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Free JibJab eCards and Videos starring You.

Updated on December 19, 2012

The most fun you can have with your face! (And the faces of your friends and family.)

JibJab is a website that lets people get a little creative and have a little fun. Using pictures that you have taken of yourself, your friends and your family you can easily create personalized (and very funny) e-cards and videos.

This lens will tell you a little about the site and also give you some lessons in how to make a good head cut-out to use in your creations.

I made a bunch of these over the Holidays for my family and sent out a few to friends as an alternative to a Christmas card. They were all well received and we all got a great laugh out of them. While you won't have full creative control over the content JibJab gives you plenty of freedom to make something fun and funny that all will enjoy.

There are free videos and eCards that you can make, so becoming a paid member isn't necessary. BUT, there are a bunch of other Vids and eCards that require a paid membership and, in my opinion, it is well worth the $12.00 for the year membership.

Members get their own account where 'heads' and videos are stored and can be accessed at your leisure and emailed to anyone you like.

If you are the creative type, and also love a good laugh and a bit of good fun, then JibJab is the website for you. read further and I'll tell you about some of my favorite videos, including Freebies and others, that you can have fun making and sending to family and friends on just about ANY occasion.

Go see them at Enjoy!

Movie Spoofs that star YOU and your friends! - In 'The Latex' (a thinly disguised parody of 'The Matrix') you and your friends 'star' as Neo, Morpheus and the g

'The Latex' JibJab video card.
'The Latex' JibJab video card.

One of my favorites, there are also many others to choose from once you're a paid JibJab Member. No need to wait for the Holidays, these videos can be personalized and sent for any occasion. Just make sure Agent Smith isn't watching when you put your Grandma's face on his body!

The Latex

Laugh them to death ! - One of my favorites is the 'Halloween Rap' video, another freebie. In this ghoulishly fun vid you and 4 of your friends or family get to

JibJab goes all out in this hilarious Halloween video starring YOU in a rapping, dancing, frightening (not really) treat.

Halloween Rapping !

SanDisk memory carsd are the BEST to protect those precious pics and vids.

The Star Wars Trilogy STARRING YOU ! Is that cool or what?! - George Lucas, unbelievably, has never pursued ANYONE for copyright infringement of his beloved spa

Star Wars JibJab Video card spoof
Star Wars JibJab Video card spoof

YOU can be Luke Skywalker and use the Force to battle Vader, kiss your sister and destroy the Death Star!

Star Wars starring YOU!

Thanksgiving funnies, hold the mashed potatoes. - The Thanksgiving Song takes a look at what the Pilgrims had to deal with back in the day before microwaves and

JibJab has many more videos and eCards for their paid Members too. ALL the Holiday fun you could want, any time of the year!

Happy Turkey Day!

Sony cameras that catch all the action!

Poking a little fun at yourself and family can be a good thing.

I think poking a little fun can sometimes, when framed right, be a good thing to break the ice, ease family tension, and calm nerves frazzled by Holiday stress. What's your opinion?

Do you think a little humorous jab in the ribs is a good thing?

Take a walk (or dance) on the wild side! - JibJab lets you put your face and the faces of 4 of your closest buds onto these ripped Chip dancers for some hot (si

Paid JibJab members will find many more dancing and singing videos on the website, ready to be personalized with YOUR heads and the faces of your family and friends.It's a great way to send something fun and different to those you love.

Nikon cameras for cool pix and great shots!

Free JibJab Holiday Video.
Free JibJab Holiday Video.

Christmas Cheer and Fun with Faces of your loved ones!

If these don't put you in the Christmas spirit your name is probably Scrooge.

With JibJab you can 'be the star' of several Holiday themed video productions simply by using faces clipped from your own pictures on your computer (or Facebook).

The templates are all set up and all that you need to do is upload your photos and digitally 'cut them out' so that only the faces of those you want in your production are visible.

While slightly difficult at first the website gives you some helpful hints and, with a little practice, you'll be making great 'heads' in no-time. Once you're done just cut and paste your heads into the video and you're done!

Jib Jab lets you send the free videos to friends but you'll have to join if you want to store your heads and videos and access them again.

Kodak Cameras let you capture those special moments, and then use them against your friends and faimily!

If you know someone who is a Scrooge this JibJab video might just change their minds. - Based on the perennial Yuletide favorite 'A Christmas Carol', YOU and yo

A Christmas carol JibJab video card
A Christmas carol JibJab video card

JibJab has a real knack for putting together funny but still poignant video spoofs and this is one of their best. YOU star as Scrooge (or maybe your crabby Uncle instead) and watch as he gets visited from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Future and Present, all of whom can be YOU or your family and friends. It's a LOT of fun and a heartwarming too. What more can you ask for at Christmas time?

A Christmas Carol

What Holiday is YOUR favorite?

We all have our favorites, but which Holiday is the best in your opinion? Mine is Christmas, what's yours?

Which Holiday is the best?

See results

Please let me know what you think of this Lens. Thanks!

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