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The King’s Speech : A Quick Movie Review

Updated on February 8, 2018


Rating: R (movie); PG-13 (dvd/blu-ray)

Cast: Colin Firth; Geoffrey Rush; Helena Bonham Carter; Guy Pearce; Timothy Spall; Michael Gambon; Derek Jacobi

DVD/Blu-ray Release Date: April 19, 2011

Synopsis: Story of the bond between King George of Britain, sufferer of a life long speech impediment, and his Australian speech therapist, and their success in having the King deliver an inspirational radio address to his people.

If you’re looking for:

Oscar worthy performances: definite buy

Heart-pounding action scenes: pass

Family enjoyment: pass

Heart-warming romance: pass

Side splitting comedy: meets you half way

Nightmare inducing thriller/horror: pass

Mind twister: pass


Colin Firth’s and Helena Bonham Carter’s brilliant performances

The King’s radio address

Psychological imprint of human triumph


Slow moving movie

A lot of ‘F’ bombs in dialogue

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