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just riding

Updated on September 13, 2014

jus riding.


through the winds.

me myself and i.

my best friends.

wanna look back in the winds.

but refuse to take a glance.

of the past.

cruising in 1st place.

you speeding in last.

you about to crash.

into sorrow.

you going up against the tomorrow.

yo girl i will borrow.

cause you can have her back.

got ya girl sweating like she been running track.

she say she she like my mack.

she like it when i smack.

im hitting from the back.

aint giving her no slack.

she got a shifting rack.

she say da pipe you lack.

so ima giv her that.

and when I'm done you can have her back.

yo girl say you smoke.

call me if you need sack.

girls all over me like nats.

never bang without a jimmy hat.

cuz you gone be looking real sour.

when your egg don't hatch.

when yo bird fly.

when you can't get high.

man I'm truth.

you boys are lies.

run run run

as fast as you can.

I'm trying to be the man.

make yo girl my fan.

spinning like a fan.

black man.

with a plan.

its a scary site.

so different from the world.

yea i might bite.

my power and my might.

encourages me fight.

press towards the light.

of the greats

I'm tired of f... and fakes.

y'all eating aint even save a plate.

but thats ok.

ill jus get mine from your mates.

have them take me on date.

I'm eating what you just ate.

da p... on my dinner plate.

ion get tired like kevin gates.

she came first

i arivved late.

roll some trees.

and get baked.

outside chilling by the lake.

I'm comfortable first 1st place.

you think you gone take my place.

you struggling and last place.

im cooling with your girl at yo place.

taking yo trees to the face.

you be blowing good boy i gotta say.

i got trees that be stanking out the safe.

sword gun and a can of mase.

gotta keep my empire safe.

stay humble and never change.

good vibes when they speak upon name.

spitting fire call me boogy hot flame.

play it right the worlds just a game.

and I'm winning.

running past you.

church suit all linen.

call me steve harvey.

brihgting up the day.

its a new morning.

chase money day after day.

its my routine.

trying to get this paper gotta look mean.

chasing after glory.

a success fein.

couldn't even tell you.

what failure means.

but pour the lean.

pass the green.

so faithful.

stress is unseen.

success is in my jeans.

pockets full of hope.

and drive.

world is a game of stay alive.

and strive.

for whatever makes you get up.

dreams only become reality when you don't give up.

the crew got that thing tucked.

no pressure jus letting you know don't get buck.

if you don't get hit.

you got the best of luck.

tired of y'all running a muck.

im coming with the moving truck.

take your hopes and dreams.

just pack them up.

you don't wanna leave well you better duck.

suppress fire on you boys.

cuz im not looking.

fishing when i take ya chick.

yea I'm hooking.

pass me the hookah but you gotta burn trees.

i guess you aint find it funny.

when i sent da pic of yo girl on her knees.

so you mad now huh?

well excuse me.

my thoughts i giveth ye.

i hope a picture you will see.

try to speak with imagery.

real world.

get out yo imaginary.

you aint timmy turner.

where yo yo fairys.

possess a lot of drugs.

but i never carry.

piped one time.

now she wanna get married.

can't do it if she scary.

knock it out ali.

maybe mike tyson.

or joe frazier.

step in the bed wit me sure to amaze ya.

when I'm done leave you paralyzed.

male medusa you gone come when you look in my eyes.


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