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Jerry Maguire Movie Review

Updated on February 13, 2018

Show Me The Money!

Jerry Maguire isn't your typical romance movie.

You wouldn't think a guy who decides he wants to service his clients better would be a romantic comedy. And a movie where one of the most memorable lines is, "Show me money!"" doesn't sound like romance, but sounds like a business transaction or something sordid.

However. this movie is extremely romantic in places and will melt even the coldest of hearts.

Jerry Maguire Plot

Tom Cruise plays the role of Jerry Maguire. He's an extremely successful and popular Sports Agent to some of the biggest athlete's in the US. However, he works for a large company and doesn't have time to deal with all his clients. This means he does his best to concentrate on getting the best deals for his most successful clients and tends to ignore the smaller players on his books.

He has a sort of mid-life crisis and comes to the conclusion that the way forward for the company is for each Sports Agent to have fewer clients, therefore being able to dedicate more time to concentrate on each individuals needs. He's not shy in coming forward, and writes what is big enough to be a book and then makes the mistake of submitting it to those who own and run the corporation.

Overnight he becomes a laughing stock and is undermined by his closest associate, who takes most of his closest clients, before Jerry is asked to leave the company. Jerry makes a rousing speak about setting up his own firm, where he will follow the rules set out in his late night project. However, he fails to inspire them and only Dorothy Boyd (his secretary) played by Renee Zellweger leaves with him.

Jerry is pretty much left with one client called Rod, played by Cuba Gooding Junior. Moreover, this is his least favorite client who keeps asking Jerry to show him the money. Rod is a football player nearing the end of his career. His contract is up for renewal but no-one wants to sign him for what he believes he is worth.

Rod loves his wife and family. He and Jerry go on an emotional journey together and we get to see who these characters really are.

Meanwhile, Jerry meets Dorothy's cute son. Dorothy has always had feelings for Jerry, but he's never noticed her before. Through the trials and tribulations, feelings develop between this pair. Rod helps Jerry realize what love is and when things work out in the end, Jerry has lots of his old clients begging him to take them back.

By the end of the movie, you'll remember the iconic phrase of, "Show me the money", but hopefully you'll also remember the scene with the deaf couple in the elevator and, "You complete me", along with a desperate guy asking, "Help me, help you!"

This is a feel good movie and you really believe this couple is in love.

Jerry Maguire
Jerry Maguire

Show Me The Money,

Help Me Help You!


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      4 years ago

      yes i saw it and loved it, great review


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