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John Lloyd, Guest in Sarah G. Live

Updated on July 19, 2013

Is the Magic Still There?

Tonight, September 9, 2012, will be the very special moment for their fans and supporters. John Lloyd visits Sarah Geronimo on the set of Sarah G. Live. But there are so many questions running in my mind.

Do we still feel the same effect and 'kilig' they brought to us before? Is the magic still there? What would be our reaction when we see them together again? Or are all of these disappeared after Sarah paired up with Gerald?

Anyway, let's see and witness their meeting again. I hope you like this article.

The image above came from showbiznest.

2 Reasons Why John Lloyd Becomes a Guest at Sarah G. Live

Know it here!

The first reason, of course and obviously, is to promote his movie with Bea, The Mistress, this September 12, 2012.

The second reason is to claim back the magic (the chemistry) he had with Sarah. The management has already started making moves to inform people that the third installment will be done and possible. It's like testing and witnessing how will people respond to their meeting after so many years of not seeing them together.

Anyway, it's only my opinion so don't take them seriously. Honestly, I'm getting excited right now coz I'm a fan of their love team too.

Does Sarah feel the spark with John Lloyd?

Or the feeling is gone..

I reviewed their past interviews before while promoting their two movies in some of ABS-CBN shows. And you know what, Sarah Geronimo had a deeper admiration to John Lloyd at that time. But the question is what about today?

Anyway, we shouldn't assume and think anything like this as of now. We should respect their personal lives and decisions in life. The only thing they should try is how to get back the care and attention of people to them. There is no problem with fans (Ashlloyds) because it is what they want in the first place. But this will be a good trial to test how strong their love team, a used to be the ultimate love team before.

Witness this one that made us fell in love in 2 movies - Miggy Montenegro meets again Laida Magtalas

My Thoughts to Ashlloyd

This is where I started liking a love team and that is in their MMK. Also, after I watched their two movies, A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life, my addiction to them is incomparable.

Anyway, so many years had been passed and now here they are again, finally finishing what they started. According to the reliable source, their third movie, which will be showed next year (2013 of March), will be the last and final installment. Of course, there are some gossips that their next project will not make it again because of so many things happened in the past. John Lloyd was put into many bad controversies and Sarah was successfully partnered with Gerald Anderson (but now, their team up is impossible to happen in the future).

How would they convince people to anticipate and look forward to their next project? A good story is the answer. They should connect it with the first and second installments. Besides, no matter what personal life John Lloyd has, all his movies became a hit and successful. I hope Sarah will do the same as before because the 'kilig' is one of the factors why a certain movie became a hit.

Anyway, let's hope for the best and see it first in the set of Sarah G. Live tonight. Since, Luis Manzano is a Kantoboys member (in which John Lloyd is a member too), I'm sure something will occur, kilig and tease from Luis for sure! So get ready to feel it!


Luis Manzano was not present so the kilig was not that high. However, it seemed that everyone enjoyed the show. =)

My Assumption is Wrong!

The magic is still there! I thought it was gone because of so many things happened in the past. I still get 'kilig' and feel the magic of their chemistry while typing this. I hope when their next movie is near, they will promote it to the fullest and fill in the expectation of their fans and supporters. Let's wait and mark March 30, 2013.

Photos and videos will be provided later. Just enjoy it!

Here's the proof of their undeniably chemistry - Check it out!

Sarah and John Lloyd Meet Again
Sarah and John Lloyd Meet Again

John Lloyd: Before, During and After the Show - Watch it exclusively here!

Pictures taken from the set - Photos credited to outrigger, Ashlloydbaldiks, Single LLoydies and others

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Here are the promised videos - From duet to question and answer portion

Here are the details of all the videos included here:

1) Sarah and John Lloyd duet ~ Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal

2) Question and Answer portion of Mag-bebe ~ Part 1

3) Question and Answer portion of Mag-bebe ~ Part 2

For clear and full exposure of AshLloyd, here's the link from Sarah Geronimo meets her box office leading man John Lloyd Cruz

A Sarah and John Lloyd Poll

Do you miss them together?

See results

The Complete Behind the Scenes - Sarah and John Lloyd Interview

I don't know if I should share these additional videos since, there are so many that have been shared already. I can't help it and I get excited after knowing this. Thanks ashlloydbaldiks, for uploading these complete videos. I hope you like it.

Thanks For The Visit! Please do come back. :-)

What will be running on your mind when these two meet again? - Share it with the world!

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