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Kate Beckinsale Monster Mash

Updated on May 7, 2017

Vampire Movie Collection - Monster Mash


The Video Monster Mash

Whether or not you enjoy the October season of candy for Halloween or monster movies on the high definition Man Cave television, one thing is certain. Both candy and monster movies will always be associated with October just as Oktoberfest and Halloween are. Sure there is also the famous Columbus Day (which we no longer celebrate with a day off in the US) but Vampire movies are more entertaining and candy tastes much better. Vampire movies, the mythical creatures they are, are much more entertaining than the other mythical monster movies. Then there is the ultimate Vampire movie series (Underworld) that stars the sexiest woman alive (says Esquire in the video below) - Kate Beckinsale.

If you enjoy the monster movies, like I do, and don't mind latex or rubber suits - read on.

Kate Beckinsale (Esquire)

Esquire Magazine - Kate Beckinsale

So what if the video clip is not a real monster movie but Kate Beckinsale was, at one time, selected as the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine. Being chosen as the winner in this category, Kate was featured (not as a mythical monster) in the short purple bikini clip, but the woman who is the pinnacle choice for wearing the costumes she does in her monster movies.

The focus of this article is not the two piece that Kate wears in the video nor is it about Esquire Magazine project but a tribute to a woman that brought Vampire and actress sex appeal to a whole new level. I am going to discuss some of these Kate movies as well as my thoughts on them.

Esquire Magazine Headquarters

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Underworld 1 and Underworld 2 - Kate Beckinsale

Monster Mash with Kate Beckinsale
Monster Mash with Kate Beckinsale | Source

Underworld Series - Kate Beckinsale

When Underworld came out in September of 2003, I knew I was going to see it even before I learned that Kate Beckinsale landed the lead role. It was Vampires versus Warewolves (a mythical creature showdown) and I was very excited to see this film.

Kate, alongside actors Scott Speedman and Michael Sheen, brought to the real world an epic confrontation of a war that had been going on for thousands of years (their words not mine) not to leave out the romance building between Selene and Scott Speedman (character known as Michael).

From the moment Kate jumped down from a high rise building in a latex or rubber suit until the the battle with the asylum leader, releasing the elder Vampire and battles with Lycans, I was hooked on the movie and the Selene character. Selene belonged to a vampire clan that lived in a mansion not far from a city (perhaps Gotham) and struggled with the leadership of the clan. Nonetheless the movie had my entire checklist in it for a Science Fiction action packed horror film. As the movie progressed so did the war with the enemy and the chemistry between Selene and Michael.

During the movie, in an attempt to help Selene in a battle, Michael was bitten by a Ware-wolf. Lycan legend has it, that once bitten, the person will turn into a Ware-wolf themselves in three days and the next full moon. When Selene learns of the bite, she attempts to teach Michael all the things that are about to happen to him but he cannot contain his cravings for blood and ultimately needs a byte from Selene to help him. Vampire legend has it, that once bitten, the person will turn into a Vampire themselves. So bitten by two mythical creatures which fate will Michael reach (Vampire or Ware-wolf)? By film end she has discovered the event that began the whole war.

The fate of Michael was neither Vampire or Ware-wolf but a hybrid. The story of this new hybrid and the relationship with Selene develops further in the second installment of Underworld. (Underworld Evolution in 2006 again with Scott Speedman and Michael Sheen). Kate kept the Selene character roles and, again, performed the part to perfection. In case you were wondering Selene also kept the same costume (smile and wink). The difference in the second installment was Selene began to understand the hybrid creature and began tracking down history on both mythical creatures. By film end she has discovered the father of both Vampires and Ware-wolves and the trick that allows her to defeat the enemy clan.

There was a third installment of Underworld (released in 2009) which did not star Beckinsale so I refuse talk in detail about that movie "Rise of The Lycans".

Underworld Awakening in 2012 with Theo James was a continuation of the now strong Vampire species only to learn that the Lycan clan has evolved themselves into a larger and more powerful enemy. Could Selene and Michael defeat this new enemy? Perhaps yes with a little help from family and friends.

That leaves me to the future of the Underworld series. I watched the latest installment of Underworld, released January 2017, and it was called Underworld - Blood Wars. While there was no sign of Michael, Selene did learn how to become a Vampire elder. Watch this movie to learn the fate of Michael.

Underworld 3 (Rise of The Lycans)

No Kate Beckinsale in Underworld 3
No Kate Beckinsale in Underworld 3 | Source

Underworld - Kate Beckinsale

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Underworld Series - Kate Beckinsale

year release
US box office gross
52 million
Underworld Evolution
62 million
Underworld Awakening
62 million
Underworld - Blood Wars
30 million
I intentionally left out Underworld Rise of The Lycans because the movie did not have Beckinsale in any role.

Underworld - Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Movie Box Office

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Van Helsing - Beckinsale and Jackman
Van Helsing - Beckinsale and Jackman | Source

Van Heksing - Kate Beckinsale

Immediately following the release of Underworld installment one, came another great Sci-Fi action movie starring Beckinsale and Hugh Jackman. This movie did not entail latex or rubber suits but it was about Vampires. The movie was based on a mythical creature Vampire hunter known as Van Helsing and it was a great movie and a bit more successful at the box office than the first Underworld.

20 Years of Movies - Kate Beckinsale

20 Years of Movies - Kate Beckinsale

In 1993 Kate broke into the movie industry with a title called "Much Ado About Nothing" (I did not see). "The Last Days of Disco" filmed in 1998 is one of the older Kate movies that I would see as well as anything before Pearl Harbor. When Kate was done filming Total Recall in 2012 she was nearing a 20 year career in movies.

From "Shooting Fish" (lowest grossing Kate movie) to Pearl Harbor (highest grossing Kate movie), you have an actress that can turn all the boys heads and entertain us at the same time. I appreciate what Kate has brought to the big screen and will continue to follow her career especially if she continues in the Underworld series.

Cheers and OPA!

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    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 months ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      So you're a fan too? Haha. It's great appreciation hub. Good to hear from you my friend. Hope all's well.

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      mts1098 8 months ago from InsideTheManCave

      Hello dohn121 - great to hear from you!!! I cannot wait for the next installment of Underworld (due in January)...cheers...

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