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Katrina Parker, An Amazing Vocal Talent You Should Hear!

Updated on March 27, 2013
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Katrina Parker's Voice Is Something You Won't Forget!

It's not often that a singer "gets to me" the way Katrina Parker's voice has... touching my heart on some deep level. When she opens her mouth to sing, velvety fire flows out, reminding me of Mexican hot chocolate; sweet smoothness with a touch of cinnamon spice and hot pepper. She has dead-on perfect pitch and such amazing dimensionality and control to her voice.

Katrina Parker had recorded an album prior to competing on "The Voice," and I have to admit it has been the most frequent play on my iTunes for many months now! "Thinking It Over" is perhaps my favorite song from that album. Her smoky-sweet tones in her lower range accompanied by bass and piano take you to a dimly lit blues bar late at night if you close your eyes. But as her voice reaches upward with emotion in the chorus, it nearly brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. The song, and Katrina's voice singing it, just does something amazing for me emotionally. And isn't that the best of what music is supposed to be?

If you watched "The Voice" on NBC during Season 2, you may have enjoyed listening to Katrina Parker, who was on the team of Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Katrina is one of those female vocalists whom I believe will someday join the ranks of those known just by their first name like "Mariah," "Christina," or "Whitney." Katrina is definitely in that class of vocal talent!

Her cover of "Bad Things" is deliciously provocative and "Only Dreaming" is hauntingly beautiful. I could go on and on about every single song! I've listed all of Katrina's songs, both pre-Voice and performances from "The Voice" which are all available right here on this lens through iTunes.

Although Katrina did not win "The Voice," she did make it nearly to the end! She has amassed a loyal following of fans from around the world, and she has been so gracious in giving her fans a free download of one of her songs frequently! No wonder we adore her!

It will be very exciting to hear Katrina's new album, "In And Out Of The Dark," which she is planning to release this Summer! She ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for the project, and I am very proud to have been one of her backers! I'm backing her, because I truly believe in her talent. Click on one of the iTunes previews below and give her a listen. I'll bet you'll be glad you did!

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Katrina's Live Web Show On YouTube!

If you'd like to spend 51 minutes getting to know Katrina in an intimate, live concert with her fans, here's your chance! Her concert aired on Tuesday, February 7. Along with previous favorites, it includes some new original music we haven't heard from Katrina before, presumably tunes from her upcoming album!

Katrina's Earlier Music On Amazon

Katrina On YouTube!

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