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JC de Vera Has a Crush on these Celebrity Girls

Updated on August 12, 2013

My thoughts on his revelation

It's a good move from him to transfer from TV5 (he was a former talent of GMA artist) to ABS-CBN. Recently, he decided to take an action regarding his career improvement. Here is what my opinion on these three giant TV Stations in the Philippines:

GMA 7: They are focusing mostly on their well-known stars and giving them continuous projects (projects after project).

TV5: They will pay prospect celebrities to be part of their celebrity pool. They just only started and are currently building a foundation (they seem acquired the strategy of GMA 7).

ABS-CBN: If you want to be famous not just here in the Philippines but also around the world, then you should consider this station. The only drawback is, since they have lots of homegrown talents and very versatile at the same time, the transferee should wait for their turns and projects.

Anyway, let's go back to the main focus of this article and why artists from these three stations keep on jumping when they feel their career is not lively. I hope you will enjoy reading this as I rarely write topics outside my niche. Thanks!

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JC Wanted to Be Partnered with Maja

His first crush

It's not a habit of mine to watch The Buzz every Sunday, but yesterday I happened to see his interview with Toni Gonzaga and Charlene Gonzales.

He was asked whom among from ABS-CBN stars he wanted to work with. And he had response in a minute. He answered Maja Salvador coz he admired her the first time they met.

JC Answered Kim Chiu When Asked for the Second

I smell something here.. Whatcha think?

I was shocked upon learning this as we all know that those two girls have a misunderstanding over the unnamed guy. That was the first thing that I thought of actually. I don't know if that's unintentional or he really meant it.

I don't want to conclude something about him as it is too early for that. Besides, we have no right to question his sincerity as he is out of what happened between those involved person.

JC, Do You Really Provoke Us Because of Your Last Answer?

Don't tell me it's a coincidence too

I have no grudge on this matinee actor, but the girls he enumerated has a common denominator. I'm not sure if he was instructed or ordered to do it, or as I always say, he really meant to work with them.

His third ideal leading lady is no other than Sarah Geronimo. If you remember, they worked together in a movie Hating Kapatid (but not as loveteam).

I hope he's not another user and his only intention is to enhance and improve his craft while being exposed to various artists of ABS-CBN.

He is Still Young

So he has a chance to prove himself

Toni asked how old is he (this 2013) and he responded 27. That age is still young and he has many chances to come and prove his worth to the eyes of the public. I'm not saying that no one knows him and he has no followers, but what I really meant for that is the popularity you will get when you become an ABS-CBN artist is unimaginable. It's not only limited to local but also international.

His dreams of having projects with Maja, Kim and Sarah (of course in a separate and not a joint one because it's awkward for these three to work together) are possible. All he needs is to have enough patience.

By the way, according to the report, his first project here in Channel 2 is doing a soap opera. And I think, one of his dreams has been granted.

Welcome to Kapamilya Station, JC!

Do you enjoy seeing him to be part of Lopez station?

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Thanks For The Visit! Please do come back. :-)

I provided the space below for your comments.

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