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J-Pop - J-Rock and K-Pop

Updated on April 2, 2012
Nana Kitade
Nana Kitade

J-Pop Japanese Music

I decided to write this hub since a friend of mine stated that she was a big fan of 'J-Pop and K-Pop' music and I had heard of Japanese Pop music but I wanted to know why it was so appealing to Westerners because we cannot understand the lyrics.

Since many of the artists are obscure to English speaking viewers and only the really popular ones get noticed, I decided to do some research on Youtube and Flickr and I managed to find some pretty good fan photos and a variety of J Pop, J-Rock and Korean musicians.

I liked the look of Nana Kitade for obvious reasons (pictured to the right), she is famous for creating theme tunes for Anime movies like 'Full Metal Alchemist' and was also part of a German pop band 'Loveless'.

I could actually listen to her music because she has talent, she grew up wanting to be a singer and learning the piano, she then later learned guitar from another famous Japanese musician called Ringo Sheena.

Photo courtesy of puuikibeach



Danceroid is a electronic based pop music from Japan and after researching I discovered the 3 main female members are called Ikura, Kozue and Minka. I must admit I wasn't particularly impressed by this music because I feel it is too manufactured and basically includes 'simplistic' feel good phrases and routine dances similar to that seen by groups like S-Club 7 and N-Sync.

Photo courtesy of coolmikeol


T-Max K-Pop

T-Max is a Boy Group from South Korea, basically the Korean version of the Backstreet Boys and nothing more, nothing less. I am not a big fan of this kind of manufactured K-Pop which is designed to appeal to a large fan-base comprising of screaming teenage girls!

I was actually quite disturbed when I saw one of the videos called 'T-Max - First Live - Say Yes' on Youtube where one of the members is dressed quite femine with a skirt on, not the most masculine boy band?

Photo Courtesy avaricedevil


Lastly I included an all female J-Rock heavy rock band called LAZYgunsBRISKY who became immensely popular in 2006.

The members include Lucy on Vocals, Izumi on Guitar, Azu on Bass & Vocals and Moe on Drums according to the Japanese Wikipedia. Since I am a fan of many different types of music I really enjoyed listening to some of their songs on Youtube, they have currently released three albums entitled 'Quixotic', 'Catching!' and '26 Times'.

Photo courtesy of david_bertho

Lastly I have embedded a random 'Love Song' video by K-Pop act 'Davichi', simply because I liked the video and it has English subtitles.


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