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Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Updated on February 26, 2015

Finding Christian Grey

It was either Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder for me. So when I heard that another actor has been cast as the infamous Christian Grey, I was a bit disappointed. After which I opted to search for the picture of the chosen one - Jamie Dornan. At first sight I was not convinced that he could pull it off. But after further research about his credentials and willingness to do everything for the role, I opted to give him a chance.

When the first movie photo was revealed, I had no doubt in my mind that he is fitting for the role. He may not have the features of my favored actors but he has a certain charisma that I can equate to Mr. Grey. I just hope he can bring this certain character into the movie and deliver a commendable performance. So until then, we will just have to wait and see.

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Who is Jamie Dornan?

Jamie Dornan is a Northern Irish actor, model, and musician. His most popular roles include Axel von Fersen in Marie Antoinette (A Sofia Coppola film), Sheriff Graham Humbert in Once Upon a Time (ABC series), and Paul Spector in The Fall (BBC crime drama series). As a model, he has appeared in brand advertisements and campaigns of Armani, Calvin Klein, and Aquascutum. He used to perform in a folk band before it was disbanded in 2008.

He is married to Amelia Warner who is an actress, singer, and songwriter. Most recently, the couple has welcomed their first child.

Who is Christian Grey?

He is the male protagonist in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E. L. James. He is a billionaire, business mogul, and Seattle's most eligible bachelor. He makes women swoon with his mere presence and he knows it. Yet, it is not his character to take advantage. He patiently waits for what he desires and his every action is calculated. Hence, he usually gets what he wants. But despite all these traits, he remains sad and troubled due to an unfortunate early experience in life.

The name Christian Grey has become familiar with women all over the world. I really cannot understand the charm that this character possesses but believe me he really does make an impact. I have read a lot of romance books. But I can only count the male protagonists who has made a mark. This guy is one of those who will make you want to have your own.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

After much speculation and waiting on our part, 50 Shades of Grey The Movie has finally been released.For months, fans have been wondering

  • how the story will be played on film,
  • which scenes will be included,
  • and whether the actors and actresses will give justice to the characters.

Well, for my part, I was not impressed with the movie. The flow of the story was odd, the acting of the actors and actress seemed off, and the magic of the book didn't course in the movie. I'm not a professional when it comes to film making but I think a better script could have been made. Jamie and Dakota didn't have the chemistry. They played their characters well but they didn't click for me. And the magic that led to the phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey was not present on film.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

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