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Keiko Kitagawa (Japanese Actress and Model)

Updated on January 19, 2018

All about Keiko Kitagawa - her bio, TV and movie projects and more.

You might remember Keiko Kitagawa as the cute and spunky Sailor Mars in the live-action Sailor Moon TV series or from her stint as Seventeen magazine's exclusive model, but did you know that the beautiful Japanese actress has appeared in many other TV and movie projects since then?

She even had a brief role in the Hollywood film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and has played lead roles in many TV dramas such as Mop Girl, Homeroom on the Beachside, and Buzzer Beat.

If you want to see Keiko Kitagawa photos, movie trailers, TV commercials, and learn more about the pretty actress, please read on.

Photo: Keiko Kitagawa on Facebook

A young Keiko Kitagawa as "Sailor Mars" in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV series (2003-2004)

A young Keiko Kitagawa as "Sailor Mars" in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV series (2003-2004)
A young Keiko Kitagawa as "Sailor Mars" in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV series (2003-2004)
Kitagawa Keiko
Kitagawa Keiko

Keiko Kitagawa: Profile

The hard facts about the pretty Japanese actress

Name (romaji): Kitagawa Keiko

Profession: Actress and model

Birthdate: 1986-Aug-22

Birthplace: Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Height: 160cm

Weight: 42kg

Star sign: Leo

Blood type: O

Family: Younger brother

Talent agency: Stardust

Information sourced from DramaWiki

Watch Keiko in the Paradise Kiss (2011) movie trailer - Keiko Kitagawa headlines the movie adaptation of popular manga series ParaKiss

Paradise Kiss, abbreviated to ParaKiss, is a manga series written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. It has been adapted into a 12 episode anime series and a live-action film starring Keiko Kitagawa (as lead character Yukari "Caroline" Hayasaka) is in the works. She plays opposite Mukai Osamu (Joji "George" Koizumi). Here is the trailer.

A short bio of Kitagawa Keiko - All about the outstanding Japanese actresss

Keiko Kitagawa
Keiko Kitagawa

Keiko Kitagawa was born on August 22, 1986 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan and grew up in Kobe. She initially wanted to be a doctor but by high school was scouted by a talent agency so she decided to give the entertainment world a try.

Within a week or so of joining a talent agency she was selected as both a model and an actress. Keiko held the title of Miss Seventeen 2003 which led to her working as a model with the Japanese Seventeen until she "graduated" from the magazine. By September 2006 she had her own regular feature called "Keiko's Beauty Honey".

Keiko's acting career began when she played Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) in the Sailor Moon live action TV series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon from 2003-2004. Her first significant film role was in Mamiya Kyodai where she was influenced by the director Yoshimitsu Morita, to concentrate on acting rather than modeling. She initially concentrated on films, playing lead roles in Cherry Pie and Dear Friends. She also landed a brief role in the US film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. In late 2007, she landed her first TV drama lead role in Mop Girl. In 2008, she played the heroine in Homeroom on the Beachside, Fuji TV's Monday primetime drama for the summer season. As this was a headline drama slot for a major network, her career pushed forward as a result.

Despite her busy schedule, she pushed through with her education though and graduated with a major in commercial science from Tokyo's Meiji University in March 2009. This is also the year she appeared in the successful Jdrama Buzzer Beat opposite popular Japanese heartthrob Tomohisa Yamashita (YamaPi).

Since then the famous Japanese actress has appeared in numerous other TV dramas and movies, playing major characters and leading roles.

Information from Wikipedia / Photo: Keiko Kitagawa on Facebook

Keiko as "Sonoda Izumi" in the 2010 romance film Matataki

Keiko as "Sonoda Izumi" in the 2010 romance film Matataki
Keiko as "Sonoda Izumi" in the 2010 romance film Matataki
Kitagawa Keiko
Kitagawa Keiko

Filmography and Awards

A list of movies and TV series the actress has been in and her awards

TV Shows

LADY - Saigo no Profiling (TBS, 2011)

Tsuki no Koibito as Onuki Yuzuki (Fuji TV, 2010)

Hitsudan Hostess as Saito Rie (TBS, 2010)

Buzzer Beat as Shirakawa Riko (Fuji TV, 2009)

Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu as Enokido Wakaba (Fuji TV, 2008)

Mop Girl as Hasegawa Momoko (TV Asahi, 2007)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as Hino Rei/Sailor Mars (TBS, 2003-2005)

TV Show Theme Songs

Sakura Fubuki, from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (TBS, 2003-2005)

Hoshi Furu Yoake, from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (TBS, 2003-2005)


Paradise Kiss Live Action (2011)

Matataki / Blink as Sonoda Izumi (2010)

Shikeidai no Elevator / Elevator To The Gallows (2010)

Hana no Ato / After The Flowers as Ito (2010)

Watashi Dasuwa / It's On Me (2009)

Manatsu no Orion / Orion in Midsummer as Shizuko/Izumi (2009)

Handsome Suit as Hoshino Hiroko (2008)

Southbound as Uehara Youko (2007)

Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku / Say Hello For Me as Katsuraki Momoko(2007)

Heat Island as Nao (2007)

Dear Friends as Rina (2007)

Cherry Pie as Kiyohara (2006)

The Fast and The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift as Reiko (2006)

Mamiya Kyoudai as Honma Yumi (2006)

Mizu ni Sumu Hana/Romance of Darkness as Mizuchi Rikka (2006)

Kirari Super Live as Hino Rei/Sailor Mars (2004)


13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Summer 2009): Best Actress for Buzzer Beat

55th Television Drama Academy Awards: Special Award for Mop Girl

Information sourced from DramaWiki

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Keiko Kitagawa Photo Gallery - Photos of the gorgeous Japanese actress

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Keiko Kitagawa
Keiko Kitagawa

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Keiko as aspiring violinist "Riko Shirakawa" in Buzzer Beat (2009)

Keiko as aspiring violinist "Riko Shirakawa" in Buzzer Beat (2009)
Keiko as aspiring violinist "Riko Shirakawa" in Buzzer Beat (2009)

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      Keiko Kitagawa is beautiful, talented and so likable, her career will continue to rise for sure!

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      I have just watched her Buzzer Beats! really great!

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      I didn't know that Sailor Moon anime was brought to life. Great lens here! And pretty model and actress ;)

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      Wow, Keiko Kitagawa seems to be a well rounded! Keiko beautiful, she can act and even make music, sounds to me like she's Perfect!

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      What a great tribute to Keiko Kitagawa. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this beautiful young actress since she clearly has talent to match.