional aliens I've seen), the landscapes and beautiful scenery. And the exciting fight between good and evil.

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      8 years ago from Canada

      I enjoyed Avatar and it was beautiful; lensrolled to my movie review of Avatar.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i just love the idea of avatar

    • ZenandChic profile image


      8 years ago

      I have not seen it. The shirts look cool though!


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