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Jenny & Tyler Acoustic Folk Pop Duo & Married Couple

Updated on February 17, 2013

Jenny & Tyler

Enchanting vocals and songwriting by this cute married couple/duo is sure to get you hooked on their blend of acoustic rock pop and folk flavor.

Their new CD "Open Your Doors" is in stores and online at iTunes and more!

Limited Time! Free Full Download of Jenny & Tyler's CD "Faint Not" + 3 New Songs!!

Jenny & Tyler are gearing up for the release of their new CD "Open Your Doors".

So their celebrating by giving their fans a gift of downloading their 2011 Full CD release "Faint Not" Plus 3 New Unreleased songs!

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Video's from Jenny and Tyler on YouTube

CD Review: "Faint Not" by Jenny & Tyler

Cover art for Faint Not
Cover art for Faint Not

Artist: Jenny & Tyler

Label: Independent/

So when I got the press release for this Duo's CD I was impressed, it didn't read like your usual press release. It was more like a letter from Jenny giving a biography about how she met her husband Tyler. A very romantic story of two college kids meeting on a bus and how they ended up leading the campus worship ministry together, practicing songs in stairwells and eventually they started dating.

So the fact that their married seems to help you understand the chemistry they have together for writing songs. Through out the entire CD on each track their voices blend and compliment each other well. The most notable track being the title song "Faint Not" with Jenny taking the lead it has a very Alison Krauss feel. With lyrics like "The problems not a gun, not a color not a hundred dollar bill, we think the struggle can be won with simple thoughts like come together, be good willed, The gap between the rich and poor is spreading out all the more so they say, we ignore the claims" you can tell their trying to open the listeners eyes up to some real social and spiritual issues we all face today.

The 11 songs on this disc range from simple acoustic ballads and hymns like "Psalm 46" to full on ensembles like "Song For You" and "Carry Me". The song "Carry Me" also features a Mac Powell from the band Third Day performing a powerful chorus.

The overall mood of the CD is a peaceful blend of acoustic rock with a light folk and country flavor mixed in. It's a great CD to listen to when you need to unwind, and the musical passion and energy Jenny & Tyler share together on this disc makes this a great CD to play for a romantic evening with your loved one.

Jenny & Tyler at the beach
Jenny & Tyler at the beach

Official Press Release







(NASHVILLE, TN) February 8, 2011--Jenny & Tyler Somers, who make up the folk-pop duo Jenny & Tyler, are solidifying themselves as ‘ones to watch’ with the release of their poetic and musically eloquent album, Faint Not. Offering lyrically rich chronicles of their faith journey as well as an honest telling of their relationship with one another, the husband and wife duo skillfully merge their individual styles into a fresh and engaging sound. Faint Not is available now on iTunes,, NoiseTrade, and

Co-produced by Paul Zimmerman-Clayton and Jenny & Tyler, Faint Not is the third release from the Nashville based duo that features their signature melodies, percussive guitar, as well as a more focused and defined sound this time around. Drawing the attention of other noted musicians, such as Don Chaffer and Third Day’s Mac Powell who offered their talents to the record, Jenny & Tyler continue to press forward as both musicians and fully independent artists.

"We really believe in this record," says Tyler. "When we began this project, we didn't know what it would become, which is, dare we say, a concept album." With Faint Not, Jenny & Tyler have managed to share deep parts of themselves in honest and engaging ways, creating a cohesive story that builds song by song throughout the album. The end result is the duo’s own story of faith and love.

Jenny & Tyler also released a music video for their song “Faint Not,” which is a rarity in the independent music world. “It’s funny, I never thought that we’d be able to make music videos,” shares Jenny. “It still amazes me that independent bands are able to accomplish so much.” Shot and edited by Nathaniel Schweinberg, the video was filmed in the middle of a snowstorm one wintery night in Nashville.

“The forecast called for three inches of snow that night, and turns out, the weather folks were right! We started shooting right around midnight and when we wrapped at 3:30am, all three inches had fallen! It was beautiful.”

The video for “Faint Not” can be seen on Jenny & Tyler’s website at

For more information on Jenny & Tyler, their upcoming shows and additional video, please visit or


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