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Who Is J. Norman Stewart?

Updated on March 5, 2013

J. Norman Stewart's Music

This lens is dedicated to J. Norman Stewart, a self-taught musician who lives in Northern California. He currently has five cd's that are available on the Web, on, Itunes, Amazon etc. His specialty is improvisational playing, and constructing music in layers. His instruments are a Schimmel concert grand piano and a Yamaha P-250 electronic keyboard. His musical influences are jazz, classical and spiritual. He enjoys performing and composing whenever possible.

John plays frequently for local events and a couple times a month at The Woodside Grill at the Gaia Shasta Resort.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - with J. Norman Stewart on piano

J. Norman's Music Bio:

Having been born in San Bernardino, CA in 1940 and coming to Glendale, a suburb of LA at the age of 1 we might consider John a native. He started piano and drawing simultaneously at the age of 5 has been doing both ever since. At the age of 12 he tried Cello for a while but quickly tired of carrying it around. Classically trained for a couple of years he found that he could hear a song and play it and since this was a lot more fun, went in this direction. He got turned on to jazz at a his first concert hearing Cal Tjader, Bud Shank and a terrific sax player that was either Stan Getz or Gerry Mulligan.

Later on his mother turned him on to an album by Errol Garner called "Concert by the Sea", recorded at Carmel, CA and he listened and leaned all of the arrangements by ear. His musical tastes were later affected by the likes of Pete Jolly, Bill Evans, and later by Kieth Jarrett. John wrote his first composition at the age of 14. It started out like a Bach fugue and turned into a full swinging tune. It had no title but was the beginning of hundreds to come. At the same time he was taking the "Famous Artists Course" from Westport, Connecticut, (You know-"Draw Me" and win an art scholar-ship- kind of thing). He used to have friends over and they would make recordings while beating on any nearby objects that might sound interesting.

At 18, he won a 1/2 tuition scholarship to Chouinard Art Institute and at 20 he began to play in clubs around town. He got his first music job by going through the local Glendale yellow pages and calling about 35 clubs. He got three auditions and landed one job at a place called the Zebra Club for $15.00 a night. Over the next few years he worked at art during the day and played different clubs at night, sometimes as far away as Newport Beach. He had a duo for a while, a trio but mostly played solo, doing as much jazz as possible. Highlights included playing with the Elliot Bros., having Gene Kruppa sit in for a set , and being asked to join a big band .

From jazz improvisation to a more classical type of improvisation was an area that intrigued him very much and in 1961 John found a 9 foot Steinway grand in an empty room and began to try some new things. He was overheard by someone and invited to play at the Brand Art Library, but was too shy to perform or perhaps this genre of music was too new to him. There was a correlation between what was happening in this music and his studies in abstract painting with Robert Irwin at Chouinard that made it very exciting. This excitement has intensified and 32 years later this still interests him. In his debut cd "Peruvian Suite" all of the music is improvised on the first track. Each subsequent track is improvised until finished. This helps to keep a freshness that rivals live performance.

Today John is semi-retired but busy creating art , music and photography. He lives with his wife Valerie in a rural part of Northern California. His plan is to eventually retire from retirement.

Milton Perlman

Great J. Norman Stewart stuff from Amazon

Songs for Valerie
Songs for Valerie

This CD was inspired by my wife, Valerie, who is an incredible woman.

Quiet Elegance
Quiet Elegance

This was intended to be very relaxing, celestial music.

Peruvian Suite
Peruvian Suite

Peruvian pipes and wind chimes accent this music. It is one of my favorites.

A Quiet Pathway
A Quiet Pathway

Here is my latest. Solo piano is on the menu here.


Three reasons to love J. Norman Stewart

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J. Norman Stewart at the Schimmel Concert Grand

John had always wanted to own a concert grand. When he turned 61 his dream came true and he bought this 7' 10" Schimmel. It was sitting next to a Bosendorfer of the same size and they had identical sound and action (both had the Renner action). The lesser known Schimmel was 1/3 the price of the the decision was easy.

J. Norman Stewart Videos - John's music and art on You Tube........

Here are some videos of John's music and art that are currently on You Tube.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      To know both music and art is a talent not many have. Thank you for sharing.