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Japanese Songs to Add Life to Your Day

Updated on June 22, 2014

Spice up your music collection!

Whether I'm working on a lens, painting a watercolor, or just zoning, I like to surround myself with Japanese music. I do it not only because I am learning the language, but because so many songs have just the right beat to perk up my day. Do you have to know what the lyrics mean? No. Part of the beauty behind a song in a language unknown comes from not knowing what the words mean. Some of the best things in life are not meant to be understood. Simply put, a great song need not be completely understood for it to add something fabulous to your day.

To introduce you to the songs which add life to my day, I created this squidoo. This focuses only on Japanese songs but I also listen to everything from Swedish to German to French music. International music is something I enjoy, so I am hoping this Squidoo will inspire you to add a little something new to your own music library!

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Shiver by the Gazette - One of my favorites

I must admit I am not always a huge fan of The Gazette BUT I do love their song Shiver. I like everything about this song except perhaps the crazy hairstyles in this music video. You should definitely see the video (lyrics are provided) and see what I mean!

Younha "Houki Boshi"

Houki Boshi is one of those songs which just makes you want to get up and move. Younha has so much life and movement in her song. Seeing her singing, you can imagine the fun she must have had performing in her music video. I love this song just because it is so much fun. Completely different from the deep harmony of Kalafina but awesome in its own way!

Younha's music video for Houki Boshi

Lia "My Soul, Your Beats!"

I was so sad to find Amazon did not have an mp3 for this song! (Try itunes). I love the singer's voice and the song itself.

Yui Goodbye Day

One of my favorite songs from the movie, Taiyou no Uta. The singer Yui plays the main character, a young girl who is a singer/songwriter struggling with a serious allergy to the sun. This song is one of the gifts she leaves behind on her incredible life journey. I love the music and the passion you can feel from Yui.

Yui, Goodbye Day

Chieko Kawabe "Sakura Kiss"

Chieko Kawabe seems like she had way to much fun making this video. I'm not exactly sure how the video actually matches up with the meaning of the lyrics. I understand the couples (as the song is about love) but the green rabbit? Hmmm. Must be a culture thing. No matter the video, the song definitely lifts the day with its energy and quick rhythm.

Suga Shikao "Juukyuusai"

Juu translates as the number ten, kyuu is the number nine, and sai is added to indicate the word is describing age. So juukyuusai means age nineteen. The song is one which ended up sticking in my head for hours on end and drove me slightly crazy for a week. Once I finally got it out of my head, I could finally appreciate it. Suga Shikao's voice is very unique compared to the usual vocal tones I hear. He is part of what makes this song so amazing.

Suga Shikao "Juukyuusai" - Sorry! I could not find a live version

This is the only version I could find which did not have a fan-made video attached. So here is Suga's song!

Girl's Dead Monster "Alchemy"

One of the strangest band names I have heard but their music is amazing. All of the performances are live with NO lip-syncing and you can tell they have a serious passion for their music. Regardless of the Dead in the band title, this music is completely full of life.

Kalafina "Kagayaku Sora no Shijima Ni Wa

Kalafina is my favorite Japanese group and the harmony their voices produce never ceases to amaze me. When I joined squidoo, I was in a serious Kalafina phase; hence, why my squidoo name is Kalafina. I have listened to Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni Wa so many times I am able to sing all the Japanese words. This is one of their most famous and one amazing song.

Kalafina, Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni Wa

Want More Kalafina? - No. I do not mean the squidoo writer.

Kalafina is one Japanese group which actually has lots of its songs available on Amazon mp3. If you liked this one, consider checking out Red Moon, Aria, or Magia. I own their cds and those are some of my favorite picks. Give it a try!

Buck-Tick "Dress"

So maybe Girl's Dead Monster is not the strangest band name, Buck-Tick just may take first for that. Despite the strange name, I found their song captivating with its strange melody and the lead singer's unique voice.

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    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 3 years ago

      Cool lens listened to all the songs i like Lia "My Soul, Your Beats!" and my fave on this list as to be Buck-Tick "Dress"

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      Great lens!!!!!