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Get the Whole Package With This Kids' Learning Guitar Kit

Updated on February 5, 2014

When my first baby turned four we gave him a guitar for his Birthday.

This little boy sang from the time he was in the cradle watching his mobiles jiggle and jump around when he set the cradle rocking, with his energetically kicking feet jabs.

For his first year he didn't need lullabies

because he sang them in nonsense song himself. During daytime he accompanied every joyful quiet movement with song and that was long before he talked.

After his little brother joined the nursery

Nick sang them both to sleep for naps and nighttime. He quickly picked up ditties from the radio. That was more than a decade before we brought a television set into our home.

He sang and mimicked playing a guitar and bounced around a little, a real natural innate entertainer, and I encouraged every element of his performances. In my lifetime no one ever asked me to sing, or to repeat a Happy Birthday song.

A roving musician knocked on our door one day

to sell his services as music teacher. We jumped at the chance for Nick to take guitar lessons and signed up right away. Maybe we didn't pay close attention, but the class (held upstairs in the old Odd Fellows Hall) taught Hawaiian steel guitar, not our favorite old Roy Rogers' child-sized guitar we had give him.

Nick learned as much as he could in weekly lessons, but it was challenging to master an instrument he only saw during class time. After the term ended for school that year we withdrew him from the class. He reverted back to the acoustic guitar without any complaint.

This was in the 70s, pre-Internet, and

neither of Nick's parents were musicians so we just let him learn on his own. As he grew older he bought a full-sized acoustic guitar and remained self taught.

But if I had found a set such as this one, to help him learn so many aspects of guitar playing I would have bought it in a minute.

We'll never know without giving them the opportunity to experiment with music-making instruments.

West Music Folding Wire Music Stand with Bag (black)
West Music Folding Wire Music Stand with Bag (black)

For $5 I would also have bought him a music stand so he could prop open the instruction book and pay attention to learning a tune.

Barcelona 30-Inch 1/2-Size Nylon String Classical Acoustic Guitar - Pink
Barcelona 30-Inch 1/2-Size Nylon String Classical Acoustic Guitar - Pink

I like the selection of guitars today for those who want to show their personality right from the get-go.

Starting young, with a 1/2-size instrument can mean a lot to a child later on.

Oscar Schmidt OGHSB 1/2 Size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (High Gloss Black)
Oscar Schmidt OGHSB 1/2 Size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (High Gloss Black)

If you want to go first-class right off the bat, this Schmidt is going to feel and look good.

The player will please you and be pleased by the sounds they are making.


My son made his interest in music obvious to all. Did you or do you expose your kids to music making opportunities at home?

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    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 3 years ago from Kentucky

      When I was young I tried so hard to learn how to play the guitar, but I'm just the type of person who is musically challenged I guess. This might have been just what I needed back then!

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      All the time. We sing to each other while doing chores (it's seems to make everything more enjoyable).