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Julie and Julia, a beautiful movie

Updated on June 25, 2014

Julie and Julia is an American culinary drama. It is a visual treat for all those who love food and is based on the real life stories of two women. This film has the credit of being the first motion picture based on a blog.The movie won a lot of awards from the critics circle. Meryl Streep simply woos us with her charisma. 

The story is about two ladies in different time frames with one of them being a food legend and the other being an ordinary woman. Julia Child is an American woman who moves to France with her husband on an official transfer for her husband.As a bored housewife who has nothing to do other than look after her husband, she tries her hand at a few hobbies like language lessons and hat making classes. But they do not occupy her for long. She comes up with the plan of attending the cooking classes at the famed Cordon Bleu. Little does she know that it would change her life. She falls in love with the french cooking styles and recipes. She tries to make the Americans realize the beauty of French cuisine by writing a book.Julie Powell is a woman who is unhappy with her job and life in general. She loves food and from her inspiration from Julia's life, she decides to blog about her experience about making at least one special Julia recipe everyday for a year. She marks 524 recipes to be completed by 365 days. It gives her a sense of purpose and increases her self-esteem.

Does she complete what she set out to do? How does Julia change another woman's life for the better is the rest of the movie. Meryl Streep as Julia Child does an excellent performance as the woman who has the vision and determination to bring the real art of cooking to America. Amy Adams as Julie perfectly portrays the subdued urban woman. Though the lives of two women are shown in parallel you can't help but feel Julie's connection with cooking as a game changer to her otherwise ordinary life.

I'm new to the French food but from what I have seen in the movie, their food is absolutely tempting. The movie has all elements of food, love and friendship and the screen play is seamless. It is worth a watch for the efficiency of its actors and its down-to-earth story line. Mature actors like Streep and Tucchi make the whole journey delicious.

Who is the real Julia?

She was a chef, author and a TV personality. She was born in California. She worked for the Office of Strategic Services where she met her husband Paul Child. Paul had a refined taste in high dining and introduced his wife to fine cuisine. 

"Tasting that first meal at Rouen was a culinary opened up the soul and spirit for me." (Julia Child to the New York times)

In the 70s and the 80s she appeared in a lot of TV shows. In 1981, Julia founded The American Institute of Wine and Food.

Julia was always criticized by health conscious people for her generous use of ingredients like cream and butter. Here was her thought on the subject:

"Everybody is overreacting. If fear of food continues, it will be the death of gastronomy in the United States. Fortunately, the French don't suffer from the same hysteria we do. We should enjoy food and have fun. It is one of the simplest and nicest pleasures in life."

The boeuf bourguignon was Child's favorite dish. It was beef stew in red wine.

Julia's kitchen with its iconic pots and pans was at display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. It was designed by her husband.

In 1995, she established The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and Culinary Arts as a charitable foundation.

In 2000, she received the French Legion of Honor. She was also awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom. She died two days before her ninety second birthday due to kidney failure.

A golden butter colored rose is named in her honor in the United Kingdom.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

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