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K-Pop Entertainment Agencies

Updated on November 9, 2014
List of KPop Entertainment Agencies
List of KPop Entertainment Agencies

Lists of Korean Entertainment Agencies

Most of Korean Artists are managed under a particular entertainment agency. Their agency usually does all the behind-the-scenes works such as organizing their schedules, accompanying them to any official works / events, choosing the best projects for them and many more.

Here you will find lists of your favorite Korean Artists agency, their contact details as well as brief details of each entertainment agency.

SM Entertainment
SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment

SM (Star Museum) Entertainment is one of the most profitable entertainment agency in Korea, founded by Lee Soo Man in 1995. SM Entertainment has produced and trained many amazing talented Korean Artists such as BoA, H.O.T, Shinhwa, SNSD, Super Junior, TVXQ and many more amazing Korean Idol Groups.

Mostly famous for picking up raw talents and training them to be one of the best idol groups not only in Korea, but worldwide, SM Entertainment has publicly announced that they would conquer the world through their three stages of globalization plan.

SM Entertainment is one of the founder of K-Pop influence all around the world as they take their artists under the label SM Town Live for concerts worldwide (their last SM Town Concert was in Paris).

Moreover, SM Entertainment is one of the few K-Entertainment Agencies who has expanded into the stock market under the stock name S.M. Entertainment CO (check their latest stock price on Bloomberg).

Official Website: SM Entertainment Official Website (Korean, English, Japan, Chinese)

Artists Currently Under SM Entertainment:


- BoA

- Girls' Generation

- Super Junior

- f(x)

- Shinee



- The Grace

- Henry

- Iconiq (formerly known as Ahyoomee)

- Jino

- Kangta


- Zhang Liyin

- Zhoumi

Collaboration Project

- CSJH (Dana & Sunday)

- M&D (Super Junior's Heechul & TRAX's Jungmo)

- SM The Ballad

- Super Junior-H

- Super Junior-KRY

- Super Junior-M

- Super Junior-T


- Go Ara

- Hyunjin

- Isak

- Kim Min Jong

- Lee Yeon Hee

- Park Hee Bon

- Kim Woo Jung


- Kenzie

- Song Kwang Sik

- Yoo Young Jin


- 72 (under Sony Japan)

- J-Min (under Avex Trax)

Contact Details:

S.M. Entertainment

521 Apgujung 2-Dong

Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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Most Popular Videos / Music Videos from SM Entertainment Artists

Great Albums from SM Entertainment Artists

JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment was initially called Tae-Hong Planning Corporation, founded by Park Jin Young in 1997. In 2001, its name changed to JYP Entertainment.

Park Jin Young is currently still an active mentor & trainer for JYP Entertainment, training one of the most popular idol groups in South Korea & worldwide, 2PM & 2AM as well as other artists under their belt.

In 2007, JYP Entertainment branched out and opened JYP USA followed by JYP Beijing in China in 2008. And in 2010, J. Tune Entertainment, an entertainment agency founded by Rain (Bi) merged with JYP.

Similar as SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment has also expanded to the stock market under the stock name JYP Entertainment Corp. You can check their daily stock value on Bloomberg.

Official Website: JYP Entertainment Official Website

Artists Currently Under JYP Entertainment:


- Wonder Girls

- 2PM

- 2AM


- G Soul


- Kim Ha Eun

- Lee Young Yoo

- Lim So Young

- Kim So Young

- Kim So Ra

- Sohee

- Suzy

- Taecyeon

- Wooyoung

- Nichkhun

- Jo Kwon

- Im Seulong

J.Tune Entertainment

- Rain (Bi)

- Yun Jung Hoon

- Park Jin Young


- Miss A

Contact Details:

JYP Entertainment

123-50, Cheongdam-dong

Gangnam-gu, Kimshandy, Seoul


JYP Entertainment

110 East 31st Street, New York City


Great Albums from JYP Entertainment Artists

YG Entertainment
YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment

YG (Yang Goon) Entertainment founded in 1996 by Yang Hyun Suk and is another famous & profitable entertainment agency in Korea. YG Entertainment is also known for their generosity and is heavily contributed to charity work.

Official Website: YG Entertainment Official Website Korean | English

Artists Currently Under YG Entertainment:


- Big Bang

- 2NE1


- 1TYM ·

- Jinusean

- Masta Wu

- Perry

- Teddy

- E.knock

- Yang Hyun Suk

- YG Family


Jung Hye Young

Ku Hye Sun

Kang Hye Jung

Sandara Park (Dara of 2NE1)

Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P. of Big Bang)

Kang Daesung (Daesung of Big Bang)

Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri of Big Bang)

Yoo In-na

Contact Details:

YG Entertainment

Hosung Building, 349-10


Mapo-Gu, Seoul


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Great Albums from YG Entertainment Artists

CUBE Entertainment
CUBE Entertainment

CUBE Entertainment

CUBE Entertainment was founded by JYP Entertainment's former employee Hong Seung Sung in 2008. A-CUBE Entertainment was founded in 2011.

Even though CUBE Entertainment is only 4 years old, however, it has talented group idols (BEAST, 4Minute) as well as 2011 rising star, G Na.

Official Website: CUBE Entertainment Official Website

Artists Currently Under JYP Entertainment:



- 4Minute

- G.NA


- A Pink

- Huh Gak

Contact Details:

CUBE Entertainment

125-6, Cheongdam-dong,

Gangnam-gu, Seoul


Great Albums from CUBE Entertainment Artists

I will continually update this page with details of Korean Entertainment Agencies.

If you find the information are incorrect, please feel free to leave your feedback on the comment box below.


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  • profile image

    aidaaqilah 4 years ago

    CUBE is not under JYP anymore . CUBE has announced that CUBE is an independent company long time ago . CUBE also have CUBE DC , under it is Rain , Shin Ji Hoon ,Roh Ji Hoon and Kwak Seungnam .

    Under CUBE







    -OH YERI






    Under CUBE DC







    Under A CUBE



    -HUH GAK

  • profile image

    anonymous 4 years ago

    jyp best

  • profile image

    anonymous 4 years ago

    Good page deyani, I'm liking it for sure-

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    MBLAQ is under J.Tune entertainment they are under J.Tune Camp. It's different. They didn't merge with JYP :)

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    @anonymous: These are the biggest (as in most influential) in the Korean music industry currently.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    Can you add some small entertainment like DSPEnt, FNC, steroyal, Starship, Woolim Ent, T.S Ent, Pledis, BrandNewStardom, CJENMMUSIC, CJES (JYJ), H2 media, OPENWORLD management, Hook? And other :) pleas, thank you.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    thank you for sharing this information, but supposedly there are still some more entertainment agencies that you haven't put right? Or are these all the biggest in Korea?

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    what is the email of cube entertainment ?

  • sukkran trichy profile image

    sukkran trichy 6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

    did not know any thing about korean entertainment agencies, but now i do. thanks for the info and nice vids. very nice presentation.