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Johnny Depp Films, Lone Ranger Movie, a Disney DVD, all a Winning Combination

Updated on December 26, 2015

My family love Johnny Depp, and the Lone Ranger movie had us all totally hooked!

Each year we buy a Disney DVD to watch during the holidays and this year we had a real treat ahead of us. Choosing a film can be quite tricky as there are three of us with different tastes. Our debates can get very heated indeed when we are choosing a movie to watch!

But this year was different because we came to a mutual decision very quickly. The Lone Ranger seemed to suit all our needs.

I am a romantic, and I enjoy scenic epics, my 13 year old son loves adventure and excitement, and my husband enjoys history and humor.

The Lone Ranger had all these aspects covered:

  • The history was dealt with by the story. It is a tale about the birth of the great railway lines that were built across America, which is an epic tale in itself. The film showed how ruthless the railway companies were in their efforts to get the job done! It shows how the natives Americans were robbed of their land and had their communities destroyed mercilessly. Some of these scene were very disturbing.
  • The romance came from the Lone Ranger himself and his wonderful white horse ‘Silver’. Armie Hammer played this part and he was perfectly cast. His tall stature, and strikingly handsome looks, contrasted with the often ridiculous things he had to do. Fabulously acted. The scenery was magnificent, and plays a very important part of the film. Most of it was filmed in Monument Valley so it was incredibly beautiful to watch.
  • The humor came from Tonto, brilliantly played by Johnny Depp. His dry sense of humor was complimented by the Lone Ranger's exasperation and frustration with the situations they found themselves in. They played off each other brilliantly.

The story is about how John Reed, a cowboy with a very strict moral code, became the Lone Ranger, and a fighter for justice in the American Old West.

The action scenes were skillfully done and extremely exciting and very funny, which you would expect from a Disney film. They were not realistic and this added to the fun. The film had a little too much violence for my taste, but my son enjoyed it, which is probably a sign of the times!

The old William Tell Lone Ranger theme music really worked well. It was sparingly used and had all the more impact when it came in at the heroic moments. It was very comical.

The film was extremely expensive to produce, ( an estimated $225 million production budget plus an additional $150 million marketing budget) mainly because of the huge railway scenes. They built six different sets, and at the end of filming each one had to be struck. They also built two enormous engines.

Although, general reviews deemed the film to be a great western, with brilliant acting, it didn't get very good reviews in the USA. Therefore it was not the big success that they needed at the box office, and the film bombed! Depp, blames the critics for this saying that they had judged the film before even having seen it.

The movie received two academy award nominations, one for best visual effects and the other for best make up and hair.

We watched it on Christmas day and we all enjoyed it very much. The film was tremendous fun, with enough serious content to make it appeal to an adult audience, and it had plenty of shootouts and horse galloping western scenes.

It's a very different Lone Ranger from the one on the TV series, which some people don't like, but if you love westerns, and you love Johnny Depp, this film is definitely for you.

Highly recommended!

Write the title of your favorite Depp film in the comment box below. Let's see which film gets the most mentions.

Here's a great kid's film that my husband and I enjoyed: Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin Read my review here.

Do you think Johnny Depp is brilliant too? Please leave a comment. Thanks for your visit.


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    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 3 years ago from Perth UK

      @goldenrulecomics: It's a bit violent -but hey what adventure film isn't these days. I haven't seen What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I'll get round to it one day given that I love Johnny! Thanks for your visit and comment.

    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 3 years ago

      I haven't see this one. My favorite Johnny Depp is a very old one: What's Eating Gilbert Grape?