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The King of Dramas - Korean Drama 2012

Updated on October 2, 2014

The King of Dramas / The Lord of the Dramas, a brand new romantic-comedy Korean Drama about drama. Yes, it's basically a drama within a drama about a drama itself. Drama lovers will definitely enjoy this dark comedy drama because it will give us a peek of what happens behind the curtain of a drama's production.

Every drama has a production director who produces a drama, he's responsible for all aspects of drama's production including visual, sound, casts, creativity and he needs to be able to work coherently with the writer and to transform what the writer visualizes on the paper to the screen. In The King of Dramas, we will have a greedy Production Director Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min) who only cares about m-o-n-e-y and drama ratings. Fortunately for him, he's incredibly talented, everything he creates always brings a great result. But thing may change after he meets with a junior scriptwriter Lee Go Eun (Jung Ryu Won), a real honest person who prefers to write a touching heartwarming human story. Will they be able to work together? And can Anthony Kim able to maintain his "Lord of Drama" position?

Obviously, drama won't exist without any actor/actress. So let's throw in an arrogant top actor Kang Hyun Min (Choi Si Won) who drives the production house crazy with his "diva attitude". And why Lee Go Eun insisted to hire him instead of any other top actor?

I believe King of Dramas will give us an exhilarating ride and it will also open our eyes about drama production.

King of Dramas follows Faith and premieres on 5 November 2012.

Details, Synopsis & Cast Members

PD Anthony Kim & Scriptwriter Lee Go Eun

PD Anthony Kim & Scriptwriter Lee Go Eun
PD Anthony Kim & Scriptwriter Lee Go Eun


Number of Episodes: 18 (originally 16, extended 2 episodes)

Original run: November 5, 2012 - January 7, 2013 on SBS every Monday & Tuesday 21.55KST

Also Known As: Drama King / The Lord of the Drama

Genre: Drama, Romantic, Comedy, Dark Comedy


- Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim

- Jung Ryu Won as Lee Go Eun

- Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min

- Oh Ji Eun as Sung Min Ah

- Kwon Hae Hyo as Nam Woon Hyeong

- Jung Man Sik as Oh Sang Moo

- Kim Eung Soo

- Suh Dong Won as Ju Dong Seok

Production Director: Hong Sung Chang (You're Beautiful)

Scriptwriters: Jang Hang Joon (Sign), Lee Ji Hyo

Official Website: Dramaking


Kim Myung Min - King of Dramas
Kim Myung Min - King of Dramas


PD Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min) [39 years old] is a legendary production director drama and a CEO of an independent production house. He calls himself as the "Lord of Drama".

Two things that are extremely important for him when producing a drama: Money & Ratings. He doesn't care about anything else, and he doesn't even care if the drama he produces doesn't have any underlying message / meaning; as long as the drama is successful and he makes a lot of money.

PPL (Product Placement) from sponsors are also important because more sponsors = more money. So he doesn't hesitate to demand the scriptwriter a very last-minute-script change so they can include PPL in the drama's ending.

Jung Ryu Won - King of Dramas
Jung Ryu Won - King of Dramas

An aspiring newbie scriptwriter Lee Go Eun (Jung Ryu Won) [27 years old] who works for 5 years as a writer-assistant.

She's an idealist writer, honest and loves to write script which has a touching message. For her, that's the key of a successful drama.

Then she receives a contract from an independent production house, the CEO is none other than PD Anthony Kim. But she had a painful memory with this man. So will she accept his contract and work together with him?

Choi Si Won - King of Dramas
Choi Si Won - King of Dramas

Kang Hyun Min (Choi Si Won) is an arrogant hallyu star. Compromise is not in his dictionary, if he wants something, he has to get it.

One day, as he's hiding from a production company (not sure why, but maybe because of his "diva" attitude?), Lee Go Eun scouted him from his house wearing only a towel. ^^ She probably thinks that Hyun Min will run away if she compromises with him.

Things will be very fascinating as he meets with PD Anthony Kim who disregards his "diva" behavior.

OST List

King of Dramas OST Part 1 - Released November 12, 2012

Engraved In My Heart by Lee Hyun (of 8eight)

King of Dramas OST Part 2 - Released November 26, 2012

Blind for Love by Yesung (Super Junior)

King of Dramas OST Part 3 - Released December 10, 2012

1. All looks like you by Melody Day

King of Dramas OST Part 4 - Released December 26, 2012

1. Winter Rain by MBLAQ

King of Dramas OST Part 5 - Released January 7, 2013

1. A Beggary Like Love by E2RE

2. Tuesday Song by Big Baby Driver


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