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Katherine Jenkins Information, Pictures and Videos

Updated on July 16, 2017
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Katherine Jenkins - Music Of The Night

Katherine Jenkins, born 29 June 1980 in Neath, Wales is an award-winning Welsh classical/crossover, classical, operatic pop singer who first became known when she sang at Westminster Cathedral honoring Pope John Paul II's silver jubilee. She is an amazing singer who has really popularized classical music. It all started when she attended "Alderman Davies Church" in Wales Primary School, then she joined "Dwr-y-Felin Comprehensive School". Later she enrolled at the "Royal School of Church Music" and became a member of the "National Youth Choir of Wales" and then "the Royal Academy of Music".

Katherine Jenkins appearance on Piers Morgans Life Stories

Katherine entered many singing competitions as a teenager and won most of them. One of her first jobs was teaching people to sing, but with her good looks it was obvious modeling was a possibility to earn a living. It was while modeling she knew singing was her real passion so she sent a demo of her voice to a record label who then offered her a million dollar contract. Katherine's first album Premiere made her the fastest selling soprano of all time and she later became the first British classical artist to have two number one albums in the same year. She was also the first female artist to win two consecutive Classical BRIT Awards. Her albums features a variety of styles from arias, popular songs, hymns and classical to crossover music.

Katherine revealed that she took drugs when she was a student. She took cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy which she soon stopped and regretted.

The Forces Sweetheart.

Katherine has performed in a large number of concerts around the United Kingdom and other countries, including the U.S.A. Katherine made her first appearance on the British young people's Sunday Times Rich List which ranked her once as the eighty-third richest young person in Britain. Katherine is still very much in demand. She has become a moral booster for the American troops and also appears regularly as a guest on various TV shows. Katherine said that entertaining the British troops was her career highlight and thanked Dame Vera Lynn for suggesting she ought to go there.

Katherine & Mark. 2012 Semi Finals Dancing With The Stars

Katherine came 2nd place {should have won!} on the popular TV show 'Dancing With The Stars'. Her partner was Mark Ballas whom she is very close to although some people think romantically!. Katherine revealed on the Johnathan Ross show that she was at a party where the English footballer David Beckham happened to also be at. Because of this, she has received unnecessary abuse on twitter because a number of people think they had an affair which she denied and personally, the accusation is absolutely absurd!

2010. Katherine started dating the TV presenter Gethin Jones which only lasted about a year. They had even bought a house together.

Katherine Jenkins marries US director Andrew Levitas

Katherine Jenkins continued

Ok, this definitely proves that Katherine Jenkins IS well fit, because she actually run the London Marathon in 2013 for charity. In 2013 Katherine attended the Audio Polo Challenge in Ascot to watch and cheer on Prince Harry play Polo. She was accompanied by many other pretty famous faces which included Gemma Atkinson and Natalie Pinkham.

In 2013 Katherine Jenkins revealed she has suffered from a medical complaint since she was very young called Nocturnal Lagophthalmos. This means she sleeps with her eyes wide open.

2013. Congratulations to Katherine Jenkins who has been awarded an OBE for her long standing contribution for her work singing and helping many charitable awards. A well deserved winner.

2014. Katherine married the American film actor and director Andrew Levita's at Hampton Court Palace. Talking to Jonathan Ross on his talk show she revealed that she did not want any attention from the press so when she found out that George Clooney was getting married on the same day as her, she was very happy for the distraction because she's just a normal girl who never wants any fuss.

In memory of her father who passed away from cancer when she was just 15, she had his name embroidered on her wedding dress. Katherine also managed to have the Welsh flag flown at the Palace which was a rare event.

The Happy Couple

In 2015, Katherine celebrated the new year by performing in Berlin to mark the 25th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin wall. David Hassle-Hoff also performed there. Katherine has also released another album titled "Home Sweet Home" and is very excited to be doing a live tour.

2015. Katherine is overjoyed about being pregnant. She is expecting a baby girl in the autumn and told a magazine, "I want to make sure my child comes before her career!

2016 has been a busy year despite becoming a mother making many guest appearances on all the TV show.

2017. On the 7th April, Katherine Jenkins will make her West End debut with Alfie Boe to star in a West End show called 'Carousel' at the London Coliseum. Katherine said she is very excited about her role and cannot wait to start the show.

2017. Katherine Jenkins makes her first TV presenting job presenting BBC Songs of Praise

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    • profile image

      lisa 7 years ago

      Katherine Jenkins is NOT an opera singer. Please learn something about opera before calling her "opera sensation". She is a POP/crossover singer who sings arias at the level that wouldn't get her a job in opera chorus.

      An "opera singer" is someone who sings IN operas, IN opera theaters, without microphones. It's not someone who croones an aria into a mike sounding somewhat operatic - to people who know nothing about opera.

      Which opera theaters did she sing in? Which roles? When you can name at least one you can call her "opera singer". She herself doesn't claim to be one.

      Now, popera/classical crossover has its place and its audience. But don't call them opera singers. Better yet - learn something about opera before writing anything about it. Oh, and listen to some real opera mezzo soprano, like Elina Garanca or Joyce diDonato.

    • profile image

      Katherine Jenkins 7 years ago

      Katherine Jenkins !

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