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Key and Peele

Updated on April 16, 2013

A New Sketch Series!

You might remember these two funny guys back from MadTv.

And now...Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are back! They currently star in their very own show on comedy central: Key and Peele. The show has been renewed for a third season! (Coming Fall 2013)

But is that really a surprise?

Their videos have millions of views on youtube and Obama has personally told them he loves their sketches!

5 Reasons Why Key and Peele Works - why YOU should check them out.

  1. The guys have great comedic chemistry. They are long time friends back from MadTv. They aren't faking it: they are having fun performing together.
  2. They can TRANSFORM. They literally can play any character: accent, race and personality. They play women, gangsters, animals, slaves, Obama and much more.
  3. Their sketches are creative and fresh. They are constantly coming up with out of the box ideas. Most of their videos make you wonder how in the world they thought of the concept.
  4. They have experience. These guys are not ammatures. They have been on successful shows in the past and know what works and doesnt.
  5. They understand the power of the web, specifically youtube, and they have bcome a huge viral hit (millions of views per video). They have said in interviews that the internet determines the way the show will continue. They have sketches called "vandeven and mike" that are specifically geared at youtubers. They play youtube critics and suggest how to improve Key and Peele. It's a spot on parody of youtubers.

Keegan Michael Key - This funny man can become any character!

Photo Credit: Wikicommons
Photo Credit: Wikicommons

Attended the University of Detroit and earned his Master of Fine Arts at the Pennsylvania State University School of Theatre.

This award winning comedian is best known for his six seasons on MadTv. He has also starred in shows Reno 911! and Gary Unmarried and in movies like Wanderlust, Just go with it and Role Models. He is set to star in several new movies in 2013.

Some of his most well known characters include: Coach Hines, Eddie Thundercloud, and Gangster #1 (Gangster Fight).

Keegan on Twitter

Jordan Peele - Master of celebrity impersonations

Photo Cedit: Wiki Commons
Photo Cedit: Wiki Commons

Jordan has starred in movies like Wanderlust and Little Fockers. His Tv appearances include six seasons on MadTv, Children's Hospital and Chocolate News.

Peele was nominated for a 2008 Emmy for his song "Sad Fitty Cent".

Some of his most well known characters include: Obama and Gangster #2.

Jordan on Twitter

Check out an interview with the guys - They are lovable!

Just for Fun

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My Top 5

So hard to choose but here are my favorites!

1. The Obama Skits - The massive youtube hit

The concept is simple.

Obama is holding back. He always looks cool and collected. But did you know that Obama gets really really mad? He just expresses it differently than you and me. He has an anger translator, Luther.

These clips blew up on youtube. Key and peele even met Obama! And he loves the sketches!

2. Two men are a little scared of their wives... - Very funny!

These guys may look tough but...

3. Crazy college bowl names - This one had me laughing out loud


If you look at the comments on this clip you'll see that the top rated comments are the characters from the clip!

4. Slow Brotion - These two hit men can't get it right

You know that moment in movies when theres slow motion and two guys in suits are ready for action..this one goes wrong.

5. A spot on parody of all dance shows - Just watch.

I'm so sick of the reality shows "selling" us stories so that we will care about the contestants. This was refreshing.

Season 1 - Available on Amazon

Looking for something else?

Are you a fan of Key and Peele?

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