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The Best of John Lithgow Movies and TV Shows

Updated on March 30, 2011

The Versatile John Lithgow

This page is dedicated to the best movies and TV appearance of Mr John Lithgow. The mark of a great actor is his great breadth and depth of memorable works. Mr Lithgow's great range of works from his multi-faceted and layered performance in the De Palma film "Raising Cain" to his hilarious antics on "3rd Rock from the Sun". There's also his fantastic appearance on the hit TV series "Dexter" as (surprise surpise) a serial killer.

Sit back and enjoy these reviews, movies stills, trailers and more of the best of Mr Lithgow's works. 

Lithgow as Original Serial Killer

Welcome to the duel of the serial killers.

I'm sure you remember John Lithgow's fantastic performance as a complicated serial killer with multiple personality disorder in the De Palma classic "Raising Cain".

If you enjoyed watching "Loving Cain" then you'll love John Lithgow's latest outing as Arthur Mitchell, a scary serial killer that comes into the crosshairs of a very different killer in "Dexter". You see Dexter is a serial killer that hunts other killers with his cover as a blood splatter expert working for the police.

You can find out more about the series Dexter by clicking on the product image that links you to Amazon.

Lithgow in Science Fiction Movies & TV Series

Its amazing how John Lithgow can be some amazingly sinisterly scary in some iconic movies and yet be right at home playing science fiction or even side splitting comedies like in my favorite "3rd Rock from the Sun".

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