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Joyful Noise

Updated on February 12, 2015

"Dream A Whole Lot Louder!"

What do you think would happen if you put the long reigning queen of Country music, Dolly Parton, and soul diva, Queen Latifah together in a musical comedy movie? You'd get a Joyful Noise, that's what would happen!

We've seen the movie a few times now as a family (yes, even my teenage son) and we bought the DVD too. This movie has a little something for everyone. Unless you're a hardened cynic, you won't be able to help but cheer for the Divinity Church Choir, for young love, for old love, for love renewed and for the sheer thrill of competition.

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Joyful Noise Trailer

"Joyful Noise" - A Review

My spouse is a country music fan (and, quite frankly, a fan of only country music...). I love all forms of music. My teenage son is a hard rock/heavy metal fan. We all enjoyed the overall plot of this movie and two of us greatly enjoyed the music. In fact, my son actually liked the music too, because the movie involved teenagers like himself in situations that were entirely plausible to him.

The movie has a simple plot that has been panned by some "other" critics as too loose or too formula. I would say to them that it's really all about the music anyway and the plot is just the vehicle to make it make sense as it winds between songs. If you've seen the "Sister Act" movies with Whoopie Goldberg as a choir directing nun, then you will totally get what I'm saying about the plot. And, if you liked those movies, you'll like this one. If you like the television show "Glee!", you'll also be happy with the plot and pacing of this movie.

This isn't high art and it isn't meant to be. It's just fun and entertaining. Sorry critics!

Favorite Quotes:

"She's looking at him like I look at cake." ~ Ge Ge to Vi Rose (Parton to Latifah)

The Cast of "Joyful Noise"

The Choir from "Joyful Noise"
The Choir from "Joyful Noise"

* Queen Latifah as Choir Director Vi Rose Hill

* Dolly Parton as Choir Member, Church Benefactor, and Vi Rose Hill Rival, G.G. Sparrow

* Keke Palmer as Choir Member and Daughter to Vi Rose, Olivia Hill

* Jeremy Jordan as Grandson to G.G., Boyfriend to Olivia and wannabe Choir Member, Randy Garrity

* Dexter Darden as Vi Roses' Son with Asperger's Syndrom, Walter Hill

* Courtney B. Vance as Church Pastor, Dale

Supported by:

* Jesse L. Martin as Marcus Hill, husband to Vi Rose and father to Olivia and Walter

* Kirk Franklin as rival choir director, Baylor Sykes

* Kris Kristofferson as G.G.'s late husband

and several more as members of the choir.

Favorite Quotes:

""Jesus said 'Suffer the little children." "Let's beat them. They're young, they'll get over it!" ~ Vi Rose Hill (Queen Latifah)

The Quote Conservative Critics Hate

Critics don't like the quote above that comes near the end of the movie. Many find it to be a misappropriation of a Bible verse.

I feel that the critics take it out of context. Vi Rose was attempting to illustrate a point to motivate her choir who felt they were being hamstrung by what their pastor thought was an appropriate presentation.

Watch the movie and then tell us if you agree.

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What did you think of this "Suffer the little children" quote?

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Buy The Joyful Noise DVD from

Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton star in the Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures' movie "Joyful Noise," a funny and uplifting story filled with music, hope, and love.

From Warner Brothers:

"The small town of Pacashau, Georgia, has fallen on hard times, but the people are counting on the Divinity Church Choir to lift their spirits by winning the National Joyful Noise Competition. The choir has always known how to sing in harmony, but the discord between its two leading ladies now threatens to tear them apart. Their newly appointed director, Vi Rose Hill (Latifah), stubbornly wants to stick with their tried-and-true traditional style, while the fiery G.G. Sparrow (Parton) thinks tried-and-true translates to tired-and-old.

Shaking things up even more is the arrival of G.G.'s rebellious grandson, Randy (Jeremy Jordan). Randy has an ear for music, but he also has an eye for Vi Rose's beautiful and talented daughter, Olivia (Keke Palmer), and the sparks between the two teenagers are causing even more heat between G.G. and Vi Rose.

If these two strong-willed women can overcome their differences and find a common voice, they-and their choir-may make the most joyful noise of all." ~ Warner Brothers

More Video Clips from the Movie

The "Joyful Noise" Soundtrack

Almost all the hits from the movie! The only "song" missing is the rendition of the T-Pain song, "I'm In Love With a Stripper" sung by Walter and Randy during a piano lesson between the two. Given that it's hardly in keeping with the overall theme of the movie (even though it made sense in its place in the plot), it's completely understandable that it was left off the soundtrack!

Joyful Noise: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Joyful Noise: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

With this soundtrack, you get great song and dance numbers just as they were performed in the movie like "Not Enough" and the "Higher" medley that was sung in the competition scene.


If you've seen "Joyful Noise", please tell us what you loved about the movie. We'd love to hear what your favorite scene was.

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