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20 Jurassic Park Trivia Questions

Updated on June 15, 2015

Jurassic Park was a pretty amazing movie to be created, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, with so much wonder surrounding the who dinosaur era on Earth and with so little actually known, it kinda gave us a look into the “what could have beens” about that point in time!

So you call yourself a fan? Jurassic Park trivia will certainly put your brain to the test, mainly about the very first Jurassic Park film made, the one that started it all. With these fun questions, you will be able to see just how much you actually paid attention!

Jurassic Park Quiz

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Jurassic Park Trivia Questions

  1. What year was the first Jurassic Park film released?
    • a. 1990
    • b. 1992
    • c. 1993
    • d. 1995
  2. Who was the director of Jurassic Park?
    • a. Michael Bay
    • b. Steven Spielberg
    • c. James Cameron
    • d. Peter Jackson
  3. Where was Jurassic Park filmed?
    • a. California
    • b. Florida
    • c. Hawaii
    • d. Both a and c
  4. Which film does not feature a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the movie's logo?
    • a. Jurassic Park
    • b. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    • c. Jurassic Park 3
    • d. Jurassic World
  5. Where is Jurassic Park located?
    • a. Isla Nublar
    • b. Ursa Major
    • c. Kure Atoll
    • d. Kuril Islands
  6. Who was the founder and CEO of bioengineering company InGen, and the creator of Jurassic Park?
    • a. Edward Ashford
    • b. John Hammond
    • c. Walter Bishop
    • d. Dr. John H. Watson
  7. How many times does he use the phrase "Spared no expense"?
    • a. 2
    • b. 5
    • c. 7
    • d. 10
  8. What did scientists extract dinosaur DNA from?
    • a. Fossilized dinosaur eggs
    • b. Dinosaur teeth
    • c. Dinosaur bone marrow
    • d. Mosquito preserved in amber
  9. How are the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park kept from breeding?
    • a. They are all female.
    • b. They are all male.
    • c. The females are kept on one side of the park, and the males on the other.
    • d. They were engineered with no reproductive organs.
  10. How is it that the dinosaurs were able to reproduce?
    • a. They got out of their separated areas and bred.
    • b. During cloning, the DNA was mixed with that of a frog who has the ability to change gender.
    • c. A greedy employee tried to breed his own dinosaurs, but was unable to contain them.
    • d. Dinosaurs from a secondary test site, Isla Sorna, were accidentally introduced into the population.
  11. A dinosaur was discovered ill during a tour, what kind of dinosaur was it?
    • a. Stegosaurus
    • b. Gallimimus
    • c. Triceratops
    • d. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  12. What caused the dinosaur to become ill?
    • a. It ate poisonous plants found in the exhibit.
    • b. It had a genetic illness caused by flawed cloning.
    • c. It had an infection caused by an attack from another dinosaur.
    • d. It was pregnant.
  13. What is the job of Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum?
    • a. Paleontologist
    • b. Historian
    • c. Mathematician
    • d. Lawyer
  14. Who was Dennis, the computer programmer, related to?
    • a. Dr. Alan Grant
    • b. Dr. Ellie Sattler
    • c. Dr. Ian Malcolm
    • d. John Hammond
  15. What did Dennis use to conceal the stolen dinosaur embryos?
    • a. a can of whipped cream
    • b. a can of shaving cream
    • c. a coffee thermos
    • d. a can of soda
  16. Finish this quote: "Ah ah ah..."
    • a. "I don't think so!"
    • b. "You didn't say please!"
    • c. "What's the password?"
    • d. "You didn't say the magic word!"
  17. Who was eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex while sitting on a toilet?
    • a. Donald Gennaro, the lawyer
    • b. Robert Muldoon, the game warden
    • c. Dennis Nedry, the computer programmer
    • d. Ray Arnold, the control center operator
  18. What type of dinosaurs stalked the children, Lex & Tim, in the kitchen?
    • a. Velociraptor
    • b. Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • c. Dilophosaurus
    • d. Microraptor
  19. What does the banner that falls in front of the Tyrannosaurus Rex read?
    • a. "Welcome to Jurassic Park!"
    • b. "An adventure 65 million years in the making!"
    • c. "When Dinosaurs Ruled the World"
    • d. "Terror will never be extinct!"
  20. As the group flees Jurassic Park in a helicopter, what type of bird is seen flying over the water?
    • a. Seagulls
    • b. Pelicans
    • c. Cranes
    • d. They weren't birds, they were pterodactyls.


Answer Key

c. June 11th, 1993
b. Steven Spielberg
d. Both a and c, California and Hawaii
c. Jurassic Park 3 featured a spinosaurus
a. Isla Nublar
b. John Hammond
b. 5
d. Mosquito preserved in amber
a. They are all female
b. During cloning, the DNA was mixed with that of a frog who has the ability to change gender
c. Triceratops
a. It ate poisonous plants found in the exhibit.
c. Mathematician
d. John Hammond
b. a can of shaving cream
d. "You didn't say the magic word!"
a. Donald Gennaro, the lawyer
a. Velociraptors
c. "When Dinosaurs Ruled the World"
b. Pelicans

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the trivia and score yourself, are you pleased with how well you actually did, or are you left feeling like you need a Jurassic Park movie marathon and retake the test? Whatever the case, I’d probably still watch the movies over again because they are awesome!

Jurassic World Trailer


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